Čovjek. Have I got a funny video for you guys today I was on the old interweb looking at different products, and I come across this. This horn from this company called boom blasters and here’s their website I’ll go ahead and show it www masters comm and it says perfect for your car truck boat, RV, motorcycle golf car or any other twelve volt supply source. Pa, I thought man that’d be kind of funny to put on my truck or you know, put it on my kayak or you know 4 wheel or whatever I mean, and so I got to looking at the website a little bit more and I started researching all The different sounds that this little horn can can make, and I just had to get one so I reached out to the company they set this thing over and I got it today in my mailbox and when I went to the mailbox I wasn’t expecting this thing To be in there, I really wasn’t, and I have never ever seen such a small box, and you can see this thing my hand will fit in there so that’s. Let it give you an idea just how small this thing is that’s about the size of your fist, but you can see how tiny it is and how tiny did little wires are and anyways. I opted to get the wireless remote one and this particular horn plays four different. Pre loaded sounds there’s an a B C and D and there’s a different sound for each button that you press and you know, it’s pretty cool.

Nwo, the drawback to it is you can’t change the sounds. Those are the sounds that are on it when it comes, are the ones that you’re always going to have nothing’s going to change now they do offer one that is. Uh has like a USB port where you can upload a sound from like the off your computer onto the horn, and you know you can you can pick and choose which one you want, but you know you only get with when you when you get that particular Model, you only get to use one one song at a time. You can’t choose like four different songs at one time you only get one but anyway so there’s advantages and disadvantages to both so I’d say whenever you, when you order, want to make sure that you’re gon na, like the four sounds that you picked when when you Get it because you’re you’re gon na be stuck with these, so anyways ain’t gon na keep rambling on about it. But I just wanted to kind of show you just how easy that this thing is to install basically it’s just a black wire for your negative and then a red wire for your positive and that’s. It it’s got the wireless remote, i tako znate, I guess all the internals for that or on the inside, and so you don’t have to mess with nothing else. So I picked a couple of goofy sounds for mine.

You know cuz I’m gon na do free County guy and I’ve already got this thing hooked up to just a little battery jump, starter, To je, Uglavnom, A 12 volt source and I’ll just get it set here for demonstration purposes. I haven’t even had time to hook it up to the truck, yet I mean I just got it in the middle today so anyways. Let me walk across the yard and well no. I guess I can stand right here, I’ll back up a little bit, so it don’t blast my eardrums out and let you hear the different sounds. The first one is an ice cream truck sound. I just figured I’d. Do it to be a prankster, because everybody turns around when they hear the ice cream truck so just bear with it it’s a little loud. You can imagine if you heard that you’re gon na turn around and want an ice cream, you’re gon na you’re. Definitely gon na want to ice cream when you hear that and so I’m sure everybody that hears that bangle turn around and and get a good kick out of it when they see it’s a red truck, we’re gon na go ahead and hit B yeah, I know, Got ta love the Dukes of Hazzard, Iako, and we’re gon na do a C that’s a big noise. If I get pulled over, I know that’s retarded and then we’re gon na do D it’s a little lewd. So you know you got kids around cover your ears.

Yep, you heard that right, f, you and the horse. You rode in on. I told you this is goofy it’s, just pretty much a novelty, but I just wanted to get it and have a little fun with it and you know see see what happens. I’M gon na do a little quick installation and I’ll probably make another video of it once I get it installed and who knows, might drive around town and catch people’s reactions and see what they think about it all right, Dečki, Ja sam., all the way at the end Of the house, the the horn is over here on this wall, for that battery box isand I just want to show you kind of how loud it is – Glazba, Glazba, evo, the next one, that’s gon na be in this video. I, like I said I just wanted to kind of give you an idea of how loud this thing is. Now I will say it’s nowhere near like air horn, loud you’ve heard those guys running those big air horns yeah it ain’t nowhere near that loud, but it is pretty loud. You know if you’re, you know let’s say you’re riding around and you know you see somebody a few cars or you know I don’t know 100, maybe a hundred yards. You should be able to hear it. No problem, so anyways it’s just a novelty. One thing that you know is a con for me on this: particular product is it’s, nije vodootporan.

I wished boom blasters would make one that’s that’s waterproof and it said in the directions to take and put a bag over this thing. So yeah that was kind of a bummer I’m, not real sure where water would get in to hurt this thing, ali uh da. That is kind of a bummer I wished it was waterproof because truthfully I don’t want to have to put a like a Walmart bag or a sip block bag. Under the hood of my truck, you know spend all that money with putting a cold air intake and all these dofus goodies on there. You definitely don’t want to have a bag up underneath your hood with a horn in it so yeah. I know you guys are listening, so make sure you you make one that’s, what more water proof and anyways.