I’Ve actually kept it for myself, because these are so cool it’s, the besgar speed, legend and it’s the metal seriesand these are fantastic guys, um (1998, just under 30 pounds from amazon i’ll put a link in the bottom, so you can have a look at them and These are just fantastic, automobili na daljinsko upravljanje, so let’s just open it up. Tako, prvo, here’s your remote control, um guys. One thing we have noticed is: when you charge the car up, make sure you switch the batteries on these as well, because it really does run the battery power down actually driving the vehicles. So if you do go out somewhere make sure you’ve got new batteries in remote control. So in the box we have the beast. So a power super high speed, buggy uh metal frame it’s got great suspension and the wheels are quite soft um. So it goes over. Quite rugged terrain as well, and all that’s left in the box is a manual and the battery pack, so we’ll just open this up. Good news is guys you get two sets of batteries and uh. We found that you probably get about 10 za 15 minutes of play time with each battery set, so to go through two of those. You probably go through one set of batteries in the remote controller as well, because these do run really fast and they’ve got a good range, Uh, 60 metara, and we go to a local co, because these are extremely fast and we’ve got a good range up to 60 metara, we go to a local car park on a sunday when it’s empty, and we just play with both cars and racing about and what you’ll find is uh.

Each battery pack will last about 10 15 Minuta, so you’ve got half an hour of driving and you’ll find that your batteries are in your remote controller will probably last for these two battery packs within the car. So on your next trip make sure you change your batteries and remote control because you may have these recharged, but your car won’t run if those are dead and we should have in here our lead to charge up these batteries right. So we’ve got a screwdriver and a set of screws, and this is a usb charger, so just plug that in the back of your computer or we’ve, got adapter plugs for our house where we can plug in a usb cable and charge it up. It’S recommended for the first charge you do at least six hours six to eight hours and then, after that, guys just a four hour charge um. So what we tend to do. We know that we’re going to play with our cars on a sunday that’s our fun day and uh. I charge all the batteries up during the week, so we’re all ready to rock and roll for sunday make sure i put in new batteries in the remote controller, and we have a lot of fun, which i’m about to show. You now go Music so guys. These are just brilliant um, it says minimum age of six, but our four year old drives these without any problem whatsoever. Umm, the only problem with him is, he runs along with it and tries to catch up a bit but um our six year old stands where he is and he’s just driving all around the car park um he can zoom it up.

60 metara, all the way back and get it through my legs without a problem, so they’re very easy to steer and they really do zoom along and they have hit the curb a couple of times and literally just bounce off yeah. Every time they hit a curb. I go, oh ne, you know have they done any damage to it, but they probably hit the curb, probably um, 10 20 times no damage whatsoever, so they are quite robust as well. I thoroughly recommend these. These are so good. Um i’m glad i’ve got this spare one by mistake. Uh, you know father christmas got the other two and i’ve got this for daddy daddy’s toy guys. One thing i forgot to mention: we’ve got the red version as well as the black, because then they come under two different uh radio frequencies and there isn’t a problem. Umm. Both vehicles are built just the same just different, colors and uh. I think they’re fabulous hope. You enjoy it guys guys. I hope you enjoyed this unboxing and review of the bezgar power. Super high speed, metal series. Car fantastic car really enjoy playing with it and i’m sure we’re going to get a lot of play time out of this in the future as well.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFwA9z7nyUk