A lot of you may have this and have wondered why i can’t steer smoothly and accelerate or reverse smoothly. So i’m, going to show you a quick little video of how to take the whole thing apart, so that you can get to the parts of the truck that require you to make some changes, which will be the steering servo and the control board. To put in an esc electronic speed controller so that you can connect this to one of your hobby grade remote controls so without further ado let’s get into it. Now before we get into any project, we want to make sure we’re all set up. So here i’ve got a little case that contains all the screws from the disassembly portion, so i’ve organized them, and that way i don’t lose track of which screw goes where and if i’ve lost any screws, so very important, be organized Music, Music, Music, Music, foreign Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music Music. So i just wanted to go quickly over this section here: i’m, just outlining which wires do what? But essentially, if you’re going to do the conversion you’re going to need to get a new servo for the front, the servo here is not really going to cut it. If there’s no uh circuit board inside to give it a proper signal, when you connect it to your receiver and then the uh eight tires and the dumper motor there you’re just going to get two esc’s, you can use the tiny escs from robot shop or, if You prefer, you can use the hobby wing 1060 eses and everything is going to connect to your receiver and then there’s a power wire there that you can connect as well.

So you have power to everything. That’Ll be another video in another series, but if you do want to see that give it a like uh in the video – and that will tell me if i should make a video about how to convert this thing – Music, Music! So, okay! For now all you techies! If you want to know how this thing moves, it’s using a gear set up here, so it’s, not a belt driven or a chain driven it’s, just gears and they’re all metal gears. So we don’t have to worry about stripping of plastic gears or anything. So it is pretty robust uh, you have a small little pinion gear to spin everything up, and then these are all really well made. They look pretty good and they’ve been greased. I just put some extra grease on here, but you can tell like there’s grease on these guys. It’S just sprung out and the casing too, is all coated, so uh that’s pretty good uh. There are some bearings here so it’s not just moving on a solid axle. There are bearings um and there you go uh. This is just the one side. Okay, so once we put this all back together this side here, there’s nothing, it’s, there’s, a shaft that goes across here, so that gear at the front here goes across this shaft and it spins this just like the shaft that goes across here, spins the side too. Okay, so front and back go based off of the gearing system on this side.

Okay – and these two shafts here go across, so there is no proportional or differential uh in it. So when she goes straight, she wants to go straight all the time she doesn’t want to turn because there’s no differential.