They are going and putting all other vehicles under the redcat label, and this is the most recent truck to go under the redcat label. We used to know it as a team redcat racing vehicle which was a higher end line, but now they’re just putting it all together and now this truck has been rebranded as the rc mt 10e and it’s uh got a few changes to it, so that’s what We’Re gon na go over today, i’ve already reviewed the tr mt 10e, a while back. The truck is back there and i’m gon na go put a link to that video up above because that one is really detailed. As far as all the information goes today, we’re just going to go over a few of the features that i think are really cool and then the things that they change on this truck so to start things off let’s go over some of the exterior changes here And it does have a new logo on the body. It has rcmt 10e on the graphics where before there was a tr in the front of it, so that is a small exterior change the other one is. It has a green body, Ljuska, where the other version they had an orange or a gunmetal, so the gunmetal back there, oh it’s over there, yeah so uh, the green, vrlo cool, very bright, should stand out when you’re out there, bashing and finally on the outside. They have a new redcat logo on the spoke of the rim where, before they had the tr mt10e logo, so pretty much the same cool.

Looking compact, basher 4×4 monster truck as we we know, Uh. The other cool feature on the outside that i do want to point out is the led lights in the front. They have them in these buckets here, really bright, white and then uh on the lower part of the the bumper. Here they have red lights in it, which looks awesome when it’s lit up the other cool factor. Is the wheelie bar outback, massive wheel on the wheelie bar with ball bearings and that wheelie bar is adjustable all right, let’s pop this body off and underneath the hood? Pretty much the same stuff that we saw before it’s got a composite chassis to it again. It’S a four wheel, drive truck we’ve, got gear differentials, front and rear uh steel dog bones that go out to the wheels and then double wishbone suspension with pivot ball. Uh steering knuckles at the end and that’s pretty much replicated front to rear so, if you’re getting extra parts for the front of your vehicle it’s going to fit the rear as well. I also really like the large bore shocks on this. The aluminum shock towers steering works really well, they’ve got adjustable turnbuckles, so you can set toe if you want to, but the chassis itself is pretty rigid and uh. You know getting to the batteries is pretty easy over here with the velcro straps speaking of the velcro straps. They do have the new redcat logo on them and uh that looks pretty cool, pretty bright and uh now we’re getting into some of the changes of this truck.

The major change here is the steering servo so before it had a save aux servo, and now it comes with the 25 kg servo that is available from redcat a pretty high torque servo, and a lot of people like this servo i’ve, actually uh picked it up. As an aftermarket option and used it in some of my other vehicles before pretty good servo for a for a number of different uses, so cool to see it in here, the other changes the motor pretty much the same. motor 4400 kv brushless motor and the change here is. It now has like this jeweled heatsink look to the can and it does have the new redcap racing logo uh etched onto the end belt of it so uh, you know it’s more cosmetic. There still has the the hobby wing based speed, controller, two to three s power. It does have a cooling fan on top. The receiver is located over here in in the radio box and uh that’s really about it. We got a pretty high ground clearance chassis to it, Uh. One thing i wish they did change to this, that they didn’t change. It still has this kind of like step to the front bumper, which really, Mislio sam, grabbed onto things when you’re nosing down and going over stuff. Tako, while they’re making tweaks to this thing, i kind of wish they changed that but uh they didn’t. So we’ll just go with it.

They do have a bunch of different aftermarket parts that you can get for it to really hop up this vehicle customize it, and one of them is a bumper plate that helps protect it, which i recommended in the last video uh. But this truck is a fun truck it’s 2s power 3s power. I think we’re going to go run it on both when we test it and uh it’s it’s great for backyard bashing, going over jumps and stuff. Like that. The final change that i did want to tell you guys about is the rcr2 ce radio system. This is now installed in this vehicle. There was a different radio system in here before and from redcat. They have this and a number of their vehicles works pretty well and uh. You know if you’re just going out for fun, it works pretty awesome. Actually so i’m really excited to get back behind the wheel of this. I haven’t driven my other mt10e in a while. So i’m, looking forward to just going out and ripping up some dirt, so let’s go ahead up a dirt field and thrash this thing: around Music, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, all right so we’re at the dirt bashing lot with the rc mt, 10e and uh. This is not my first choice for uh a spot to drive this truck. I really wanted to drive this truck at the bmx track, but after taking four different trips there and just the the track being covered with uh riders, wasn’t able to drive this truck there.

