Are you ready? I’M ready? It is time for the level 4. The durability test, the big black ramp attempt number one: Music, foreign Music, hey what’s up guys i’m joe and i’m, amber with the rc kiwis on this channel with everything from bashing crawl links, big runs, unbox reviews and much more so if you’re new here consider subscribing That way, you won’t miss out on any of our future rc adventures and in today’s adventure we’re, taking out the wl wltoys 104001 out for its four stages of durability, testing level, one if it breaks here, it’s, not even hobby grade level. Two, a big step up from level one we’ve had many rc’s fail on this jump level. Three, although you don’t get as much air speed and front flip attempts lead to some bad crashes, Music level, four, the ultimate big black ramp. This is where we send the rcs to the moon. You better we’re gon na be hitting that black ramp. I promise you even if the car is broken, stick around to the end, because we are going to be sharing some of the spare parts that we recommend to pick up with this rc we’re, going to leave a link in the description box down below where you Can pick up this rc, along with the discount code, to save a little bit of money for those spare parts anyway, that’s enough talking let’s head to mx club in hong kong, we are back out here again at mx club here in hong kong, with the all New wl toys: one zero, four: zero zero one we’re about to take this thing for its durability test.

There is yet to be a proper durability test on youtube. This is going to be the first one and it’s going to be a lot of fun and over here you probably think what’s that beautiful looking case joe. What is that nice? Looking middle high quality looking case? Well, we actually got this sent out so it’s for free i’m, going to put a link in the description where you can get this case if you’re interested, but they have many different options for all you different remote controllers and this one here we’ve got the foam For the flysky mobile mb4, when you make your order, you can tell the remote you have and then you’ll get the correct phone for that remote that’s. Really nice keeps that remote, nice and safe, and here we have it we’re, going to be running this rc today. On a three cell lipo 2, 200 milliamp – this is a 40 to 50 c discharge. Of course, our buggy has been upgraded under the hood. You can see. We’Ve got a 13.5 turn two pole brushless motor and accompanying that we’ve got a 120 amp quick run hobby wing, esc, mb4 receiver, transmitter combo got a 28 tooth pinion matching up with the 72 spur gear. Now the pitch, it seems to be 0.6. This is 0.6 and it fits in there just perfectly fine. I did put in some grease in the diffs front and rear. They were completely dry and i did tune up the shocks a little bit more, but they still are a little bit springy, especially the rear ones.

This the springs might be a bit too stiff running a sevox uh 1258 tg servo with a metal servo horn. Now we’re going to be using this buggy at tracks and mostly carpet tracks 110 scale, but there are a lot of you guys that want to know how durable is this buggy, and so i mean come on very end if it’s still alive, it will be hitting That big black ramp at full speed got our outcast, 80s and ax max those in separate videos. So if you haven’t seen them already or they’re not out yet hit that subscribe button, so you don’t miss them because they are going to be very cool videos. Trust me especially xbox we’ve got some epic drone shots on that x, max remote on first plug the battery in and turn the car on time for the rc kiwis durability, test level number one wltoys, one: zero: four: zero zero one let’s see what it’s got. Oh we’re gon na do a few jumps here, guys because level one’s pretty easy level. Two is gon na, be the real test. It’S gon na be the punch tool of this brushless sister much better than the brush. Much better don’t want to muck around too long. At level one so amber go ahead, give it a few jumps. Hopefully it doesn’t break. What are you doing? You’Re over the show might not be perfect. We just came from the x maxx, oh no, stop, stop stop and might have a stone stuck in there or something all right.

Let me give it a shake all right: it’s, all good, amber let’s, just move straight on to level two we’re now level number two of the durability test, and this level is certainly a big jump up from level number one, because you do get a lot of Air i’m, a little bit worried about my gear mesh i’m a little bit worried about stones getting in there, but i can’t be probably getting in there. I just want to jump but amber let’s. Just get inside Music got a better little bit of ears. So you know i mean we’ll, try when we get to the front foot front, flip level of durability, it’s, actually not too bad it’s going through the amber i’m gon na. Do one more jump and i’m gon na give you a go head level. Number! Two! Hey! Oh there we go there’s a bit of a crest there. He is he’s all good it’s a bit harder to locate this wee guy he’s easier. You can have a turn at level number two: are we ready for this biggest jump of the day biggest jump of the day? I reckon all right come on little guy. Oh there we have it the biggest jump of the day, that’s good let’s go. We want some crap too bad. We definitely want some crisps. We want to see how well it holds up on. Oh, no, the wheel, the camber link, oh we’ve, lost the we’ve lost the drive shaft, but as expected, this camber link just popped out.

