Welcome back to channel welcome back to the rc vlog, guys i’m, leaving to las vegas in like four hours six hours, something like that uh i got ta get to airport soon, but anyways today’s las vegas day. We are going to the 20 21 silver state race that is a dirt. The dirt event, it’s it’s gon na be an awesome event. It is in las vegas i’m, so excited we’re, gon na be there for five days, but for today’s video i’m going to show you guys how i pack for an rc race. So whenever i first start traveling with rc cars, i wasn’t sure how how like are you allowed to bring lipos on the plane like? How do you bring your tools like? How do you do everything and how do you pack to get through airport security and pack safely so i’m, going to show you guys how i packed and then i’m going to show you guys at the end of this video i’m going to be in vegas and I’Ll unpack everything see how everything i got through and make sure everything got through, so you can see and see for yourself that this is a good way to do it. I’M. Gon na also give you some detailed, detailed tips on what they look for. Whenever you go through that check in line or that line where you actually have to go through security, so let’s go. Take a look at my luggage.

All right here is everything i’m taking. So i like to fly southwest because bags fly free with southwest. So you get two free checking bags. These are my two checking bags. These are ogo. 908. 9800 rigs i’ll put a link in the description for these bags. These are like the the rc standard for, like the pros and traveling to big races. They can store a lot they’re cool. Basically, when you go to big national races, you’ll just see a whole bunch of these ogl bags all over the place, so i’m loading everything in ogio, 9800 rigs, most places or most airlines. The max that you’re checking luggage can be without paying an overweight fee is 50 pounds uh, as you can see, i have my scale there. I was already uh weighing it, however, so you got to pack light, because unless you want to pay for extra bags uh, this is where it’s an advantage. I only run e buggy or electric cars, because if you run nitro you can’t you can’t fly with fuel. You have to actually either get fuel ship there or a lot of times your fuel vendor will be out in at the event and they’ll have fuel there. So you can’t take that uh make sure if you do have nitro cars, all your nitro tanks, all your gas tanks are completely empty. Your fuel bottle empty there’s, no nitro whatsoever in there um. Also, no batteries, no lipo batteries, no batteries at all can be in your checking bags.

So i’ll show you guys. I have my batteries. This is a carry on it’s, my carry on bag here’s. My batteries right here and i’ll show you my batteries here in a second but carry on batteries. That’S the big thing carry on your lipo batteries and put it in a lipo sac. It needs to be in a safe container. Um don’t put any tools and you’ll want to put. Basically when you start packing, your carry on can be as heavy as you want it to be. So, typically, you try to put the heavy stuff in your carry on, but you can’t put tools anything that can be a weapon you cannot put in your carry on so tools need to stay in your check in bags. So here’s all my tools, um. These are spares like spare electronics uh. These are like techno spares, and then these are my tool. This is my tool box here. I also have this box right here. This bag right here is also full of spares that are new in package. That i’m not sure. If i need uh down here, spare asparagus got my shock oil here and then basically, what i do is i i try to weigh it out. I try to evenly distribute so they’re, both 50 pounds and i pad i pad things with tires. I pat things with tires and clothes, so, as you can see, this bag has tires padded down here as tires here, if they’re Music, if they’re not mounted um, that’s, even better padding because it’s a little bit softer.

However, i’m out of mine, because i didn’t want to take mounting equipment with me. If i have to mount or buy new tires there, i’ll just have to deal with that there, but i’m pretty sure. Whole shots are going to be a money tire out there that’s. What the proline team recommended so that’s that bag in regards to my car, so i have my cars basically took the wings off and i wrapped them up in towels and i put them in buggy bags. My truckie is actually in this bag. I took the front rear clips off and put them beside each other, so i could fit it all in here took the wings off and then here oh whoa, here are my tools. Again, you can see how i padded padded everything let’s, see. Paddle with shoes. Clothes tires there’s tools, there’s my this is my truggy. I needed more padding for my trucking, so these are clothes to pad the truck the uh, the buggy. On the other side, there’s my buggy and there’s, my charger so again use the basically rule of thumb. You don’t want to be over 50 pounds, don’t want any lipo batteries or any type of um nitro fuel. You can’t have any type of natural fuel, no lipo batteries, no batteries whatsoever and your checking bags use clothes and tires to pad your precious stuff. Now, with that said, the reason i want to shoot whenever i get there is to see what all was damaged.

