This video will apply to pretty much every rc car ever made, but in this video ill be specifically explaining how to install it in a traxxas rc car thing to know is if your motor is actually bad and a good way to know if your motor is Bad is if it has a funky or interesting smell, coming out of it while driving or smoke coming out for a brand new motor or a brand new rc car. It should do that for the first or second run, but if it just started doing that, then you need to replace your motor and, if its really slow, if its all the sudden just slow, then the motor is probably bad in this video ill be demonstrating how To replace the motor on this traxxas slash and this traxxas slash will also be demonstration for all the models on the screen, and this traxxas rally will be another model that im going to show demonstrating replacing the motor, and this model will apply for all these models. On the screen, first model were going to show demonstrating the motor replacement will be this traxxas slash. The first step is obviously take off the body, and you technically dont need to do that. But its way easier, if you do – and now we have to do – is take off this right, rear tire. This rc car is very dirty and ill make a video on this specific one right here and i have to leave it dirty for that video but dont, mind that were replacing the motor.

The next step is this gear cover. If you can see theres a screw right there and a screw right there, there are two screws and those screws are a two millimeter hex. Just a little side note thing: this car was used thats what the video will be about, and it looks like the previous owner broke a gear cover and they use electrical tape to fix it. The next step is removing the actual motor. So with these two screws right here, theyre two millimeter or some cars have a phillips head, and these are like a big flat kind of screw, but its still a two millimeter. If you notice this top one its actually covered by the spur gear here and you dont really need to remove the spur gear, because if you just unscrew it while pulling the motor it doesnt, the screws pull out, it just stays, but the motor goes backwards. That makes sense confused by the screw thing. Is this screw is being covered, so you unscrew it, but if you unscrew its obviously going to hit the spur gear. So when you pull back on the motor, so when the threads go out, the screw doesnt pull out the motor pulls out, see that now the motors out now youre at this stage, where the motor is sitting outside the vehicle. What you want to do is take these two bullet connectors off and you hold it half of your fingers on this silicone area and have it thats on the wire people just on the wire.

Then sometimes the wire can come out and you pull just on this cover. Just the cover can come out just dont overthink it just unplug it. Sometimes they are hard see that, because this car is pretty old, probably the original motor but yeah just like that and now lets get the pinion gear off. Getting the pinion gear off the motor is pretty simple, just one grub screw and you can try to remember how the pinion set on the motor. Sometimes you can get like a 1.5 millimeter hex driver and, like oh, its two, so its like three millimeters away, but dont really overthink it once its in the car. You can line it up and make it perfect. So what were going to need is a 1.5 millimeter hex driver, some cars use a 1.3, but thats not really as common and a traxxas car is gon na, be a 1.5 and im not going to use the new motor, because this car has is im getting Ready for another video, so i have to keep the original motor but ill. Take it off so just like that and okay about one turn to take it out. Youll have to take it all the way out and itll just slip off like that in this pin. Here and then you could transfer over to the other motor by getting the motor and then putting it on roughly where it was before it. Doesnt have to be perfect at all, just kind of like tighten it until it stops like that.

Not really that tight, and then we put it back in the car, we can kind of dial it in getting ready to put this motor back in the vehicle. What were gon na do is this screw is still in there, because its being covered by this uh spur gear, and i like to move the motor wires just out of the way in front of the camera link, because they cant get in the way the esc Motor wires and what you want to do is position the motor a certain way, because, if you look, these motor wires are on at a right angle. So if you mount it like this, then they have to go up at a stupid angle. Make sure it is correct its also this ones gon na be facing towards the front of the vehicle if its backwards. Obviously that sucks, you can see theres three holes on the motor that one is threaded, this ones threaded this ones, not threaded, so put the thread. One up against that screw, youll youll know when you find it, i put the screwdriver in and just kind of search and oh its, not thats, not the thread you can have to like search for it see that now its stuck in there. So i know now that its in the thread its in the motor, you can tighten it down, not all the way, and the bottom is actually a slot underneath there is a slot thats how you actually set the gear mesh and ill show you how to set The gear mesh, but you dont, want the the pinion gear and spur gear to be too close together or too loose so ill.

Show you how to set the gear mesh so the way i set my gear mesh is by eye and by feel. But if you can just not get it, this is a trick. This is some receipt paper, some thin receipt paper and you can see the motor can move out of the way well kind of usually it moves more. I think my motor screws are too tight, but ill move away from the spur gear. So then you can see that now it moves more. So youll move away from the spur gear and you can put the receipt paper between the two gears and then you push it up against not force it just push it up against hold it against it. Now you tighten the two motor screws with a little bit. More pressure than any other screw, because if this motor moves youre going to ship a spring here, so you want to make sure these are tight but dont strip, the motor and now what youre going to do is roll this paper out. So its like a crinkle and just a little tiny bit of play, thats actually perfect receipt paper is perfect. Some people use regular printer paper, but thats thats too thick the way. I do it by sight and feel is not really that hard just try to get it a little tiny bit looser than like crushed together, but you dont want to click, click click i usually have the teeth.

