All i used was zip ties and two mounts: Music, hey what’s up everyone! Welcome to another episode of calmer clips. Today, i am going to show you how to make a camera mount that will fit any rc car controller and it costs only 18 bucks to make so the only um camera mount for, like a rc controller that i could find, is made by traxxas and it’s. This one right here looks like that: it snaps on the top of your controller there um. That is the only mount that i could find and it’s for traxxas. Only it won’t work on any other controller, so i’ve been trying to figure out a way to make a camera phone mount to fit any controller, so it’ll be way easier, filming while you’re uh driving your truck around. So this is what i thought of so here’s everything that you’re gon na need to make this um. So you got your any remote. Any remote will work. Um it’s gon na get zip tied to the bottom there, so it doesn’t matter which one the probably the little bit more space on the bottom, the better. So if you just go to and type in va star, like universal phone, mount um tripod or something like that, this will show up and make sure it’s got the the hole in the bottom there to where you can twist it into this right here and Then this is called a dual camera mount flash bracket um.

This is on amazon too, if you just type that in into the search bar uh, you know something like this will pop up try to find one that looks kind of like this um. There was another piece right here: one of these. On the other end, i just took it off because we only need one. So all right, let let’s see uh i’m gon na show you guys how to put this thing together. Um, the tripod was, i think, 8.99, and then this was another like eight nine bucks, so for 20 bucks this will fit. This mount will fit on any rc remote, so let’s get into it. So all you’re going to do is take your dual mount bracket here and uh keep the one screw in the one end – and this is just gon na get screwed right in here – see that that’s just gon na screw right into that hold that in place all Right so now you got that screwed on there nice and tight um. This adjusts to could turn either way. So if you want your phone sideways or straight up and down depends on what you know, video you want to make um all right and let’s get to the next pack part. Then the next step is you’re. Gon na take zip ties. I use six and you’re. Just gon na put it around the bottom of your remote right there and just zip tie it down tight and then that’s.

Basically, it man not very hard, so let’s get that done all right. So here it is. This is the finished product you guys are ready to rock and roll um. This thing is great man. I hope you enjoyed the video um. I hope this was useful and uh yeah go ahead and get 20 bucks and make yourself one of these bad boys. It works great i’m gon na put up some footage of um for me filming with this setup here.