Nitro Rc Car Restoration |Rccar (rccar)| #rcworldgarage

id oleh Terus ngapain kamu kirim kirim,, Glazba, memiliki, sejak, gadingmangu, itu memotong, Oji, broj, do, sarwiyono, aneh, pulsa dong, cepet engine Wenger stkj kitaco mayyitu maupun injit, injit, Chairul, Amri Dede, Indah E2000 goplek in the set Red Carpet files, pulsa pulsa bearing bearing bambu Hai menemui benua kelincian, mau pinjam, situ mau […]

RC Wi-Fi Drone : Our Drone Review

We did have one about a year ago and recently been cleaning out the shop and come across this drone totally forgot. We had it, we do have another one somewhere as well. Ive got to look for that, so lets have a quick look, so the drone in question is uh a radio control […]

Rc4wd Trail Finder 2 1/24 N30 motor swap and honest review

My honest opinion im not impressed. It has terrible steering and no power like uh watch. So if i put my finger right there and just hope, barely hold the wheel, youre gon na stop it Music and it has no drag break and the throttle is not really smooth and said. Without the the […]

The best brushed rc car for $100

Pa, go over that in just a second right now were putting on the spare tire it comes with, and she is trying to find a good screwdriver, because the one it came with is kind of junky Music. So get this one out right here! Pull that one out now im going to get […]

RC CAR wltoys 124017 v2 Reviews

The man was a fanboy. The reason i like wl toys is because they offer value for money and you can do quite a lot from them from bashing and beach running to absolute crazy speeds and i think the fastest wl toys is about 130 milja na sat. It might even be more in […]

RC Car Audi Q7 😍🥳 | 1/16 Skala | Racing Car | RC Car Unboxing and Review | Testiranje

You whisper to me theres, Ne, maybe theres only time for dreams, even greater, where i hear the call Music. If we keep our faith, if we keep our faith, sometimes im like a whisper in a riot is Music Music. Sometimes i can see Music Applause. Glazba, you told me: Glazba je glazba. Ako […]

5 below bb8 rc car review 😮

While i was driving, it got clogged clogged up in the wheels, but now it moves really fast, so re review on it Music see how a dog likes it its going to need a little bit of help, not very interested Music, so Music see what a siberian Husky thinks about it: Glazba, just […]

Legendary RC Car Reborn! Losi Mini JRX2 Buggy | RC vozač

You may be one of the best releases of 2022., its going to be really epic for those that have been in the hobby for a long time, and i think those that are newer to this hobby are going to really appreciate it as well. So why dont? I stop teasing you guys and […]

FMS Cheyenne 1/18 6×6 rc crawler tested and reviewed

It is a its obviously. A hard body they used to have an atlas, i think thats, how they launch their company. That one was a lexan. This is hard body. Uh seems really well built. It normally comes with a cage its in here i havent really messed with this. I just went out […]

Lucas Oil DR10 First Run & Pregled

Music were gon na check on the world, Music were gon na take on the world Music. There we go there, we go. This is the lucas oil edition of the dr 10.. Look at that beauty all right. Dakle, ovdje idemo. We get around the desk uh im sure if youre interested in […]

Drifting Made Easy! Kyosho Fazer Ford Mustang GT-R RC Car | RC vozač

Ive done some drifting in the past, but the technology has changed a lot and i im just totally hooked. Youre gon na see a lot more here on the channel, so make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell. If you want to see some more drifting now lets talk about […]

Team Associated B6.4 B6.4D build review

4 uh brand new two wheel drive electric 110 Skala, race kit from team associated. You know their latest and greatest uh so wanted to talk about the build and how it actually went. Uh heres my build as you can see: uh electronics rise, im running a sandbox 1267 sg servo, the block edition […]