m. so good morning to you guys, it’s a bit cold today, it’s about minus 1 Celsius. So today I just wanted to talk about quickly how I used blue link in my with my palisade, you guys don’t know. I got my car about a month ago. This is guy, and I start using a blue link about two weeks now because, as you can see, the weather got very cold and I wanted to use it as the remote start. You know I I also have this in my palisade, so I can you know we mortally start the car like this and also turn it off, but I live in an apartment, you know on 3rd floor and they have a you know, concrete walls, so this guy Would not go through so I subscribe to the blue link and you know it’s been great using it, so it also has a lot more features. So I just wanted to talk to you and for the subscription of the gluing. I think a Hyundai Motor USA did a great job, so I’ll leave a link above so in case you like to know how to subscribe. You can do it on the car in the car or through the web. So please refer to the link above okay and let me then we’re gon na do this live. So if you do have any questions, let us know through the comment section and before we begin. Please do support us by subscribing to our channel and also hit the bell notifications, so you don’t miss out in the future and let me just show you the web, the app I’m sorry about the language, because you know I try to get it to English, but Somehow it just would not do it.

Let me just go this way, and now this is what it looks like blue link here in Korea, and this also is showing where I am and where the car is so it’s, not exactly accurate. But you can know where your car is parked at okay, and also it shows the location of gas stations, nearby parking, lots and washing machine wash car wash spots, and you can also send this destination to your car. If you wished it to or you can just get a route just like any other navigation and and even you know, detail routes so that’s also very nice to use I’ve been using it because you know it’s hard to put. You know location on your navigation so where you can just pin points type in yourself and also send that to your car we’ll show you how that works in the minute few minutes, it’s gon na it’s, already sent to my car, so we’ll show you when we Get inside and what else this will actually show you the status of your car all done. Let me just put my password and it’s just saying it’s talking to my car right now so you’re saying I would fold with a fuel tank left. I can go 89 kilometres and saying the power is off, obviously, doors, locked and climate control off says on the bottom. It says: powers off door. Everything is closed, including the trunk and the climate’s. Everything is off.

Even the hood is off close. So so you can check your car, you can check it. If you are about three kilometers around the car. I try to do it from my house when I left the car in the office it’s about 20 kilometres. When you try to connect, it will just not do it and let me just when you press this button, you can also select the temperature and how long you want the car to be remained started, and you can also choose defroster for the front window and also What we call it the heated steering wheel and heated what we call a mirror here and also you can also check memory seat, one or two, and when you press this button, it will actually take few seconds see: oh okay, so that’s that’s how it works. So I’ve been using it very you know conveniently from my appointment and then you can also turn it off, so it just takes a little bit time. Okay, so it’s just turn it off. Okay, so in excluding this anymore start come into this way, you can also open the door. I would just take a few minutes, see it’s just uh, not the door for me, and I can lock the door again. It takes a few minutes, so it’s it’s locked now and off, and you can also open the window. It will take a few minutes, not minutes a few seconds, so it’s cold winter now.

But you know if it’s like hot summer, I guess you can leave it. Often so you know how air can get out. I guess I just asked you to go to windows again and here you can also turn on the hazard from the app. So I guess you know if you want to find your car and a parking lot or something like that, and also you can ask it to horn and hazard and it’s gon na, so I just kind of sold it so that’s that’s, all the things that you Can do with the remote plus, including me more start, okay, so, okay, so thank you. Can I see it right so that’s all the things so alright and there’s a little bit more features. You can also change your password here and do some settings, but that’s a mostly you control it on this on this control. Okay, so why don’t, we just say hi to you guys, and we also have a few more features inside so let’s get inside the car. It’S really freezing here Wow. So let me just say hello to you guys. If you do have any questions. Let me know the comments section. Us is second guys, so any questions guys, oh my pens, are frozen, hold on guys, okay, where’s the comments. All that you guys don’t have any questions about it. Yes, no comments. Okay, so if you do have any questions, let us know I’ll live it here, as you can see whatever I’m moving on yeah.

You know the destination is already sent here, so I can just set it as a destination. Then you know I don’t have to type in. It will just give me a route there, so that’s, actually very nice, and also, if I don’t have, if I don’t have a you know. What do you call it? The blue link? This does not show up, because this, actually, yes, they need to have an internet feed, will actually have a you know, weather forecast and stuff like that too, and one nice thing is that when you do put your destinations, you’ll actually have you know, weather and temperature For the departing place and your destination so that’s something interesting, and you also have a blue link here and that’s where you going to and set up your blue link and we also have a sent to car. Those are all the destinations that are sent through from my phone, so you don’t have to actually type it in yourself and location sharing. You can actually share your car location to your friends. I don’t know why you mean that, so you can enter phone number and message it to your friend or family members and we also have a weather which shows you like weather and also sports. I don’t know why they like to put it to you, but they give you sports scores here, so basketball and volleyball, so Korean hair lost against a woody card. So you guys probably not sure about Korean companies here, but vehicle diagnosis.

