So this is a Python remote, starter it’s, one of the many options that we install at Auto accents. Some of the questions you should ask when you’re coming up we’re in Cleveland Ohio, a ton of questions here about remote startersthat I want to thank you. So just go ahead, fill the form if you’re not on the site, come back to auto XCOM, no matter what city you’re in the United States, we only serve remote starter customers in Cleveland, Ohio, mi smo., located on 46 81 Northfield, and our phone number here is four. Četiri, oh eight, eight eight, Osam, Osam, eight six to schedule your remote starter and, Naravno, we love to use Python we’ve been using them for over 20 Godina. Ovdje. This thing works from 1500 feet away. Our Stars, Naravno, unlock its doors and it will turn off remotely from up to 1500 Noge. It will do all of us Safety’s lots of it. Won’T, lock and unlock, while that’s we’re going starting and system works beautifully anyway. Get your free report just fill in your name and email address to the right single buyers guide how to purchase a remote starter, no matter what brand is not brand specific. I talked about Python because that’s who we carry and they give a lifetime warranty Auto accents for four. Oh eight, eight eight eight eight eight six located in Cleveland Ohio. Let me see if I can get you a parting picture of what the one we like this one has an alarm: a remote start and a pager all built in and I’ll get back to you up to 1500 feet its remote start this and take a look, See the low muffler oh yeah, I wanted to show that that’s what I want to say as long as it’s running that muffler will flash up to 1500 feet away.

So if you’re in the office or in the bedroom trying to see if the car started back in the garage, you will know that and then of course, the disarm and you can see the lock on top isis unlocked if we lock the car they’ll change To lock and there’s unlocked again and because the car is not running, you see them off there’s no longer doing it auto accents calm, please be sure to subscribe right now, if you’re on the YouTube channel just subscribe above and then below the video there’s, a link That takes you back to our site. Go over.