So uh i am out here in the really rough stuff and this truck uh. If you watched my previous review of the truck of the trm t 10e, which is basically the same truck, i really felt that this is a great flat dirt track type of truck uh, the rough stuff kind of upsets it a bit all the close up stuff. You guys saw was on uh 2s, so we’re on 3s. Now so we got as much power in this as we can. I also went and put some preload spacers in the shocks just to give it a little bit more clearance, because this place is really rough for this particular truck Applause. That was a hard hit on that new body, new green body, getting some more scratches in it. Dobro, let’s see if i get a little air cleaned up, some rocks, but there’s still a lot of rocks out here. Oh just kicked up. The rear rear is really catching. It’S got those right angles, uh on the skids that really, Mislim, catch on some stuff kind of hurt. This truck a little bit there. We go a little more power through it, but so far the new steering servo seems to be working pretty well caught. Another rock there was able to look at that wheelie that was cool medium throttle just kind of ripping through this stuff. There we go got the front up when this thing does jump.

It actually jumps pretty well for a pretty square platform um. You know it. Doesn’T have a lot of length to it, it’s a fairly square setup, which is cool for tricks, but there you go nice flat air that was very cool, Dobro, more punch, yeah there we go kind of up another jump there, one more jump, we’ll move on To some other spots here, Dobro, cool let’s move over to this jump right here. This is a great spot. Yeah there we go spin. This back around, come right at us, whoa! Oh, look at this cartwheel! Ah, i got ta go flip it over again there. We go Music still ready for more action. Dobro, let’s let’s, come up to this jump with a nice smooth, roll and i’ll punch it towards the end, see how it launches this thing’s kind of a little all over the place. Znaš, kao što sam rekao, it’s really rough, but the suspension on this in the rear is that steering knuckle setup and it’s kind of got a lot of bump to it uh kind of like bump steer in the front, but in the rear. So i think what happens is the truck just kind of sways around, because of that? Oh another cartwheel, Dobro, we landed on all four that time. I love the front bumper on this. Those led lights are sick. Just a really cool setup gives it this truck a mean, look all right, roll back on to it.

Yeah there we go nice. Dobro, let’s go over to the berm, Dobro, so i’m driving on the berm time. Oh this thing i think, really likes this berm here. That was a lot of fun first rip through that whoa. There we go that was nice, oh on all, fours that rear end is just a bit loose like. Rekao sam, Mislim, a flatter surface flatter dirt surface is really up this truck’s alley. So if that’s, the type of surface you have to drive on, Mislim da je to., where you’re gon na have the most fun with this truck i’m still having fun with it here. It’S putting out some pretty good action, it’s got some power to it, so it does have that the steering is working. Dobro, a new servo i’ve i’ve come to really like this redcat radio system that they have in here now, driven a number of their vehicles with it and for a ready to run radio it’s pretty comfortable yeah. Tako. We got the tires to grow on that one that was cool all right. The fun factor is really ramping up on this thing, the more i get used to it, the more i’m really liking it. I really enjoyed the last one and now i’m really starting to like this one as well. I know there’s a huge fan base for this now. I know why it is fun. Another roller all right get some more jumps in over here little nose up action spin.

