Now this is just a quick review on how it is to build, but its the ss. Its the kit with the 26 6 cc engine on it now ive had it four years. Um the kit to build was absolutely first class. It was so much fun very easy to build because everything everythings big its a large scale, so theres nothing fiddly about it. Now the add ons they didnt come with it like the the shock covers the uh air filter cover ive, got a crank case and rb innovations crank case, filter, uh, stop all the dust and dirt getting inside its got a killer bee switch on it in case It lose radio reception or the battery runs low on it. Now ive had zero problems with it at all stars. Second, pull the first ball just to get the fuel into the carburetor, and my only issue is its very loud with the sports exhaust. I mean it did come with a quiet cam to put on but thats part of the fun to me having a nice loud exhaust, but unfortunately you have to be out in an open area to run it because it does. It is really loud, itll piss. Anyone off thats local to you and the radio kit is uh. The absina um, not a problem with it range, is brilliant digital display on it telling you the the voltage its got all your um expos on it and adjustments, and that and not a problem this.

This is relatively cheap. I think its 60 pounds uh. I think this at the time was about 900 pounds. You have to get the uh your own spray paint and it comes with the stickers um. But apart from that, its absolutely brilliant and its a shame at the moment you cant get hold of them. Hpi have uh, well, some people say its discontinued, but i dont know whats going on with hpi. At the moment they have been bought out a couple of years ago, but weve covered and everything and production issues you cant get hold of them. Theyre, as rare as hens teeth, um ive ran this for since being built. Ive run this for approximately two hours um. I say its not its not been used much the the treads all relatively new on it. These tires that are on it. These are road tyres. These are generic road tires off ebay, with the wheels as well. The original hpi tyres ive got uh. I also have a brand new pair of pro line, bow ties still in the bag, not even used, and this is actually for sale. Like i say i, i dont run it too often so its just sat here, its a shelf queen the the rarest hens teeth. Now you can get the king motor ones and the roving ones like i say its got. Rover and shock covers, but its not a rover and its a genuine hpi um roving king motors theyre, a clone a copy uh cheaper, yes, cheaper for a reason, maybe um, but this is the genuine genuine one uh im guessing.

These will only go up in value now, um, because you just cant get hold of them, and this one, as you can see, look underneath its its theres, no scratches its its hardly been hardly been run. Its been well looked after its been a shelf queen, basically and if youve got any questions or comments drop a comment below ill get back to you within a couple of minutes. Um. If you would like to subscribe and like thatll help us out a lot theres a lot of different information on my channel metal, detecting fun days out funny videos and remote control, car stuff and soon drone videos and thats all to come in the next couple of Months and like i say this is for sale if anyones interested drop us a message and ill get back to you, but this has been an honest review of the hpi uh baja 5b ss in kit form and Music faultless cant fault it. I just hope they bring it back, because many more people will have fun with them. Thank you very much for watching and stay tuned for more videos.