But first of all i was just going to explain why i need to get the tires off because you might find it highly fascinating, but if not just fast forward this bit, so i was testing out the version. 2 3s armor typhoon. I bought recently. Second, half my friend nick and generally, i was really impressed with it, but have a look at what’s happening with the wheels they are wibbly wobbling about, like nobody’s business, now, a little bit of imbalance, doesn’t really matter, but this was sort of shaking the car apart. So i needed to sort something out now you might be looking at that and thinking it was because there was mud in the wheels which there was, but i did also test it with the wheels thoroughly cleaned and they were still wobbling all over the place. So i figured that the mud and the grit and everything must have got inside the tire. So i’ll just show you with this tamiya lunch box, wheel and tire because it’s easier to see so the wheel has got holes in it and that’s to let the air go in and out, and that gives it the right squash ability, that’s a technical term. I think some of the early tamiyas actually didn’t have any air holes and uh ends up being a bit bouncy, but what this does it gives it a bit more give off road and it does give a nice ride with the lunchbox, with these tamiya ones.

It’S. Just the rigidity of the tyre that supports the weight, but we tend to have on the modern rc cars is a softer rubber compound and a foam insert to maintain the shape you can see on this granite wheel. This is from a version. Two still got the holes there in the wheels and that’s where the grip can get in, and the trouble is if grit and water and everything gets in there. It sort of doesn’t come out. The wheel of spinning is forcing the grip out and the trouble is with having the foam is that the grit all gets stuck into the foam, so it doesn’t matter so much on the lunchbox wheel. If you get a bit of dirt in there, because it gets distributed more evenly because there’s no foam in there and also it’s easy to get out, because you can just stick that in a bucket of water sort of ring it out but say with this, the Grits get stuck and if it gets stuck in there unevenly, which you probably will, then it becomes unbalanced. So when i glue tars on, i tend to use this super glue, also known as ca glue, i think at the factory. They use something very similar and one way to release the bond of that glue is with heat, and i have seen people put these in the oven and i tried that and i just stamped the oven out and um just take the house out and i wasn’t Very popular and i didn’t get the tile.

I think i melted the wheel a bit as well so i’m using the boiling water method because boiling water – and he obviously gets up to boiling points and i’ve had much more success. This is a wheel and tire from my scent and 3s version 3 and what they did with the version 3 was to put the holes in the tires instead of in the wheels. So any water and grit that goes in should get flung immediately out with a centrifugal force so on the typhoon. Here i did try putting holes around the tires and uh rinsing them in water and then spinning the wheels to get the water out again see if the grip would come out with it. But i think what happened is that the grit had gone into the foam too much, and so they were still really unbalanced. So hence why i need to get the tires off to get the grit out so to the kitchen. No, the kitchen’s that way. So for this method, you’ll need some thin knitted gloves some washing up, gloves or waterproof work, gloves an old saucepan, a wheat lemon drink, some water, a heat source and some rc car wheels with tyres that need removing first boil some water drink, your wheat lemon drink. Now put on your thin wool gloves then put your waterproof gloves over the top. Now this should protect you from the heat, but uh don’t blame me. If you burn your hands, this is at your own risk, now put the tires in Music and squeeze them a bit just to make sure the water goes inside and leave this for a few minutes.

Okay, so after a few minutes to see, if you can prize away the ties it’s coming away now be very careful not to let the water squirt on you, because some obviously there’s the hole in the tower. If you squeeze, then the water might spray on you. So i could say just be very careful with this: you can see the tyres coming away there nicely. There are limits to how much these will protect you from the hot water. So don’t put your fingers under the water for too Music long, so don’t force this. You don’t want to tear the rubber just sort of keep putting it in the water until it comes away easily. So look at all that sand. That was in there just gon na give that a rinse Music, okay, so back in the hobby room now i’ve done that with all the four wheels and i’m just letting them dry out now i was just gon na say about these gloves. I was only saying use thin gloves because uh they’ll then fit under the rubber gloves. If you can find some big enough rubber gloves and obviously you can fit them over some thicker gloves and the thicker. The gloves are the more heat insulation you’ll get. Ideally, you could use some sort of heatproof oven, gloves like these, but uh it’s, just a matter of trying to find some rubber gloves that will fit over the top, so these have had a chance to dry overnight.

These foam is a little bit raggedy. To be honest but i’m going to use them, because i can’t be able to wait for some new ones to show up so it’s, making some holes in the tire using a five mil drill. So now the tires have got air holes in what i’ve done is to fill in the holes in the wheels with some glue gun glue. So sand and dirt won’t be able to go in through the wheel now and only be able to go in through the tire where it should immediately get thrown out again. So i just need to put these back together and glue them up again. I need to get the tyre to rest nicely on that edge there. As far as i can see, these tires aren’t directional, so it doesn’t matter which way they go on so just got ta make sure that this is nicely seated on the bead there. Okay, that looks all right. Okay, so i’ve got my pound shop super glue, it’s, just a matter of sort of uh prying back the tyre a little bit put some glue under and seating it back. Music we’ve got a bit mad with a super glue there, but anyway just wipe off the excess. What i tend to do is one side and then let that dry and then do the other side, so you’re not sort of getting the glue on your hands while you’re trying to do the other side.

Okay, so the glue on the front has dried, so i’ll just do the back. Okay, so i’ve done all four wheels. The same now let’s see if it’s actually worked Music yeah that looks good and i’ve. Also road tested it off camera and it runs really well. So any things need to do with this now it’s got a bit of play in the steering and the suspension like these things tend to after a while, so i’ve got the pivot ball set for this i’ve done the shock tower brace on the front. I just need to make one for the back so i’m, basically going to do all the mods on this. I did on my sentence so check out my scent and mods videos if you’re interested or let me know, if anyone got the wheat lemon drink reference without having to google it, it should have been a flask really to be an authentic comedy reference.