This thing back around yeah still on all fours that’s. What it’s all about keep on going? Oh we’re in the woods we’re in the woods up. I know it’s the weeds, but in scale terms that’s like woods all right set it back up again. Oh went a little too far up that burn back there. Here we go uh. Oh, i think i got something caught here or something yeah something’s gone something’s up uh, oh we’ve got issues. We’Ve got issues. Što imamo ovdje?? Što je, going on servo something’s locked up in the front. Oh, we had a rock all four wheels move. Ne, oh dečki! We have an issue here, Pljesak. We lost something in the front: um ja sam, guessing maybe a set screw to the front yeah. I could see it in there. The set screw fell out of the drive cup in the front, so uh, Ne, Ne, to je.. Worse than that, it looks like it sheared off. Ne, that means i am really really done for today, all right guys back to the workshop. So we can wrap up the review of the rc mt 10e. Oh really, bummed out, i came home with a broken truck, but i did have a good time with the red cat rc mt 10e. You know it was a fun truck before when it was the tr mt 10e and you know it’s still the same great truck it’s just got some new electronics in it and they work really well and uh.

It is a fun truck now i did mention in the driving portion of the video that i didn’t want to drive it in that rough off road terrain um, because i wanted to drive it at the bmx track uh, but i made four attempts. I think it was about four attempts to go to the bmx track and there was riders there every time, so that was like a total of four wasted hours. I had to get this truck on the dirt and try it out and so that’s why i chose to go and drive it there, which is pretty rough it’s a rough spot and for this particular truck it’s it’s a bit rough. So you know a little bit. Is you know where you drive this thing? If you have a similar type of field that you’re going to bash in probably not the right truck for that spot? But if you’ve got like a bmx track, a construction site that has been smoothed out or something like that has some you know really smooth hills from you know: dump trucks, dumping dirt, To je, probably going to be a lot of fun for this truck driving it in A in low grass probably more fun on the street from there uh, you know packed gravel. You know stuff like that. To je, where this truck is really going to shine. Uh, you know steering wise it’s got the new steering servo in there i didn’t see.

Any problems seem to have plenty of torque. Still uh gets the truck turned around in a respectable space. You know in the bashing field, uh so steering’s, dobar. The radio system it’s redcat’s standard rcr2 ce radio system works. Just fine it’s got the trim functions that you need to get it dialed in uh. I did actually have to adjust the steering trim just a little bit for it to go straight and uh power. This thing’s got plenty of power, so i ran it on 2s and on 3s. Zapravo, in that bashing field, i liked running it on 2s. It seemed to be just fine with that amount of power. You know with more power behind it. It gets a little bit. Edgy and that’s, when it really starts to kind of veer off, i i do have a little bit of an issue still with the rear. You know steering knuckles as uh rear hubs on this, because there is a lot of toe uh swing on this. Uglavnom, so you know at full ride, height or actually at full extension. You know we’ve got toe out and then, when you push all the way down, there’s toe in so when you’re, going through bumps and stuff like that, those rear wheels are doing this and that could cause the truck. I think you know to get out of shape, but on smoother ground you don’t really notice it. So again it really. This truck is really dependent on where you drive it uh durability, wise yeah.

We we walked away with it broken um. I broke the output shaft on the bevel gear coming out of the gear case there. It just sheared the end of it off uh. So you know it was. It was taking some pretty hard hits out there it’s a it’s, something i’m going to say you might want to think about replacing they do. Have a machined hardwood gear set for it uh. In the last truck i had the trm t 10e. I did go and replace that and the ring and pinion in the rear of the truck because of the teeth broke on that so that’s, probably one hop up part you’re going to want to get for this truck. The other hop up part i’m, going to recommend to you and i recommend it in the last one was the skids. They have skids that go under the front and rear that are metal that’s, another nice option to get for this truck uh, but other than that. I don’t know what else i would recommend uh the you know the truck is fun, it is a fun truck. I know a lot of people like it. I like it too, and that really wraps up this review. It’S nice to see this truck back in the red cat lineup and i actually have a friend that wants to drive this truck so i’m going to pass on to him to fix and continue to drive it.

I think he’s going to have a lot of fun with it if you haven’t done so yet. Please click that subscribe button and the notifications bell.