This is one six, Osam, eight nine and when i bought this it’s actually under this brand on ebay, it’s called lintx or lynx text. žalostan, let me pronounce it correctly: lynx tech, 16889A, 116 Skala, and i got this for 65. Why is it at this price number? One is not under hbx, not high boxing or drc, actually before christmas, starting from maybe november into the black friday area, all the way to the beginning of february. These things were really expensive. Let me go through my phone and see if i could find the pricing of it real, brz. I noticed a lot of these rc cars, especially like the chinese brand ones, on amazon or ebay. Normally in america, during black friday or christmas, you get huge sales on brands right, but that’s the opposite for these guys. Their prices on these tends to go up and to show you what i meant look at the price on these 142 I 114. They are insane. So basically i didn’t buy it earlier. I just waited and waited and waited and waited and waited until i saw a good deal and once i saw the good deal i jumped on it for 65. Ovo je verzija bez četkica, normally at banggood. Za to, as over a hundred dollars even for the brush run, is like 80 Dolara, so i’m really happy to find this deal like the biggest clue. When you look at these a lot of these branding, they always have different names, one six, Šest.

Ja sam.. žalostan, Jedan! Šest: eight eight nine. When you look at these numbers, they match. Look at the pictures. Look at everything make sure they match most likely, it’s the same vehicle, probably from the same factory, so let’s go through the box, real quick before you open it. Two for four gigahertz: these are optional upgrades that you can get and here’s the specs 270 millimeter length with this 215 visina 130 wheelbase 175 kotač, diameter 78 width of the wheels 41 and there’s the gear ratio on this side. Pretty much it tells you. It comes with full bar bearings, it does not come with oil filled shocks. These are just regular. Dampers electronics are splash, nepromočiv, meaning not totally waterproof splash water resistance, because waterproof people think hey man. I can submerge this thing. Nope here’s, a paragraph of general information introduction. We’Ll read it later on the back general safety, information, operation, precaution. I urge everybody to read these before they even play with these, especially when you’re dealing with lipos or lithium ion. U tom slučaju, lithium ion is still volatile. A lot of people mistaken that lithium ion is safer than lipo; zapravo, it can’t be as bad and the car is made for 14 and up some good information in the manual pretty detailed. I love cars that comes with detailed manual. They teach you how to charge. The battery there’s, a headlight installation, there’s a parts list and we’ve got the decals some information on esc and receiver, which looks to be a combo it’s, a pretty good.

Looking rig, really bouncy oil fill shocks, To je, possibly a very good upgrade. Not possibly, it will be a good upgrade, so these are the lights that comes with it and has a willy bar sweet charger extra body clips that’s, actually really nice of them to include these well in the manual it doesn’t say, it’s made by high boxing or Hbx so right now i can’t really confirm it, but based off of everything the looks of it, the boxing it’s very similar. So i could be wrong. Ja sam.. Just gon na take a guess right here that is made by them. Let’S check out the transmitter pretty good, feel to it. No full amount of steering steering trim do a rate you could adjust the speed. This is a dial knob, so it’s gon na be linear, has a binding button overall for the price i say not too bad at all. I got a little touch of orange right here. I do prefer to be solid black, but i do understand why they put this here because to match these colors sorry, my dog is drinking water right now, so let’s make a little noise. This is the on off switch. You just press right here, što je prilično cool. I like that so you’d have to dig inside, sometimes comes in really handy there’s, a protective film you got ta, remove and then put some decals on here, there’s a front bumper with the hose for the lights.

The chassis is slightly raised right here. Considering this is a monster. Truck gives us some good ground clearance. Screws are phillips plastic here, chef is steel, the front is actually plastic, Ok, let’s open it up and take a look inside. It looks pretty cool. The build quality is really good. Clear mesh is good. Transmission feels really smooth. Servo feels good. Također, we got the leading iron battery right here with dean’s connector i’m gon na try to put lipo in here i’m, not sure what this is cut off. Yet we have to make sure of that, because i think the cutoff for lithium ion is slightly lower than cut off for lipo battery, tako da sam, not sure what this esc is set to. So when i put the light bulb in here, i’m gon na use a alarm meter and set it to about 3.0 and see where is it at and make sure that it doesn’t dip below the voltage because it will damage the light bulb. So we are looking at a 2535 brushless motor with 3 900 Kv. žalostan, my dog is walking around and i can’t stop her and you know she’s old. I don’t want to force her to sit down just let her exercise a little bit. The esc receiver is a combo three wire servo, which is a huge plus let’s, take the battery out and see the specs on it real, quick Music, 1500 miliamp sat. The center shaft is still, Ja ne, see a slipper clutch.

The bumper has this little rounding here that supports it. The plastic quality feels pretty good. They do not feel cheap for sure. I have a feeling that this thing can take a pretty good beating. I have seen some videos of it and it looks to perform really well and i want to say it. Another thing is that redcat has a 16 scale monster truck it’s called a volcano. Looking at the picture, it looks really similar to this and that’s. Another reason why i bought this because a lot of times with these amazon cards, they’re kind of like one off or part supports a little bit more difficult and they keep changing different names. So you really have to do your research and find out what car it is in the future, and then there are some that just went off. They just make it next year. They just totally redesigned it and they don’t even support anywhere so that’s. Zašto? I want to make sure that i’m getting something that’s still supported with hobby grade rc it’s, very important to know that you can get parts and support it at least for two years, which is how big manufacturers do it nowadays. But there are other brands that keep it longer, which i prefer, because at the end of the day, money is not easy to come by and i like to invest in something that has longevity and look at the red cat. If it’s, in fact very similar and parts are interchangeable, To je, a huge plus because redcat a company like them will be able to bring more parts supplies and supports into the usa, so it’ll be a lot easier, dakle, to je.

Why buying this thing for 65 is a huge, ogroman, huge deal and i’m really happy with it, but i won’t be doing a running video, yet today’s, just unboxing video i’m not going to be running it, yet i will take it out in the future. I do want to grow out all these other videos and unbox them first before i start doing other ones. Let me just put the body back on real, quick and show you something else, because this is a 116 Skala. I want to put it next to something something more familiar, so you guys know the size difference. Let me go get it real, brz. I got a 118 Skala. My tracks short course truck. Just put it right next to it to let you see the shortcut trucks. Does seems like a little bit longer than their teton, which i’m going to open it in a bit i’m gon na. Take this away and show you another 116 scale rc. What we got is ultra popular traxxas mini e revo. The traxxas does look bigger. Također. Has a longer wheelbase let’s check the width, stvaran, brz, Dobro, you can see that i’m gon na pop it open. O, čovječe, it’s filthy. I didn’t get a chance to clean it. Yet let me put this on top, so it does look a little bit smaller, but not by a whole lot. The viewer has a bigger motor and, Naravno, better electronics and it’s a lot more expensive.

This thing is about what 250 right now the street price compared to 65. I mean the street price on. This goes around 60, something to about 100 anything over 100. I would really wait for it to drop back down because when you go over 100 there’s other options and that’s just my two cents, guys just my two cents, you don’t have to agree with me but anyways. I guess i’m done here. Stay tuned in the future. I’Ll do some running video of this and possibly compare them and even with the tracks until next time.

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