Welcome to you, ako ste, not guys, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button and make sure that you turn on notifications on your device and that will enable you to know when we’re uploading new videos to youtube. From our last video. Kao što sam rekao, what we’re going to be doing is bringing you all the affordable if it’d be deals clearance, whatever sales gone, two two for one. Whatever the case may be, we’ll bring those to you the start of the month, and then you can see all the deals and then from there on what we’ll do is like we’re doing with this lamborghini chin scenario: we’ll bring you the review, so we’ll get straight Into it, Dečki, kao što sam već rekao., if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button and make sure you turn on notifications on your mobile device or whatever device you’re using for that matter, guys another one it that helps grow the channel, and we really do appreciate it Is all your comments and likes um or, if there’s, something that you don’t like make sure you drop it in the comments below so leave those comments below so we’ll get into today’s product um? When we picked this up, it was actually from august. We got it for 30 pounds instead of 60, so it was a half price saving on that the deal isn’t on as we speak, but keep an eye out for it because it does come. It goes on and off um throughout the time that they’ve still got this on the website, so check it out.

It’S brought to you by gear gmask. We have reviewed a couple of their products for absolutely cool products, extremely detailed. Ovo je 1 12 Skala. The beauty of this one is just like the uh, the range rover, video and, if you haven’t checked that out, wait to the end of the video and you’ll be able to get a link to that video and watch that that was pretty cool. Very life. Like one tenth scale, also pretty cool car, so you won’t you’ll, have a rechargeable battery that they’ll give you a charge, lead usb charging you’ll be able to charge up that battery, so no need to waste on those double a batteries. You still will need. You still will require a couple of double a batteries for the hand controller, as you can see already from the box. If i show you that guys up close is extremely detailed, it says it’s running a 2.4 gigahertz pro system, so you will be able to run multiplayer, which will be fantastic. It says it has working headlights, let’s just say so: multiplayer range of 35 meters full function. Radio control, To je, officially licensed and it’s, got working suspension so that’s to give you a brief, uh understanding of what the model can do. This is one of my favorites for my little boy ellis. I love this especially being the chin scenario, as you can see from all the yellow accents on the car. I think it comes in a carbon fiber from what i can remember.

Umm, but it’s pretty cool let’s get straight into an unboxing right guys. Welcome back after that, quick unboxing, what you got in the box was the product itself, automobil. You got. The hang controller which, kao što sam rekao, Je 2.4 with a built in aerial which is flexible, što je dobro. It won’t break off. Pa, it shouldn’t break off best bit about this. Is the rechargeable battery pack, so no forking out for those double a batteries usb charge lead plug it into your imac. Your your desktop, your whatever you’ve got plug it in to get a full charge on the battery pack itself and obviously then you’ve got the instruction manual um, which will run you through the simple setup guide. It’S simple enough, so it’d be one nine volt battery in the back and, kao što sam rekao, fully charge the the battery pack itself and then we’ll be dropped into the bottom of the car, which will bring you a little bit later. So everything that you require other than nine volt battery is actually in the box itself. It’S a licensed product by lamborghini, so it’s extremely detailed um. As far as looking at the car itself, independent front suspension and a fixed axle, but still working suspension at the back. So if you push obviously as we’re looking at it, that’s your right right back wheel, if you push the right back wheel, the left will come up slightly, but it still does work and soft rubber tires to get over all those little little bits of debris that You take it when you take it outside.

If you look at underneath, it’s got a trim button. Očito, if the tap the wheels are pulling to the left, you’ll trim that to the right just to even out the rod and keep it in a straight line. Little safety screws on the bottom of the battery box, unscrew that these two tabs you’ll pull forwards, they’ll clip off and then you’ll drop in the rechargeable battery pack. As simple as that, when you go to turn the model on obviously always turn the hand controller. Na. First and then turn on the model underneath um man. All i can say about this is gear. Gmail’S do a proper job when it comes to the actual detailing um. It honestly looks stunning, with all the lamborghini badges everywhere, extremely detailed from the diffuser to the splitter. The front it looks, it really does look the part um. Definitely a brilliant birthday present for anybody, especially if you can wait and when it comes up in the sale again at 30 pounds rather than 60 To je. An awesome awesome buy, could even put it on the shelf. It looks that good. It honestly does look really really good. All the yellow accents everywhere. Just sets it off perfectly so guys. On that note charge up the the battery pack drop a 9 volt battery in the hand, controller and we’ll. Take it out and see see what she’s got right, guys fully charged battery, not sure about, Za, razmišljam o 45 minutes to an hour on a full charge, um but then recharge it again.

