Today we are outside because i have a box that’s too big to fit on the workbench it’s the hpi racing e10 drift. I heard this car has some bad ratings because it’s all plastic parts you meant to upgrade and upgrade parts cost a lot, but knowing me and i’m not that rough with my rc cars nothing’s really gon na break on the box. It says it has wishbone suspension. Nickel metal battery with four double a batteries included: four double laser for the remote and shaft drive it’s a four wheel: drive car and it’s ready to run electric 4 wheel, drive 2.4 gigahertz and parts already come pre installed in the car. Now it says waterproof, but if it’s like, if the ground is wet, it can get a little wet but don’t like submerge it in water, but you should know that already let’s get into unboxing it Music. Now everything that comes in the box, we have a charger for the nickel metal battery the car. Now i just found this out in the box. There it’s just owner’s manual it’s, underneath where the car is make sure to not throw that away. This is the nickel metal battery let’s. Just take it out. The box see what it looks like. We have some little parts, four double a batteries for the radio and then the radio itself, Music. Taking a closer look at the controller proportional throttle proportional steering your servo endpoint adjustments, you always want to make sure those are set properly power switch.

Your antenna looks like i can put my traxxas phone mount on there. I honestly don’t know what these are. This is to switch to channels i’d i’ll find out what those are later, but it has a really nice feel to it. The steering wheel feels nice thought it feels nice. You put the four double a batteries that it gave you right there in the bottom. On the controller i found out what two of the buttons do. I don’t know what this does or this yet uh. These are your servo endpoint adjustments. This is your channel. This is your steering trim, and this is like a cruise control. If you turn it this way, the car will move by itself or, however far you set it now for the charger Applause. It comes like this because it has different attachments for it, which is really cool, because you don’t have to wait to buy more attachments on amazon or something so that’s, really nice. Now for the car you have body poor body, clips Music, the body on this looks really nice really cool seemed really sturdy for the way i’ll be using it now for the car itself. This car is actually set up differently. The motor is actually in the front. Instead of in the back because most rsd cars, like my other tracks, teton the motor is in the back, but this is a drift car, so they made it a little different. It’S four wheel drive looks like it has somewhat locked discs like toy grade suspension, but i won’t need to be chasing that anytime, soon esc our receiver and then the servo is right there and there’s.

This long connection. That goes to the front which i’ve never seen before now, let’s put the battery in you’ll, be taking off these two clips and then you’ll take off this. The battery goes in there and you plug it in the tires are more like plastic, with a little bit of rubber in it, but that’s perfectly fine for drifting. You don’t need much grip to drift. It’S got really low clearance, which is also good for drifting. Foam. Bumpers, so they don’t get deformed, but they could break sometimes but they’re cheap to fix got this little thing in the back now i’m gon na go charge up the battery and see how this thing works so to plug the battery up, you get your plug. You get the adapter, you need and you slide it right in make sure it won’t come out, and if you need to change it, you press this little button and it’ll slide right back out now to charge the battery you need to plug this end into the Wall and then you need to plug this end into the battery and you’ll need to make sure both sides line up you plug it in make sure it snaps locks and then, when the light turns off, that means it’s done and then battery will take about six Hours to charge now to power up the car you’ll need to take off these two clips from these two pegs and then remove it.

And then you put the battery in right there and before you do anything else always make sure to turn the remote on. So now you want to plug that into there and then put this thing back on, make sure the wire isn’t caught in there and then put the pins back on now after you do all that. You want to go ahead and turn the switch on right here and then try the throttle make sure it works. It seems like it does so now. What we’re gon na do we’re gon na go outside put the body on it and give it a test run. So we are now outside and we’re gon na test. This thing first i’m gon na do a speed run and then i’m gon na drift it around a little bit i’m, not that great at dressing, but we’re gon na see what it can do so now, we’re at the top of the driveway and i’m gon na Go down here full throttle test out how fast it goes. Applause, Applause! Oh! So, as you can tell, this thing is really fast. Now we’re gon na see how well it drifts and again i’m, not the best drifter, but let’s, see what i can do. So, as you can tell, this thing is really fun: it’s really fun to drift. You kind of just know what to do once you get the controller, but after some practice, you’ll probably get a lot better at it.

So guys. I hope you enjoyed my review on this car. I think this thing is really fast, really fun drift around wherever you want skate park, sidewalk driveway just make sure it doesn’t get run over by cars and stuff. I would really recommend this for someone who wants to drive it just on the pavement and road you can’t drive it in grass or rocks because it’s. Obviously, a drift car and drift cars can’t go in that stuff and the price is also not too much over. The budget, the link is in the description if you want to go check it out for yourself, that’ll, be it for today’s review if you enjoyed make sure to hit the like button and if you’re, considering about subscribing check out some of my other videos, if it’s Something you like then, maybe hit the subscribe button.