Let’S go, oh behave, Da, da, Beba. I don’t know what that was about. I just saw and make the uh the beginning a little bit more interesting than just opening a box. These guys will rent ready. So this is the breaker from udi rc, very similar to the sg1603, exactly the same different body, different um. Očito, companies selling these. So this has been sent to me from make fire there’s a link in the description to it. Stick tomlin as a discount code and you’ll get a little bit more off it. So it’s four wheel drive ready to run, it’s got lights, it runs on uh, piše: lipo there’s it lipo lifting on rather check of that it’s got a gyro um esc. All terrain tires: transmitter is okay, you’ve got your steering, uredan, steering drill rate. That is your uh. The esp there, that is for your um gyro steering throttle reverse you’ve, also got a channel four that does your lights and i think, channel three switches, your lights on and off they’re, quite big and bulky. But it’s got a nice foam wheel, not bad a set of instructions. You’Ll see that there’s another one that’s called the panther and then you’ve got the breaker there. The 1601 i 1680 hex wrench spare body clips uh a allen, key screwdriver and some little steering links. These are shorter links. So what they do is they give you a little bit of toe out on your front wheels to help with drifting.

These ready to runs generally come with just cheap chargers. These aren’t expensive, but definitely um better than some of the others. I’Ve seen a set of hard drift wheels. Now i’ve tried these a few times i’m, not really a big fan of them. They’D be really good indoors or on carpet, but the ones it comes with these all terrain tyres. These are actually really good. It’S a little bit slippery outside a little bit damp. These work really well let’s. Take that body off and have a look underneath. We’Ve got a set of lights in there. These lights, actually change. Color i’ll show you there in a bit. They go white, then red and white, and then just red really cool design. A 1200 milliamp hour lithium ion battery 380 motor, a five wire steering servo and a two in one esc and receiver metal drive shaft in there metal, cvds up front metal dog bones in the rear cool led in the back there on that rear, diffuser that’s. A really cool feature on these. I like that little diffuser, a few other bits of metal and stuff in there. They are plastic gears on these. Međutim, kao što sam rekao, i’ve got a couple of different variants of this and i’ve not broke it. Yet i’ve got one running a 3s brushless system and again gears are holding up well, friction, dampers and overall, these things are really good. Ionako, you charge your battery i’ll, show you the lights, funkcija, Oni su, really good and then we’re getting straight out, maybe take it for a drift around skatepark and then you can see how cool these are.

I have nothing but good things to say about these. Zapravo, i’ve just done a top 10 rc cars under 99.. This one features in there and it’s quite high up the list as well, so go check that out. I’Ll leave a link for that. At the end of this, video let’s find somewhere cool to run right. So first test for this and oh hang on a minute that’s a bit slower than it should be. That should be faster than that. Riječ je o 30 kilometara na sat. I did charge two batteries, so uh let’s try the other battery in there because that definitely feels like it’s, not as fast as it should be right, so fresh battery in no still the same right. Ok, something not right with this, your off white white, red and then all red right. Trebamo! Oh, hang on. We got a bit of speed, where’s that come from that’s better. I wonder what happened? Was it the cold? Did the battery need warming up that’s? What i’m talking about? I thought this was going to be a wasted trip down here redeemed yourself, so you can break traction with the rubber tyres and this is a dry surface. It is cold but there’s enough wheel, speed to break that traction now. I’Ve got the gyro switched off at the moment. We’Ll put it to 50. Now i’ve seen a few people review this and they’ve said that the uh, the gyro, is not working for them uh when they’ve tested it on the bench.

Now you need to have the throttle, i think it’s over about 30 or it might even be over 50, but the throttle needs to be over 50 to get it working. So if i get it out of control watch there you go so it straightens itself up. Ok, so if yours isn’t working when you test it on the bench, give it a bit of throttle and it’ll work, so these are good little trucks. I love them. They obviously do the different body style. You can get the um the sg version, which has got slightly different colored body as well. I think i prefer this one for looks. I love the uh, the bonnet decals or the the livery on the bonnet. It looks really cool Music, very good value for money that he’s coming in at 60 Ili 70 Dolara. Awesome value for whoa. Oh no hold up wait a minute sam ain’t right. Pa. taj, Mislim, is the end of that run. Right, Nažalost, we’ve definitely broken it. It’S broke a bit of the plastic off and it looks like the top of the diff housing for the uh for the top arm. That is a shame i was just about to talk about after running this battery. Through it, we’ll give it a little bit of a durability test, and i came up that ramp with the wheels turned slightly it’s, obviously pulled that wheel and pulled that out. It is about minus two at the moment as well, so the plastics could be a little bit brittle, but you do find, with some of these cheaper chinese brands that the plastics aren’t the best quality that has ended this review.

I still recommend these because they are loads of fun. Pa, we might as well run this battery down a bit on three wheels. Haven’T, we Music watch it lift the wheel, ready all the best handling cars, lift that rear wheel, don’t Music, it they dries all right. It dries pretty straight: look at it: it’s driving dead, straight it’s that gyro one of the reasons it’s driving right is because the diffs are quite stiff on it, so it’s still getting them powered that front wheel. Inače, if you lose a drive shaft on one side, it will just spin and the other wheel, won’t turn, budući da je ovaj, because the diffs are relatively stiff, that front wheel’s still getting grip and traction, i suppose we could do a bit of a durability test. Let’S go so today’s turned out not too bad after all, Music well i’m, having quite a bit of fun with this somehow it’s a bit more fun with three wheels, because it’s funnier and that is lipo cut off loads of fun.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcA1kCEnoJE