The list of in the 10 is the armored Mojave Desert razor truck for 630 arma is the most exciting RC company today delivering innovative products that are durable and are reasonably priced. This one is a seven scale model that is 6s lipo, capable full metal gears. So it can propel the machine up to 60 miles an hour Music. Next on the list is the just released red cap gen8 exhibition for 500. This machine makes the list not because it’s an amazing vehicle it’s the same red cap that’s been around for a year, which is okay, but what is really remarkable is this fact that they put the motor electronics in a field where companies give art be our vehicles, Throw away components that are clearly incapable they put on a brushless motor from Hobby, Ling, Elektronika. Then they couple that, with a 400 pound servo from reefs and a really good radio from fly sky for the GP five Music. Next up is the little brother of the Xbox pull the Traxxas max for five hundred thirty dollars. This machine is ten pounds with a brushless motor that can propel it to over 60 milja na sat. It is waterproof with GP, Max aluminum shocks and the heaviest duty materials that would learn from the big brother, the xmax, so rest assured it can take a beating Music Music next up on the list at number. Seven is the kills. Your phaser mark 2 Za 230.

Most striking part of these vehicles are the bodies, there’s scale, American style, muscle, cars that look so realistic and then what we eatops it off is their road cars, but they can take on any terrain a little bit of grass a little bit of gravel a Little bit of wood, it can handle it Music if you’ve ever touched that Kyosho premium car. You realize that it’s built with precise components with the best materials and this one has a powerful 550 veličina. motor 14 turned to get that high speed and you get torque to have some fun and do some drifting next up at number. Six is a low C super rock play for 800. It is an impressive 16 scale size, the Pinkel 55 plus miles an hour. It is powered by an HS lipo battery, and it is four wheel. Drive supports, led, has a 750 kV, brushless motor viewing 160 amps from the brushless esc and it’s got that active radio. The DX 2 e could help control all this power Music. Sljedeći, up to bat in the halfway point of our list in number, five is the armored infraction for 600, really priced well below what it’s worth and what the competition offers. 600 gets. You an 80 mile per hour car, it sports one of the best bodies available. To je., a truck it’s, a racer it’s, a drifter it’s, a little bit of everything, it’s got four wheel, pogon, traction and it’s that amazing geometry that allows it to drift and be controlled easily.

You better have the C rating for this machine. This is an 80 milja. An hour car that will propel this vehicle all 11 pounds of it and at number four is the element RC endorsed and arrow for 350. For the RTR kit, it is the next evolution of the lightweight upgradable crawler, like the scx10 2, but fully modernized with all the materials and design available. We found that has the best shocks, one of the best ride trains with a 12 overdrive for great climbing performance and really a light and capable body with very nice wheels. Nice tires and a five slot motor that will crawl with control and precision it’s a nice RTR, because you can upgrade it to your heart’s content and be rest assured. All your mods are going to a good cause: Glazba, Glazba, and now we shift gears a little bit number three on the podium is the axial scx10, t44, 120 and now at number. Two. The runner up is the Praxis dr x64, 600. Initially, we discounted it as a novelty with six wheel, drive six wheels kind of nice desert desert truck, but once we got it, we were blown away with its performance. It is a fun truck first of all for trailing and bashing around, but where it really shines is it’s crawling a belfie. The third axle gives it an amazing ability to not get hung up and during crimes it doesn’t tip over. You know as soon as you hit expected also on the scent there you controllable.

All you need to do with this. Rtr is play with it. Lock the diffs get on second gear, and if you really want the best vehicle this year, just upgrade that servo to a powerful one and put a brushless motor on this. This will go 30 milja na sat. Do some jumps and call the steepest steeps Music and finally, the top spot is the arm of Creighton. With the introduction of the 8’s version for 900 900, you say isn’t that outrageous. Pa, if you know fit scale, to su 25 pound beasts that can go ridiculous speeds and they normally cost 2000 za 3000 Dolara. So Armagh is giving you quite a bargain here and another great feature or option is there’s a 6s version for 550 and a forest version for 400. So this machine is very reachable, so on the 8’s version, all you really need is the lamb, the real estate, the rocks that will challenge this vehicle. If you’ve ever seen a pip scale run, it is really a heart pounding experience. These are very, very high, powered electric motors that will send these vehicles up in the air, unbelievable Heights and incredible speeds. We hope you enjoyed our list for 2019, we show you the little vehicles, the medium vehicles and the big monsters.