You have to go in there take care of your business with that and the instruction paper, the car itself and the remote control. Now you will need three double a batteries for here and two double a better for here. You turn it on up under here right here, To je, where you turn it on. Ok, now to change the battery. You turn it to the off position slide this up back in there like that, okay and just lock it by doing it, you know sliding it back up. Ok, there is no on and off on this part here on the remote control. Take two double a banner okay, so we gon na do our best to uh, demonstrate in the sun, okay and were ready. We are ready and thats on the pool. Ok, Pljesak, Pljesak, okay and bring it back okayand it is a 2.4 gigaherc. Ok, it has rims rubber wheels. Uh remote control is fully uh, officially licensed and authorized by the lamborghini company and its adorable. Any little boy girl would love to have this, and i believe its 22.99 okay see the rims. Ok, left right back all right and i think that cover it all. I think i did okay. Da, i did to give you the price, independent suspension, attracted by the line nice little car. I would love to have a real one. All right enough said so.

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