I don’t think anyone anything’s gon na be damaged. I mean these cars take a beating anyway, so we should be good computer laptop all my electronics in there my camera bag goes in there. I got my camera tripods everything in there, so in regards to lipo batteries. This is what they look for on lipo batteries. Uh, it needs to be in its own case, charlie. What are you doing? Girl needs to be in a lipo bag. It says it needs to be a container god. The dog is like shaking my hands. Excuse me, charlie let’s, go back just a second thank you and um. So basically i have my radio light and my that’s a live feed pack. This is my battery for my electric screwdriver. I don’t know if i needed it in there, but i did anyways. I taped the leads that way they weren’t exposed um and then, in regards to lipos. I have, oh god, i’m, like all over the place, so i basically have three of these. These are my four cell lipos, so the number that they look for is this number right. There see that 98.8 watt hour, so basically what it can be is it can be, it has to be less than 100 watt. I think wh is watt hours. That’S. Oh, come on focus, focus, we’ll, focus it this way. There you go at least most batteries have that label on there, that watt hour label or the wh label.

This one’s 98 has to be less than 100. If you need to calculate it yourself, uh, basically, the way it works is you i think you get the amps times the volts, and that gives you exactly what the watt hours is. Actually, let me do that on my calculator, real, quick, just to make sure all right i was. I was right, so you take the volt. So this is a 15.2 volt, because the high voltage battery so 15.2 and then you multiply by the amps it’s 6500 milliamp. So that’s 6.5 amps and you get 98.8, which is exactly right number there. Now, with all that said, i don’t know if they get to that detail, but i know from the faa regulations that’s what it says it needs to be under 100 wh, which i’m assuming is watt hours, so that’s. How you do that again make sure it’s in a liposac or a lipo container, a container that is safe to store lipos tape, the leads up just in case i did and then basically carry it on. So whenever you go through security, whenever you go through that uh the dreaded security line, basically your bags can go through they’re gon na pull you aside and you’re gon na take those out they’re gon na look at them and they’ll be like okay go ahead, so That’S, how you’re supposed to do it that’s how i get through every time now with that said, this was all the last time i traveled was pre covered.

I don’t know it could change. It might be different that’s. Why we’ll find out? If i get all the way through security or not, but we’re, leaving soon guys – oh man i’m so excited so i will talk to you guys when you get there. I will show you some cool clips of me. I plan on doing it big, so we’re, probably gon na hang out at the airport. If i get there early enough have a few adult beverages and then i will see you guys in vegas, Music, now, Music know Music, all right guys, quick update. We didn’t make it through uh through security, they didn’t even look they didn’t like open my bag or anything um yeah. They didn’t even check the lipos. I actually pulled the lighthouse out of my bag, um, hoping thinking that they were gon na least look at it. They scanned my back twice, but they just let it through so yeah no problem so far. Let’S hope that our our cars get there in one piece, because wade gave his check this bag and she just like launched it on the locks on the conveyor belt. Excuse me that one may need a fragile tag it completely. It was funny so uh we’ll give you another update as soon as we get there to see uh. The other thing is it’s raining outside right now, ourselves probably sit in the rain, so i’m curious to know if our stuff is soaking, wet or not, but so far we’re, probably having too much fun.

We probably came out of the gate a little hard trying to rest up so we’ll see when we get to vegas Music, all right guys. We made it. We are in vegas guys. We are, at the south point hotel and casino it’s kind of off off to the side, but i just got done like we got here at 9 30 and i heard the track closed at 10, so i ran down there with my pit man. I grabbed my pit mat on my pit back. I need to look in there because i’m a little concerned there’s something that that i’m concerned about. Basically, i put my shock oils in there and whenever you go up in altitude or in a plane a lot of times, the pressure builds up and i’m scared they exploded. I didn’t put them in a plastic bag, so we’re about to open that up make sure everything is good, but we’re here um, oh man, i’m, so excited all right. Let’S let’s see how my stuff looks all right. I’M, not digging the lighting in here all right. So let’s open this up. Everything looks like it’s intact. Nothing broken nothing crazy, um! Okay, here are my shock. Oils come on. Get out of here, come on big money, no whammies, oh yeah, nothing, exploded! Everything looks good. Everything looks good in here. So far, let’s check this bag. Oh sorry, all right! Sorry, all right take the clothes out, throw it on the bed.

The rooms are not so bad all right. The charger doesn’t look all too beat up toiletries. Put it back, so everything looks good. Everything made it just fine, not bad, not bad at all, all right, so nothing got stopped, that’s how you travel with rc stuff yeah, not too shabby sometimes sometimes they’ll actually inspect your stuff and when you they inspect it they’ll basically put like a note in there. So when you open your bag up, there’s a note that says they look through your stuff, uh didn’t happen in this case again: lipo batteries, no problem went through security with those just make sure those are in the bag, and you should be fine tools and everything. Anything that could be a weapon being your carry on, i mean not carry on, but you’re checking bags and you’re good. So i hope you guys liked this video. If you did smash the like button subscribe to my channel turn on notification bell – and you guys will see me next time – make sure you turn notification bell, because i will be doing vlogs here in vegas for the silver state race. Hopefully the next vlog will be here.