The remote control should already be linked to your DJI and Medicare, not surprised to see some of my previous comments of some of my videos that were asking me hey. How do you link them together? My controller is not linked up with my maverick here. What do I need to do so? This video I’m gon na quickly show you guys how to rebind a reed link, the remote control to the air, and you guys are new to my channel. My name is Aldo Stassi. Oh, I do a lot of drone tech tips, tutorials and product reviews right here on this channel. So if that’s something that interests you please consider, subscribing and also hitting that belt to be notified. When I post new videos now the first thing I want to do to get everything linked back up, let’s power, everything on power on your mo control, get the app running on your phone. Also power up the air. Next, you wan na do is go into camera view on the app. So if the app is not showing you anything, it’ll give you the option to let’s go into the RC and go into camera view now going to camera view. You’Re not gon na. Have any data or any information about the drone itself because of course, you’re not connected but go into care review and then go straight to the top right, where those three dots are: click on that menu system and then go over to control.

What you want to do now is click on connect at the very bottom and then they’ll say press the linking button on the aircraft to link the remote controller. Now, while it’s beeping, as you can hear it, you have a minute to do it now, which one do on the Mavic air, is press and hold the power button for four seconds press and hold, and there you go once you hear those two beeps and then Now, on my aircraft it is connected and you click off of the menu system and there you go now you’re able to see the live view from your camera on your mobile device, which means I am now fully connected and now that we are connected let’s just Make sure that we’re good to go here, propeller installation is complete. There you go. We are fully connected now the RFC is connected to the Navigator. Of course, if you’re having issues with that, I would ever ething down try doing that sequence again. Go into camera view of the app go over to control scroll down to connect remote control. Do the link again four seconds on there. You’Ll hear that double beep and he should be all connected and read linked to your remote control and your matter to care and that’s about it. If you guys got value from this, video don’t forget to hit that like button and also don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Bell to be notified.

When I post new videos, also check out all of my other DJI maverick air videos, I’ll make sure playlist is above as well as down below in the video description. This is also Nastasia with flight path. Comm I’ll see you guys in the next one.