Okay. So but this one here is this top middle button here. So what you want to do right now is press and hold press and hold and keep holding and two starts blinking now it’s in pairing mode now quickly go to your car turn it on and now you can see the blinking stopped now it’s working okay. Now the thing is, if you have trouble pairing, what I want you to do next is go ahead and turn the car off make sure it’s off go ahead and take the battery out then put it back in and do the same thing. Okay, once the batteries back in press and hold wait for it to start flashing, okay, there we go now I’m going to turn it back on it just stopped. Okay. Now the thing is now: when I originally got this part here, I couldn’t get it to pair. What I had to do is end up taking the battery in and out. I tried it about three times and then it finally worked now. It’S no problem here.