Well, they didn’t exactly ban nitro. They just do not allow just normal people like you and me to purchase it without a proper license. So, for instance, 25 nitro content in whether it’s fuel or another product is no longer allowed for a normal customer like mio you, and that also applies to 20 nitro. So we’re only allowed to run 16 nitro from now on, and this is for every single eu country. So you guys will probably come across or have come across this issue already, and i have three solutions right here that all work, but they have different pros and cons and i’m gon na go over them. So the first solution is well just get a license. You know sign up for a license and it’s the one that i’m probably gon na pick, because you know, if you have a license, you can still get 25 nitro, but it definitely does have some cons because, at least in my country we have to visually show The license, which means that we can no longer order fuel online. We have to come pick it up, and on top of that, a couple of web shops actually told me. They may not continue to import 25 nitro because of the cost of having a license of having all the extra inspection, maybe it’s not profitable for them enough. So maybe they will just only stock 16 nitro i’ve had that i’ve heard that from multiple web shops.

So maybe the license is useless. Maybe this does not work, in which case you can do a second step, and this has been proven to work, because a lot of omrod guys already do it, and there is countless articles on it, and my engine builder himself has also told me about it. You can actually reshim an engine, and this works for every engine as long as it has two shims or multiple ships. You can re shim every single engine to run all 16 nitro, just as good as it runs on 25 nitro. The trick is that 16 nitro needs more compression to combust. Fortunately, for me, nrp has actually written in their manual, which shim you need to remove to get that you know effect. So, as you guys can see right here, this is an lrp32x. If you remove the burn room, you’ll see that it comes with two sims: it comes with a copper sim, 0.1 millimeter, and it comes with a aluminum shim which is actually under it, i’m, not sure how much you know that is, but from my understanding you only Need to remove the copper one to get the proper combustion, then you remove the copper one, put it back on the engine and it should run final 16 nitro. But again you you have to know this, and on top of that you know a lot of vintage. Other engines – maybe they don’t, come with two shims and you have to find a shim that fits.

So you have to check this out for your own. If you have a race engine, this should be pretty straightforward. I mean those engines have multiple sims out of the box for a reason they come shimmed for 25 out of the box, and you can always change it back to sixteen percent, which means, by the way, people if you’re american and you buy a european engine. Like a reds, pico or fx, which is hottie engine watch out, because these will be shipped for 16 percent from now on because of the new regulations, so you have to reshim them back if you want to run 30 nitro because otherwise you’ll get detonation you’ll ruin Your engine and the last step that we can do and that’s temporarily. You know it will not work forever, but it works for now, and i suggest you guys do it just in case, so you can at least race this season or best this season. So this solution is very straightforward: you stock up on fuel, so this is about three gallons of nitro. I have multiple gallons still in stores so i’m fine for this summer, i’m. Fine, i can do whatever i want. Whenever i want and while i’m applying for a license – and this maybe takes months especially now with all the corona stuff going on – you know, while we do this, we still have the fuel anyways hope you guys enjoyed this video we’re so close to 1k subscribers man, We’Re about to hit it i’m, almost done with my 1k subscriber special.

I worked days on it. Man it’s one of my longest, if not my longest video today it’s going to be over 40 minutes long, and i hope you guys enjoy it. So if you want to support the channel leave a like subscribe, if you’re not already hope you guys got, you know some information, you some useful information out of this.