RC Brbljanje #29 – Govorimo o najboljim božićnim darovima

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https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pU4LzZLzFk

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Element RC GateKeeper pregled – Je li to vaš KeyMaster? – Recenzija časopisa VRC

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RC Brbljanje #23 – Special Guest Brad GeckElement RC


This is the spot. I do a lot of work in the kitchen like you on the table, you get yelled at little screws on the floor, you step on them like legos, but today is a good day today, i'm building this new kit from element, the enduro gatekeeper builders kit. I already ruined […]

RC Brbljanje #22 – We talk about some new releases and more

In Derek’s KitchenBuilding and thoughtsTamiya TC-01 Formula E Gen 2 Auto

What are we doing in the kitchen? We'Re, not cooking anything today. What we're gon na do is build a kit, so we're gon na start a new series called in the kitchen with derek where we build the stuff on my kitchen table so welcome. I don't know where to look in the air […]