This one is a budget basher um one i’ve gotten i bought and um i got. I want to show you two real quick that i got another one, the other day the one original one i had broke, so i bought myself another one. Was this one don’t mind the noises in the background just people behind the room over? I bought this decent little basher it’s a wltoys xks. I think it is. I forgot the numbers but it’s nice. It has a light bar up here. You know it runs on uh to a lion battery it’s a brushed motor, so it’s nice. So all right, let’s get this unboxing all right make sure this box is in the screen. This is taped up here. I don’t know why they do this there’s a way to ruin the box let’s see if i can just click here, drop that sit there. How are we looking all right, i’m gon na stand over here, so we can kind of just go over a little bit. This is that new quantum series they got coming out it’s from hpi. This is right. Over there it says it’s, hpi it’s got the tag on it to seal. Well, you know who makes the company or who makes this, but they got a whole series of vehicles. I’Ve been coming out with lately so um. I usually do my shopping on ebay, amazon walmart. This i found out in ebay, but the only one they had.

I was one of the triggy, but i couldn’t find the trucking anywhere. So i found this one and this one’s pretty decent. I like this one it’s, a monster truck um. If you see my selection, 90 percent of my collection monster trucks, so i’ll stick with this one. This is this. Is it has a 2.4 gigahertz radio gear? I don’t know what it’s a gear that’s, the usually the radio um the flux, brushless power, 3sl lipo, compatible pre, assembled chances and pre painted body shell and then i’ll read what it says up here. This is a 110 scale. Four wheel drive water resistant, pre painted body, shell ready to run brushless power off road and it has the radio included, and it basically shows all the electronics and stuff like that. So let’s just we’re here and apologize again for any noises. It was just my sister and her boyfriend who fell off so let’s, get this unboxing and go through here. There we go on that side. The box is pretty decent it’s, not like red cat boxes, red cannon armor. They all go through putting the lamination on the boxes basically, and there it is that’s nice. I like that everything is well packaged in here and organized which it’s the way i like it so uh this stuff out Music, that out of the way get rid of this crisscross it there grab my chair and get off this cardboard and we will review it.

It’S kind of zip tied down, so i got these handy dandy scissors one and two wow. I like the stance on that there’s, a slow comeback on it, it’s all right i’m, not too fussy about this stuff, a lot of them out there. Fussy about it sounds like a good mesh. I’Ll go through that minute. Let’S go for some of this. I have a scissors. I could open this, but why i got this okay. I thought it comes with enough way through him. He gave me this little lug wrench that’s nice for plastic that’s, pretty thick for the bolts on there. Let’S see we’ll even get a sticker sheet. Well, they’ll obviously put you know on there, but there’s only two more left on it, no biggie so i’m gon na put on the toolbox or something quick start guide, basically tell what you’re gon na need remote, basically how to operate it, there’s no blown up parts Or whatever or explosions, just basically how to operate it, which all my cars tell you the same darn thing this here, the heat sink you put over the motor, which most likely going to do once i get running antenna tube and here’s. The remote let’s see like nice size room my hand, will rid up inside some of the bigger public hands could probably operate this usually the only time i use one hand is usually my crawlers. Those are usually good for one handed control so take this off and your switch is up here.

I read the manual, i know it’s. These are like steering knobs, then you got epa control, button button and your rear switches up here and i think there’s a light there like no sign and the power button is back here. Batteries going there. Yes, i keep my batteries in a cup which reminds me i most likely have to get here’s that more. I usually get my batteries from like harbor freight, because you get five bucks for a 24 pack of batteries. You really can’t go wrong, no problem with that. One let’s get in this bad boy. I like that shell, not as thick as something but it’s i’m gon na hold up to some bashing. I might have to end up lining it other than that that’s pretty good, so there’s, everything inside there’s, a motor esc fan, steering servo and here is where your um computer is the receiver. The receiver for the remote i’m. Sorry um these, which is awesome to see because all knives and my batteries are deans um. But if that’s what’s nice once this sits right into a bucket or a battery holder, it has the honeycomb kind of design in it so kind of like durable. It should be durable, uh metal, shot, metal cap, shocks, plastic bodies and they’re pretty good size shocks too. So bumper, a wheelie bar it’s adjustable, i don’t think it’s adjustable uh. No, it comes up. Then i hit it and really do the wheeling on the 3s, because you could do 2 and 3s batteries on this, so that’s.

Basically, what i bought it because you can do whatever with it. You can use whatever that’s the servo saver i’ll tighten these up. Put this on it, maybe i might take it for a quick run later, but that is the quantum flux i saw these advertised around christmas time and usually they have a brushed version of these too, and they run about 160 to 180.. This was about 240. 240 and change um. So then, what you see there? Basically, what you see basically came in the package: um there’s, the quantum fox monster truck there’s, the xt, which is the extreme troggy um, but i got the monster truck, try it out and when them chuggy comes up on the market. I’Ll probably get that too. But there’s also a gray one that has the red rims in it that really caught my eye too. So whenever that one becomes available – and i have the cash right i’m going to get it and then i’ll do the unboxing of that one. But i hope you enjoyed the unboxing um. I have one more coming um that one is a little a little bit smaller on this but yeah. I got a good deal on it so, but um hit you up in the next one like comment subscribe, i hope you like this one, i hope there’s more on the way you all stay, happy healthy out.