When you press it, it will actually go through the car and and gladly no problem with my car so consider this actually requires a few more. I guess a subscription fee. When you get this car, I think I don’t have to pay when it’s new. I think I had to pay when it’s like over five years. So if you don’t have any questions, do you have any questions? Let me know if, if my I think it might be, my film you have any questions. Oh see you guys are here something wrong with my phone. I just could not read your comments, but let me just say hi. I got my laptop here, hello, guys Genesis. You know we talked about Genesis, GV 80 yesterday and you know we haven’t heard anything back yet, but I think we’re hearing they’re going to relist it on January, but you know not officially Genesis saying it, but you know: Korean journalists are a crazy. You know searching for the date, but I think it’s gon na be somewhere. You know some generally start saying you know January 15th, but I’m. Guessing you know, maybe second or third week will be fine. Hello, first name, hello, Phillip yeah. It is cold here, but it’s. Okay, now John, this does not have a summon feature. My palisade doesn’t even have a park assist feature this non italian k5 Optima. Has it just? Has a remor start? Okay, how do you make head lice tingling? I don’t know Eddie.

I don’t know how to make it tingling, uh, so yeah. I just wanted to quickly show it to you guys. So if you have a Hyundai cars, I think blue link is a very convenient system like a if you live in apartments or you know, if you’re working in your office – and you know these remote controls – do not go for so far away right spots using their Phone it works with the 3G or 4G, so it will work as long as you are about three kilometres around your cost. So this I found this call system very nice, so I just wanted to share it to you guys. So if you have a Hyundai car, you have a blue link. If you have a Kia car, you have UVO. So you know I never had a chance to use you, but you know it works very fine, so I just wanted to say hi and what else I think you guys have a new sonata in the US. No, but Genesis g90. I think you should be getting it very soon, because you know I’ve been hearing that you guys should be getting it around this December Zehra. Well, I personally like this Pella state better than the Azera. I think Lazzara in terms of luxurious. I think Zahra is you, know more luxury than this guy palisade, but Pella said, is a lot roomier. So I mean I have a lot of two kids and I like to go camping and stuff like that.

So I just I personally, I like big cars, so this is better for me, but if you like sedans – and you know more luxurious, you know if you don’t need lots of space, then grander words. That should be very nice too, and you know I’m, not sure. If they have decided to export it to us yet, but hopefully they do hello, Eddie watch dash. Cam. Are you using that? Oh, this dash cam it’s a think where it’s a buy I don’t know which company it is. I think it’s a. I know V it’s a Korean brand. You know I got it as a present. I went about the first car. So so, can you teach my brother how to use his with me? His name is Derek. Can you teach my brother how to use his? Are you talking about blue link, Eddie it’s very same? Oh, he has a palisade uh it’s, just uh. You know you just I’ll leave a link in the description how to subscribe. But when you get it get the app you know it’s a very simple you. This is how you check your car. This is how you’re doing oh, no password. Okay, I just give it order to turn off the car because currently it’s on it takes a few minutes a few seconds. Well, maybe you wouldn’t do it because I’m in the car? Okay, but Eddie uh, you know if you see our live streaming, it shows kind of how to use it.

Thank You, g50, on they added recording feature to their oh yeah, new cars, John new cars like a sonata and cadenzas. They all have that two channel system. So I think, but my car doesn’t have it so it’s kind of sucks. They put out a few features out of the palace a because we don’t have the dash cam recording we don’t have Park, Assist and we don’t have a full digital gauge cluster either. So I think they’re gon na release 2020 palaces here with all that feature, so little sucks, huh. So ionic we did a review on Iona car already, so I’ll leave a link for you guys, so those Palliser has a camera in the middle of the car inside that you can monitor on the screen. No, I don’t think it’s got any screens in the metal, but you had this talking mirror so that you can see what your keys are doing back there. So it’s got no cameras there. So so, if you do have any more questions you know, let me know through the comment section, if not, I think we’ll be back with the Azera next Monday. We’Re gon na have a zero, so we’re gon na film that daytime review and also a nighttime review, but unfortunately it’s very busy here with the Korean journalists. So I think I have to do everything in one day, so that’s gon na be very hectic, but surely whoa we’ll get it done, so you can see also daytime driving at night time drive car is open, not a lot to be more store.

Do not work. Had it all really sorry Ramsay, I hope you guys can get a fix. Your truck has three headlights and he says yes area that’s, something let me just stop ahead and possibly let me just show it to you the headlamp, and do you give you a little outro? Yes, Eddie our system has a triple the one on. The bottom is for the high beam and two is for the regular headline. I don’t know why they did it. You know, Hyundai, you know senior designer said they want to give something special for the Korean brand. So you guys have to, but we have three and we also have a this little thing in the DRL. This is because of the law here, because we need to have a DRL that’s almost connecting so you guys don’t have this either so that’s the difference. Setting. Okay, so that’s about my palisade I’ve been driving about 2000 kilometers with this car and hopefully I’ll do a night drive pretty soon, because you know it’s end of the year and beginning of the year. You know automakers are they’re busy too, so you know. I’Ll also show you how this car is so it’s been. I love this car. If you want, you know: quiet luxurious, roomy car. This is as big as corner bar all the Sedona, so I really love it. I my children, Roberts and my wife: is everybody loves it so? Okay? So if you don’t have any more questions, I think we should end this, how to use blue link with my pal estate.

So, thank you guys so much for tuning and if I don’t get to see you have a Merry Merry Christmas and a happy new.