All right! Welcome! Back! Welcome back to the channel welcome back to ironclad rc. I got a couple of twins, some twin packs here. These packs were sent to me from a subscriber thank you mild to wild, but we have to change out the plugs. This is a 5200 milliamp, adc z, power, packs and uh. They they have an xt 90 on the batteries. Ive already changed, one of them out to an ec5, and i want to show you guys how to solder on an ec5 connector uh, for what i gather from what i understand. The ec5 have a little more current flow than the xt90 could be wrong. Uh and theres probably some debate about that, but uh. This is what i use. These are the connectors i use for all my all my vehicles on my boat, so im going to show you guys how to solder on an ec5. We got the ec5 here. It comes with the plug and the two female terminals lets get to it. We got to get this xt90 plug off. They come with like a its a two part plug you just kind of pop off this back protective cover here, wiggle it back and forth, and itll come off, for you see just push it back now. Weve got to cut off this heat shrink and de solder, the wires from the plug itself, just put a little bit of heat on the back dont touch these together.

I just put a little bit of heat on the back of the plug there, warm that up. Dont want to overheat it because these plugs here you can melt the plastic, so you dont want to overheat these just a little bit at a time and itll come right off, see dont want to overheat. It and usually itll, just fall off like that. All right make sure all my wires are together. Dont want touch, you dont want to touch thats the most important part, its very dangerous. You could have an you know, just a scary, little spark or it could spark and possibly catch the battery on fire. So it could explode on you, but just be careful uh just get your ec 5 connector make sure youre using the female connector for the battery for the battery side and the male connector for the esc side. So weve got the female pieces im gon na go ahead and put my heat shrink on on first and then you put your connector on these connectors. Here are labeled positive and negative. The flat side is always your positive side. Put your connector on first kind of work with one. At a time i use my battery boxes for my little solder, caddy just kind of convenient for me anyway, get your solder ready! You see the difference in the plugs. The xt90 has the connector. Actually, the terminal. Actually built into the the plug itself and its just easier, you just kind of solder, your wires on and its easy with, with the ec5, its a little more complicated uh.

You got three actual parts: the two terminals, the bullets there bullet terminals and your your plug. So its a little more complicated and what i like to use is these little thin needle nose pliers because they heat up fast uh. If you use like a real heavy needle nose, it will, it will actually cool the plug down fast and its a little harder to work with kind of heat up the tip of your pliers a little bit. It carries the heat a little bit better and it dont cool your connector dont cool down as fast as with a bigger pair of needle nose, see the size difference. What i like to do is i i use this little drill. Drill vise right here, just to put my battery in so its not moving around all right so now were going to actually tin our wire before we put the connector on it, put your solder on the wire. If youre changing out connectors nine times out of ten theyre, already 10 from uh having the plug on, so you just kind of melt some solder onto your wire tent it up. So you get a good contact. All right, dont want to put too much because it wont fit in your in your terminal, see how i got my plug pointing down. Now you get your terminal ready little bit of flux, a little bit of flux here, temperature melt yourself, some solder in your plug.

All right, then, you just put your terminal on your on your wire and then you just push push your wire in and hold it thats how you do it, so it should look something like that. You see that your wire sheath uh its normal dont freak out or nothing push that into your terminal. So you dont ground them out. If you got a little bit of solder on the outside of the terminal, get your little dremel with a standing wheel and just knock off the extra solder that was on the outside of your connector, just kind of clean it up a little bit. So it goes in your plug nice and smooth all right, just push that in your plug, like so all right that way you dont ground them out, make sure you got your heat shrink on make sure its kind of pointing down make it easy on you a Little bit of flux, dont forget the flux, get your solder ready. I usually just kind of have it pointing down, like i said before, sometimes, if youre taking a connector off, you have to retin it like im doing here, not not quite enough solder on there. You know you had to heat it up to get your terminal off, it has to be tinned again flux on it, a little bit of flux, and i heat it up, not too hot, just hot enough to where it starts melting. The solder just push your terminal onto the wire like, so you know you want, you want them to be up the temperature so that the solders bond to one another you cant have a cold wire and a hot connector, because you might not get a good bond.

All right has solder on it, use the dremel with a sanding wheel, Music and just knock that extra solder off careful not to go through the plug. Yep just knock the extra solder off until you can fit it in your in your ec5 and youre done star bit like so, and i push in on my connectors not to push too hard because youll push this bullet through the plug and its a pain in The butt to get it back out of my workbench right here and i just kind of push push in until you hear it – click theres a little notch on the plug in the connector that will click your uh. Your bullets onto the ec5 like that and uh thats, how you do it heat shrink into the plug itself, so you dont have no wire exposed. I like to when im, using when im doing my plugs my connectors. I use the silicone the the heat shrink with silicone on the inside itll hold your heat shrink into place and kind of waterproof it. You know, thats why i try to get my heat shrink in the plug kind of waterproof plug. I mean theres no real way to waterproof it, but at least i tried push it up in there all right, like that. A big piece of heat shrink and the width of it folded in half is about an inch and a quarter, and what i do is ill cut.

This big heat shrink into like a one inch three quarter inch section, and then i put it on my connector. This is the this is the actual male plug and you have female connectors on the inside. So what i do is i push it halfway onto my connector like so, and it gives you like a little grill when you pull your battery shelves apart. You see that itll give you like a grip, so youre not pulling on your wires. You actually pull pulling on the plug on the heat shrink and its not really stressing out or pulling the wires out of your connector. I do this pretty much all my batteries and my escs, not all of them, but just put it halfway on your connector, like that, you see that so that your connector plugs all the way into your esc. This has a silicone insulation on the inside so that it waterproof the connector, see that and it gives you something something to hold on to so youre, not like pulling on the wires youre pulling on on the the ec5 and the heat shrink and the wires.