It is now finally done my uh proline body. I sprayed it and sticking it so it looks like um does fit well. The other problem is the shell is about two mil too short. I think you can just tell on this. This arch is just slightly over tiny bits, but with me, getting 2.8 wheels on i’ll be cutting this a little bit of this out anyway, so it will look completely, even so, unless it’s gon na be a shelf queen. I suppose it would slightly bother me, but because it’s not and it’s gon na get um modified slightly um. It will look fine, it does on the front. I can see it all fits um i’m, actually quite impressed with the the job i did. I was a bit nervous painting this one with it, such as being a big shell, and it did turn out a lot better than what i thought um. But let me show you uh how i modified the car itself. Nothing drastic, no cutting into anything um! So let’s remove these clips and the back clips and we’ll pop this shelf back a little bit. There we go so shelly’s off seems all sprayed and everything that’s all done. Really nice, like i say, very happy with that um. So all i did was you see these pulse? These are a couple of uh tommy, rtl tl, oh jedan, um track rod, ends or steering rods, um (1998, and what i did is the the original one which is like this.

I just unscrewed popped it off put these as they fit perfectly in there and then screwed them in tight and they are in they’re not coming out uh the front one i didn’t have to change whatsoever. The reason i did with this is the back one. You couldn’t adjust it down. I suppose i could buy a new one one of these uh and cut it down slightly, so it went down, but i didn’t see the part of ruining a perfectly good one. It was just easier to add a couple of these, so i can put the other one back at any time. I want put some dense foam on the top, because the back of the shell rests on. There gives it a little bit of comfort and that really is it’s not on the other mod key it’s, not a modification, but i removed the front bumper front bumper would fit here and on there and it wouldn’t, the the bumper would have been stuck out and It would have had to cut all into the shell, and i didn’t want to do that because um, the the pro line, Ljuska, the dodge ram shelli want to use that for um. You know dusty roads, Uh, big car parks, where i can do some drifting and some very some small jumps um. I don’t want to use that shelf for bashing. So this is why i’m not worried about removing the bumper i don’t plan on smashing it first into the floor or into curbs, but inside the shell.

Ionako, let me just grab the shell inside the shell. I put a piece of dense foam. If you see that right at the frontand this leans against these two, so if it does have a bit of a front impact, it will bounce onto these. As long as i will run into kerbs fast and walls uh, this shouldn’t break, but they’re all a cheap replacement. Um now, when i’m, going to go to skate parks want to start bashing and sending it then i’ll put the full front. Bumper back on and i’ll put this the center original shell on, like i say this, shell is only for did like say the dusty car parks and dusty car parks and uh some nice big drifting. I say i’m looking for something i’m getting some 2.8 duratex bandito wheels which are road tires uh the mt’s. It sounds like there’s, an mt, though so that’s mud, terrain and st is usually like street tire, but it’s uh, To je, čudan, but yeah i’m, getting some um. But yeah uh, please let me know what you think. I mean it’s up on the forum anyway um i am right, like i said rather i’m impressed with the how it turned out. It really did turn out well. Some of my stickers need readjusting that’s, not really a problem um but yeah. I really do like it. To je., a big good old mud flaps on the back, um plus even have no front bumper doesn’t make it hard to carry, because i usually carry these from the back anyway, but um yeah that’s it really oh hardest bit was really difficult.

Was this front? Bumper looks like it’s all cracks in it: Oni su, not cracked. I choose that uh aluminium, sticky tape to give it that uh 80s front bumper and it’s, probably gon na get scuffed anyway, but um, like i say, Ja sam, ne gon na, kao da sam., not gon na use. It for the major jumps and where the dense form is right here, it should be able to take a few knocks, hopefully without breaking anything too too drastic um. From from that side, you can see the shell doesn’t quite go to the back. I say so by a little bit, but once i cut down here and i’ve got a 2.8 2.8 tamo, that won’t look any different it’ll look completely even and you see slightly higher. Zapravo, let me take it off it’s, slightly higher up at the back of the front, not by much only tiny bit but it’s uh tires go underneath the arches, which i was quite impressed with, that the new ones won’t do um but see there’s not been like Massive jumps, hopefully we’ll, be cutting into the ties and shredding them to bits, but um yeah. So that is now my senten 1984 dodge ram. 1500 Ja sam, actually pretty impressed with that now, ali uh da. So i hope that answered any questions with people who wanted to know about the uh. What modifications actually was no serious modifications, Ne, no cutting into the chassis or anything like that, just removing the pegs from the back and removing the front bumper, and that was it.

You could always replace them and put them back well on the shell, you put the whole thing back to how it was originally in what five minutes so, but um like i am liking this and yeah, but um. Thank you very much for watching uh. Pretplatite se.

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