How To Program Encore Distant Transmitters, Ths covers all these Encore fashions: E1 E3 E5 E7 E7s E9 E9s.

Observe: This mode will solely retain the final Four distant transmitters programmed. If the transmitter reminiscence is exceeded,
the safety system will begin deleting transmitters from reminiscence in chronological order.
1. Flip the Ignition ‘change ‘OFF/ON’ Four TIMES and keep in ON place.
“Inside 15 seconds”.
2. Push the Valet change Four instances and maintain it on the 4th push till an extended chirp is heard then launch the valet change.
You are actually within the Transmitter programming mode.
3. Press and maintain any button of the transmitter till the siren responds with a confirming chirp, indicating the sign
has been saved into reminiscence.
4. In case you have extra transmitters (as much as 4) that have to be programmed, repeat step Three for every transmitter.
Exit: Flip Ignition to ‘OFF’ place, or depart it for 15 seconds. Three lengthy chirps & Three parking gentle flashes will affirm exit.