That goes in easy enough, amber it just goes in there, it’ll be okay as long as we can find the drive shaft. Do you see? Oh, maybe just look like a twig amber, has a good eye for finding little things so wait what massive doll bone in that’s hilarious. So just so, you know for the criteria of passing a level it just basically needs to have no damage and if there’s minor damage, but the car is still drivable and the handling is not compromised, then it’s. We consider that a pass. So this is not damaged. This just pops back into place, so that is okay, so so far, let’s do no count level. Two we’re back do a couple more jumps amber all right. Just let me go level. Three we’ve had a x max out and i can’t stay there. So you saw earlier man those things i reckon this thing’s going to dominate on the big black jump. Music. Nice see that i want more amber okay and then we’ll get into level number three well nice. One, oh amber had a few good jumps here. I had a few good jumps. We had a few crashes, the car is still in one piece. There is no obvious damage that we can see and the car still runs, which means it is time for level number three well here we are level number three and another. Three we’ve got two jumps. We’Ve got one on this side and one on this side.

On this way, we get a bit more speed on this side. We go for a front. Flip let’s see how this thing’s got. Man i’m surprised it made level two let’s go. Are you going to attempt to front flip yeah? We go for it now, that’s what we want to see. That is exactly what we want to see still alive. Oh it’s, still alive with that the rear wheel. He you lost his drive shaft already. Oh we’ve bent it. Oh no we’ve bent the uh camber link, so we’re gon na see. If we can straighten that back out, there might be a fail for level three. It doesn’t mean we’re, not gon na try level. Four keep it in one piece: there right, there’s a fail for this level, so we’re going to keep going because it’s still working we’ve still got juice. There is no excuse, oh oh! No! What is that no way, but i had a zip tie. There is flopping about that is not good where’s, the blue tack. Oh no! Look at that we’re gon na go so we have a bent camber link, and this was bent a lot more. I bent it back as straight as i could now the problem here. The problem here is that it was on the second jump on level three average landing it was it wasn’t, even a landing, because the crash just faced it, but it bent right now. Yes, you could argue you bend it straight.

Joe, keep going you’re, absolutely right. There’S only so many times you can bend this house straight until the thing just snaps in half so this here it hasn’t stopped the car from working, but it has impacted its performance because now you’re going to have this increase or decrease the camber, whatever whatever you Want to call it and when this thing goes, the car is not going to be drivable anymore, so i think we’re going to have to say. Unfortunately, it has failed level 3, but it did pass level 2, which means this is level two certified on the is durability test, but hey, look, we can’t stop there. The car is still working and before i do any more jumps when i’ll do any more level. Three because we’re just gon na end its life we’re gon na send off this black ramp man and i mean yeah. My zip tie didn’t really hold very well because my my um esc’s bluffing, about receivers flopping about the fan is pushing up against something you can hear let’s just get into the black ramp. Are you ready? I’M ready? It is time for the level 4. The durability test, the big black ramp attempt number one Music: did it stop working here? We go, we got it off the black ramp and that’s. What matters? Oh there you have it it. Just couldn’t handle the big black ramp as soon as it hit it. It died you couldn’t, handle it man, so we’re going to go home now, we’re going to inspect it, see what other damage has been done and give it its official diagnosis, its official level for the kiwi, tough durability test.

Oh, we are back in our apartment. No we’re not we’re, actually in a hotel right now in new zealand doing a 14 day quarantine and i can’t wait to get out of here. Amber’S driving me crazy, it’s been about five days. I don’t know if i can handle no more days with her right here in this hotel room, but look after close inspection with this buggy, which is currently on a plane, hopefully on the way to new zealand uh. Not only did the camp links have a significant bend in them, but the dog bones also did have some minor bending, nothing serious. You could definitely keep driving it but, like i said in the video, if they’re canceling, it bent fairly easily eventually that thing’s gon na break after straightening out multiple times. So, after all things considered, we decided to give this a durability of level two which is actually still pretty good. That means, basically, you can get a way of doing some pretty big jumps. But as soon as you do some crashes, you can expect some things to bend and break. So we would suggest getting uh some dog, some red dog bones and some camber links to have spare in case you do have some bad crashes and bend them or break them. Oh and one thing the reason that car shut off when i hit that big black ramp, that was completely my fault, the soldering job and it came undone.

What would you know again and don’t forget guys we’re going to be leaving a link in the description box down below with a link to this buggy and if you haven’t seen our other videos on it, where we take it for a speed run at disneyland? And we take it to a racetrack, make sure you go ahead and you check those out if you enjoyed this video, give it a like, and if you didn’t, give it a like anyway and we’re going to be taking this buggy out to a carpet race check. Here in new zealand, so in order to not miss it make sure you go ahead and hit that subscribe button anyway, guys remember, go check out these kitties.