So first you need to check the voltage of damaged battery pack, so you can see the volt edge of this uh damaged. Battery pack is 4.8 volt, 700 mh. So next we need to buy a battery holder. Like this or you can get this type of battery holders order from your old damaged rc cars, so these two battery holders – actually i got it from my old rc cars. So then you need to get four rechargeable batteries. So here i am using sony cyber energy and i mh rechargeable batteries, so you can see it’s a double a 1.2 volt 2400 mah battery, so 1.2 volt into four, so you will get total 4.8 volt, so 4.8 volt is our requirement. So, after that, we can insert this battery holder into this in your rc car. So here you can see. I am using only three batteries because i haven’t get proper battery holder. Actually, here you can insert battery holder which, where we can insert four batteries so after that you can get a cable or wire like this. So one end of the wire you have to connect to this cable, so you can also use the normal wire. So, in that case you need to solder it then the other end you can just solder with this solder. Here you have to check the positive and negative based on that. You can just connect it so before that you can also check the voltage, you can use multimeter or you can check the voltage and confirm the control that you are getting proper.

Four point: eight volt. So what batteries? We can arrange in two ways: parallel and serial. So here we need to arrange in serial so then you will get total 1.2 in weight. Total 4.8 volt. So this is the charger of this sony ni image rechargeable battery. So using this charger we can recharge both double a and aaa batteries. If you don’t have this battery holder, i will show you how we can arrange these batteries in serial, so just arrange these four batteries like this positive, negative, positive native. So these positive and native you can solder here with some wire, then. Similarly, so this side here also, you can solder these two part, then, after that you can use. So actually you have to solder in three places these two, these two, then these two in after that you can get. You can connect one wire here, then one wire here positive negative. So this way we can arrange batteries in serial and you will get total four point volt. So i hope you enjoy this video. Please subscribe. My channel please like and share the video, so you can also check your one of the battery pack. You will be able to see that actually in battery pack, we insert batteries like this. Okay.