I dont want them all the way in or like barely touching, i usually have them halfway or a little bit more than halfway. I think thats about the perfect gear mesh, so youll youll know if its good and thats thats about perfect and now were gon na get this gear cover back on were gon na put this gear cover back on flat side goes down its pretty obvious. What way it goes really, okay, i really got ta put the screws in. So there are two sizes of screws that hold it theres a shorter one and a longer one. The shorter one goes in the bottom, and some cars like a wrestler or something has phillips screws, but a slash specifically has two millimeter hex screws, so yeah. The short screw goes on the bottom long screw on top and this one it was kind of misaligned because of that whole electrical tape breaking thing, but the gear cover isnt that important of a piece of the car just a cover. Now the gear cover is on and dont forget to plug in your motor wires. Motor installation is done on this traxxas slash now time to put the wheel back on now were going to move on to the four wheel drive model. This is a tractor, slash rally and the body is already off and to replace the motor its right there, and the first thing we have to do is take this cover off and all that it is to cover up.

Is this one screw right there? As you can see, i took this cover off just one screw and when its on there, you want to pull towards the motor to like crack it loose. I guess so. I think its the easiest way to get it off and once thats off now you have access to the motor plate and right here is a m3 screw and its a machine head or a cap screw. So you want to use a 2.5 millimeter hex driver and i prefer to use a ball end, because when the hex driver is here its not at a perfect angle because of the receiver box and stuff so im going to use a ball and to get that Out, as you can see, i flip the car around, so you have a better angle and after you get this motor out, what we want to do is pull it back out here this direction and then straight up like that, and now you take this wire clamp Off and thats a two millimeter hex driver now that the wire clamp is off, we can obviously get to the wires and were going to unplug them the same as the other vehicle. These ones are pretty tight too ill, see that how that slipped, this uh! This thing slipped thats, why you hold it kind of special but dont, really overthink kind of hold it. Okay, now the mower is out. We got ta, take this motor plate off.

These are two two millimeter screws. There are flat. Heads were gon na. Take these out. Theyre actually pretty short because they just go on the motor, so thats one out and then get the other one out. Okay, like that now the motor is off that motor plate and thats how we get this pinion gear off now. Getting this pinion graph is the same as the other vehicle, and just to note, this pinion gear is a 48 pitch that slash before is also 48 pitch. That works with the receipt papers trick, but another card lets say like a wrestler 4×4 that has 32 pitch, which is bigger, coarser teeth, so the gear would be bigger for the same amount of teeth and that use regular printer paper to do the gear mesh. Putting this motor plate on you really its, not really that hard see this motor as you look, these wires come out straight and heres a brand new motor. I have see they come at the right angle, its almost like, if you have a bunch of traxxas motors, half of them are started like this. Half of them are started like this, so if youre shopping for a brand new one inside of a hobby shop, you want to look for one that has the same as yours, because if you have a right angle in a four wheel, drive its kind of difficult, But in a two wheel, drive a right angle is great or the other way around.

A four wheel drive is great with the straight, but a tool drive sucks with a straight because it has to make that turn thats, where the right angle is so good. You want to make sure these motors are. However, you want them. If you want the ugly side up, you can have that, but i dont i want the cool cleaner up and look at this plate. The slot is facing up so in the car. If you want this side up thats, what goes up so this hole is gon na go there and youre gon na put these two screws in now. These two screws are the same length theyre a three by eight millimeter, flathead screw and thats, pretty short, usually theyre. 10 millimeters, but if its too long, it can actually contact internal parts of the motor and mess stuff up. So you want to use the stock length screw for these, and you want to tighten it when it hits about like half a turn after it makes contact with the plate were back at the car. I have the motor on this and if you have the pinion gear, you can have it sliding so its loose, and then you put the pinion gear or the motor in the right spot. And then you can figure out if you, where you want it and then tighten it down, so how this car works. Just at the gear mesh is theres a pin right here and then this it rides on that pin so its like a pivot point.

So it pivots on that pin and the slot locks it down where that machine screw was see, make sure its on that pivot. That corner just like that, and i the motor, goes next to it and now also the gear mesh for this its actually pretty much. The same as the other car, except that, instead of pushing the motor straight its at like a angle, kind of turning but its pretty much the same, its maybe a little harder to put the put the paper in so heres the same paper from before. So if i pull the motor back like that ill put, the paper in between the motor and the spur gear like that, oops, okay and youre, not gon na force the gears together, just so they touch and that machine screw from before were gon na screw. This. In and im gon na use a ball end again from because of the receiver box, so you screw this in, and you want to make sure that the paper doesnt rip when you take it out. That means its too tight, so were going to screw it in not all the way. So it can still kind of move. So you push it in touch and then put the screw down. So really it stopped and then like an extra um thats, how you know its tight and you can roll the car to get it out. You want to feel the feel of the gear mesh and for 48 pitch or receive paper is perfect, and yes, this gear mesh is perfect.

So now were going to put this wire clamp back on and route these motor wires. All right, this motor clamp is on, and the wires are nicely tucked now time to get this gear cover back on and its that little tiny screw from before its only one screw, and what you want to do is kind of slide it into the motor side. First kind of behind the blue plate – and this is pretty difficult, because if you get it kind of perfect in there and it does have some flex factor to it, its not going to fit perfectly when you screw it down it kind of like settles now this Gear cover is on, and you want to make sure the car isnt very hard to push and if its like super hard and easy all of a sudden, then your gear, your spur gear, might be oval or your gear must have set wrong. But this car seems dialed and great. So now this car has a fresh installed motor. Thank you everybody for watching.