This is actually the one that i had in the mojave when went to sandy got a bit muddy, got a bit wet i’ll, just swap them around can’t. Remember why i swapped them around, but i just walk around anyway. This one seized up a bit um. If you want to see that video i’ll put a link up here to where this one got really wet and muddy, and the bearing seized up so we’re going gon na get that part have a look at it. Change the bearings over and i’ll show you how to do it. You guys there’s the lollipop lady still looking good yeah armor skins put a link up in the description below we can see that being used and fitted. We should better get the motor out now. One motor out, as you can see, guys it’s a bit bit rusty on the pinion and the front mo front bearing had seized up and rusty in there. So we need to open that up and get those bearings out Music pretty much ready to go now. I always thought these were sealed and waterproof the water couldn’t get in there. I was wrong. Actually, the water gets it’s, not sealed around here around here, also those holes. Here they go straight through straight through into the motor, so it’s. Only the motor the waterproofing is inside the motor it doesn’t stop the motor the water getting in so just keep an eye on your bearings guys, because, obviously they clearly do seize up so now, we’re going to undo these screws, i’ll change the angle get in nice And close, you can see what’s going on so two mil hex take these front screws off.

They could be a bit tight depending on if you’ve had them off for them with their lock tightened up, they do need to be loctited back let’s even get that front off now there we go it just pops off, as i said, as you can see guys. Hopefully see these holes here go straight through straight through into the motor, so there’s, no waterproofing there’s, no seal on there at all. This is the bearing that gone funny. What there is is inside there’s, a like a gasket here which just stops the dirt and the crud actually getting properly into the motor, but the water still gets in and can still get to your bearing i’m going to take the back off as well. Because i want to change both the bearings and on the back again it’s three one, two three again it’s a two mil two more hecks: these are a lot smaller. These screws, so do not lose them, as you can see there tiny little screws. What i like to do is just put on a on a magnet and that way, hopefully you don’t lose them. Let me get the back off. Push down gently on here. Back will pop up careful because there is a bushing and a little spring washer inside, remember, which way around it goes the bushing on top and the spring washer down the bottom so again, don’t lose. Those here are two bearings first one’s fairly easy to get out.

This one here, which is one we want to replace i’ve, got a bearing removal tool which helps pop it in there and hopefully give it a little knock, no, not coming out so i’m going to take a workbench and do it. So what i’m going to do here, i’m going to use this little hole here, the bearing over the hole bearing pusher in there there she goes popped out on the floor. They are in there tight guys, so let’s make sure you’ve got somewhere to knock it out from that’s the first bearing out first thing. You see, you’re, probably thinking why don’t we just open it up and clean it. Unfortunately, they are sealed, properly, sealed and locked in. I did try and open this one up as you can see there, but the problem is: if you get the shields off, you can’t put the shields back on, so it would be an exposed bearing so it’s easy to replace with new ones. They do give you the reference number around the edge of the bearing, and it is a six to six two zed or zed, which means it’s. The the two zed is regarding the shielding and the 626 is the size, so i have bought some replacements. These are high quality, skf, bearings, they’re, rated to 50 000 rpm reference and 80 000 rpm maximum, and we pop this back in here now again it’s very, very tight to get back in.

Ideally, you want a a press, but if you haven’t got a press, you can make your own. Take a g clamp put a bit of wood on the bottom to protect the bearing housing bearing housing on there Music right on the top to protect the bearing tighten up and as we tighten that up it pushes the bearing we go it’s the bearing nicely housed In there now now we come to the back end, bearing no hole on this one. So you’ve got this bearing that’s in there nice and tight and you’ve, got to try and get it out somehow. How do you think you do that? This is where the good old bread comes in guys. I said i like hovis that’s, my better choice: choose whatever bread. You, like doesn’t, really matter, leave a comment down below which bread you actually prefer. Is it obvious? Is it king’s meal? No, it might be. Homemade leave a comment below interesting. What bread you like slice of bread and a drill bit. This is actually a six mil drill bit, so it fits in there, nice and snugly. What we’re going to do is we’ll. Take a little bit of bread put them down there tiny little bits to start off with roll it up drop it inside put the drill bit in give it a little tap. Take it out another bit in there a little tap. Let me do that see what happens Music. You can see the bearing slowly being lifted out Music.

There we go, bearing is out it has, as you can see, pushed in the shield a bit as well, then we have a bread bearing there, which we can let’s. Pluck out one bread bearing so that is how you use bread to help fix your bearings. Put that bearing back in again use your your press tool bearing back in okay, now just put the motor back together. The first thing you put on is the front bell. End – and you want to just pop it on there – move it around until it clicks into place, then line up the screws to how you want this motor mount to be facing the front, because you’ll notice, as the screws line up these, will be in a different Position so that’s lined up one there that’s slight. I want mine right angles to these motors that’s slightly out so i’ll turn it around again line the holes up again. It’S still out turn it around again line the holes up: okay, that’s about as good as i’m going to get to right angle to the motor wires at the back, and then we put the screws back in just remember to tighten them up Music. The front i haven’t tightened those up yet because i just want to get the back on first and again, remember to put your spring washer on your brass bushing in and then pop the rear belt case, on line it up pop those screws back in with a Bit of a loctite again make sure they’re, nice and tight go back to the front i’m gon na.

Tighten these up diagonally make sure we’ve got a nice tight bond on there. A little turn make sure everything’s sitting in there nicely appears to be there. We go that’s one bug to put back together: we get back in the car and give it a test. Music, okay, let’s get her plugged in and make sure she works. Okay, we need some batteries. Okay, guys how to use bread to replace the bearings in your brushes motor. Hopefully you have found that helpful, probably never thought that was a good use for bread, but anyway guys, if you want to see more of what this kratom exp can do remember to subscribe. Smash that notification button, so you don’t miss any of our future videos. If you want to see what this creatine exp has been doing, i’ll put a link to a playlist up at the end of the video so take care.