You might get some more run time out of the car, so that’s that done on this one: nine volt battery again what we’ll do safety screw at the back just undo that take that ride out there’s a small tab, kao što možete vidjeti, push the tab pull It up take the cover off, pull the ribbon to one side. Let’S get another let’s get a 9 volt battery out, pull the ribbon to one side. You’Ve got a positive and a negative make sure that they line up because i’m, not sure if you guys can see inside there’s a negative and a positive, positive, Negativna, positive being the smaller one and negative being the bigger one. So we’ll just have a look yep. So we’ll drop that in pull the ribbon over over so that we can get the battery out if we need to change it in the future, just push that battery tab or battery cover, i should say back down and then we’ll just tighten it up that’s it Just nip it up so that’s good to go so i’ll. Put that aside. As far as the model, kao što sam rekao, lovely looking, lamborghini chin scenario, absolutely stunning i’ve got the battery cover. Underneath anti clockwise i’ve got the smallest silliest little screwdriver. I should have gone for a slightly bigger one, but he’s doing the job anyway, so undo that two tabs at the bottom pull them down and then up that then pops the cover off there you’ve got obviously the mouth the male side of the plug.

Then what we’re gon na do is we’re just going to plug the two ends in let’s, find there’s a little notch as you can see, and that just needs to go let’s see if we can show you guys this. That literally needs to go and just clip over that, so what it is it’s like if i can even get it on with that, so all that does is it just clips over and it’s like a safety clip like it can’t. If you wanted to release it just push on the back and then it releases easy enough right, so we’ll just clip that on tell me a connection, so nice solid connection can probably because plenty of room in there absolutely plenty of room if you did want to And you didn’t want that rattling around maybe get some foam. You probably put some foam in there just to foam it out, so the battery wasn’t moving about you can literally lay that tamiya connection flat there’s a little bit of a gap which you could put a bit of foam in if you’re so pleased. Let’S put the cover back on clip that in place do up the safety screw that’s it snug right, Tako, as always with any rc product, be it cheap and affordable or high powered you’d, always turn on the hand. Controller first, on off button red led light, comes on put that down. Underneath you can see the on off switch let’s just have a quick look in the light yep so from off to on and that’s on, kao što možete vidjeti, it’s doing a binding process where the headlights are flashing and that’s, it she’s good to go.

Tako, just looking at that, kao što možete vidjeti, with the going forwards, the headlights are on let’s, see the reverse and, kao što možete vidjeti, it’s also got working tail lights as well, and the same functions like most of them would be left right and then reverse Left and right absolutely stunning, looking vehicle, kao što sam rekao, put it up on the put it up on the shelf. It looks pretty sweet. So what we’ll do take it out it’s a bit big for indoors, but it’s still go it’d, probably go over any any type of surface, be thick pile carpet, um (1998, obviously hard wooden floors in the house be perfect, but outside on hard, even i think paved. We. I think we’ve got some paved brick outside um and the tarmac would be absolutely perfect guys. So let’s get straight to it. Desno. Baby we’ve got that lamborghini centenario. What do you have to do? First right hand, controller on first, Onda, the car awesome. I wonder how she’s gon na go on this hard floor. Oh looks quick buddy i’ve got ta. Tell you let’s see those headlights. Yes looks rapid. What do you think it’s? Maybe cooking you reckon right, Hajde, take it outside and he’s smoking it smoking. I thought that was not away from me. How is it is it cool? How does it reverse now? Spin it around whip, it steering that’s it wow. Pogledaj ovo. I didn’t do that it’s good on there isn’t it super quickly, To je, pretty cool yeah.

I don’t think you should do it that often you might ruin it unless the splitter makes it go up.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeYbQe2SUK0