So in today’s episode we are looking at the 9206e by deer drc it’s one tenth scale off road comes with the led headlights, says oil shocks, rugged, rugged, responsive for off road action, um the metal differential gear, bigger motor and it’s four wheel, drive let’s, see what’s Inside all, pravi dečki, so here is the car uh the description it did say it comes with a second body, so that’s cool. It comes with two 1700 ml amp batteries, 7.4 lipos that’s awesome here’s your instruction manual. All right here is your hood. Scoop here’s your bag of goodies. You got your typical usb charger, your tool, Um, extra nuts and bolts in there screwdriver and hey guys hereis your controller, your drop and on switch here’s, your uh steering rates, your throttle trim and your steering trim. Ok. So this right here adjusts your steering so that way, if you want your steering reverse, you can flip it like that. This right here is your throttle reversed. So if you want it reversed, you flip it like that and then takes three double a batteries, nije uključeno. Dobro, so i know how some of you guys like to see what the inside looks like here you go there’s where you plug your battery in there’s the motor check that out guys for cooling right there here’s, where you put your battery, comes with two. So you can swap out, for a second run, let’s see here’s your light wires right here, your servo for steering there’s your on and off switch right.

tamo. It looks nice, look at those shocks, there’s the rear, nice grippy tires. These tires are really nice. I can’t wait to test this out, so let’s charge batteries up and take it out for a test spin, u redu dečki. So today’s video, we have a new car to test out. Ovo je 9206 e by d e e r c, and it is a one tenth scale. Rc automobil. It looks exactly like the hollington rc car, which i’m gon na do a very thorough review between the two and do a comparison. Video coming out here. Pretty soon between the two cars, because i’ve been getting a lot of questions on youtube, asking which one’s better or which one’s faster or how do they compare and whatnot? So look for that in the future, because i will definitely do a really good comparison. Video on Music, Ovdje, Glazba, one’s, bigger Music, all i’m, going to do Music, see how fast it goes. Glazba, look really good Music see how fast it goes all right. Guys here is the app that i use let’s see it’s called speedometer and it seems to be working very well it’s, very accurate. It comes highly recommended. I downloaded on the android shout out to the fbv new tube channel, Da, Ja sam, using your straps for rc groundy. If you guys don’t know who they are, go check them out great channel, a great group of guys, the fpv droning community.

There let’s trap this phone here and just do a few speed runs and see what our max speed is. Glazba, that was cool here. We go Music and guys try some more Music Music, Ok, u redu dečki. Nadajmo se, you enjoyed that little bit of testing there now i’m going to go chase after it with the beta 85 pro 2, while mrs rc drives Music Applause, Glazba, tako glazba, tako glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, tako glazba, Dobro, Dečki, tu je. The review 9206 e by d e e r c, u redu dečki, what’d, you think, of the review um. That was some great fpv chase and i loved it. Mrs rc is still kicking my butt at it, but anyways. Ako želite, your scene, don’t forget to hit your hit, the subscribe button don’t forget to like it don’t forget to share, come check us out on facebook. Instagram twitter links will be in the description below if you need to get all of us. For any reason, we do have an email address, that’ll be in the description below and don’t forget, Dečki, just keep droning all right, Dečki, tu je, a review of the d e e r, r c car by d e e r c. That is the blah blah blah of the d e e r c, 9, 2, 0, 6 e by d, e e, r, c, Glazba.