, this is a four wheel: pogon um 1 12 Skala, rc car with oil filled shocks, Metal, differential gear and professional, powerful motor, Ok, so here’s what it comes with you get your owner’s manual. You get uh here’s your your scoop. It comes with some of those little clips right there um it comes with two lipo batteries there’s one inside, and this is a 1700 milliamp battery, so we should get some pretty decent runtime on that comes with two of those here’s, the charger but i’m going to Use a proper lipo battery charger and get your tools in there and then only only comes with one charging: cable, that’s kind of weird, but anyways um here’s your controller here’s. There you got, you got some trim buttons in there here’s your trims in there there’s your steering rates, your steering, trim and then you’re off and on so the story behind this car is. I was searching on amazon for um, obviously more competition to go against. Mrs rc, with her carsand i stumble across this deal right hereit’s got the word pioneer on the side four wheel drive. Ovo bi trebalo biti., i believe it was on the advertisement. They claim that this goes 45 kilometers an hour like 28 mile or had like 28 miles an hour um. I doubt that, but we’re gon na see we’re gon na test. It out see how fast it goes and we’ll we have a bunch of other cars we’ll test it again to see which one’s, faster and whatnot and the shocks are pretty decent on it.

Let’S see what it looks like underneath what it looks like underneath you got that plate there, that it was talking about so anyways. The story behind this is, it was uh originally 87, Vjerujem da, 87 Ili 89, and then there was a 20 discount coupon. So i snagged itand you can find this right on amazon, so let’s charge up the batteries and take it for a test spin, u redu dečki. So this is the newest rc car. It is by holy holy 10. ja ću., put the the whole entire name in the video we’re gon na do some speed runs and then we’re gon na race against mrs rc, see how how fast this is. Who’S faster, let’s tear it up. O da, haha, Lijepo. Now this claims to go like 28 milja na sat, and i i don’t know about that, but it does haul but i’d say about 12 Ili 15. um (1998. There is a throttle trim. I have that turned all the way up. Um let’s see oh yeah. Look at that it’s, not too bad let’s, see if we can’t get mrs rc in here. How we’re gon na see who’s faster, i i’m, almost gon na, say mrs rc’s looks a little bit faster than mine. I i’m not sure if that’s, because the lipo battery or what all right let’s get these even no cheating allowed, whose do you think is faster guys. These are what we got. They both got lights on them, whose do you think is going to be faster, hey ready on on your mark.

Oh you can do it that way, so we can say that i’m cheating go ahead. Get set, go coming back together. Do a couple. More runs. Stop cheating on okay, you ready go ahead. Oh i think mine got you hon. What yeah baby look at that yeah! Try it again all right, Još jednom, one for the win! Who’S gon na be faster, hey mark! Where are you hon all right? Dobro? We ain’t got the ramp today guys because the ramp kind of fell apart, so i have to rebuild it so i’m gon na do some more speed, runs of this Applause: Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, Da, put that In the video now all right guys, that’s just over today, thanks for watching what is what is your opinion on this car mine so far is i’m liking it so far. I just need to run through with a couple more tests with it. Um who’s write down the comments. Who’S do, you think was faster mine or mrs rc’s, who do you think was the winner and uh. If you like to see don’t forget to hit that subscribe, button don’t forget to like it don’t forget to share it. Come check us out on facebook, instagram and twitter links will be in the description below if you need to get ahold of us. For any reason, we do have an email address and that will be in the description below and don’t.