If you havent heard of this brand called cxd, cxt is not wpl and wpl is not cxd. Csd is also not owned by wpl and its not a sub brand of wpl. They are not related, but the owner of wpl, mr fung, kao što znate, is the designer for these products from cfc. First one was the detroit mini, and these are the new release. Both models are from the chinese market and theyll be a new model for the global market soon, zato ostanite uz nas, follow our asia city, port, facebook, page and also the ig page. So when this came out, i actually have no intention to do product review of them, because these are not the typical classic model of a pickup truck and they trap from wpl. These are modern, ev cars from china, with wpl for many people, its like a blank sheet where you can unleash your creativity, adding accessories, painting it modifying it. Some accessories will also be released for this car, such as the surfboard on the roof, as you can see on the packaging theres also a photo of the roof rack. Then someone commented that he wants to see a review for me before buying one okay. So i got myself d22 and d32 mini and i picked the white and the yellow color. I really really like the design of the box. Super super nice. So lets look at the box design three two two: they are light blue and also white color, whereas the dj2 campaign, yellow and green box art is super crazy.

Nice man check out the d22 miniverse whoa. This is cute wow, so both of them comes with a manual in chinese, because this is for chinese market only. That means we can throw them away, and so you got the remote car and the accessories on the t32. You get this clear plastic piece lenses. I believe for the headlight, the side, markers indicators and on another bag, you get the 1s usb charger side, mirrors, roof rails and also some stickers. D22 same thing: some clear plastic lenses, charger, some mirrors or stickers. Look at this van, the yellow color is very, very nice way nicer than the photo that ive seen so, if youre interested to get some, this would be no regret. Quality is really nice. I know im selling it, but then, kao što možete vidjeti, this is a very quality plastic, not some plastic and also because this is a licensed model. So we have to really do it very nicely. Damn nice man, maybe after this video is released, then everyone will be buying the yellow color version, but there are also a pink color, but i think you should also consider the pink color and also the green color. Rather funky i mean you can also buy it for your daughter, na primjer, and then the white color, more like a normal white, was a little bit more plain, but also a quality surface. Both the 22 mini and the t32 mini has the same wheelbase.

The suspension on both of themi think you call this as a maverson strut with a lower arm and a shock tower in there. The switch here same on the d32 powered by a 1s 500m lithium ion battery both are really driven and since the motor is at the front, so this is considered mr right and the moto is a 130 veličina, so its best to just run within 1s, not 2S on the axle there are spring as well works really well its soft and cute. Imagine tickling the legs of your dog before the lenses are being installed. You can see the headlight trim, the different design and the back. The taillight design looks different as well. This center trim is also different, word grille, looks the same, and another difference are the wheels design see they are this one has four spools and has like three swoop of funky kind of looking d. They do mean in terms of color, the white and blue is on the whole body, or else the d32 mini will be more sporty body color. They are yellow, pink and green, but the roof. The upper part is white, boja, so theres, like a contrast, more sporty. Looking what they mean painted on the d32 mini is the roof painted, not the body. There are some tiny scratch marks on it. I think this is due to when its being loaded into the packaging so hope youre, not too fuzzy about it.

Most of the angle is not visible. Im gon na insert accessories and go have some fun. Ive had both d22 mini and did a little mini lenses, plastic pack, and they look like the same to me. Lets start with the d22 miniverse by following the manual over here. If you cant reach chinese, i think its fine just follow the photo of the parts over here. Od 22 – meaning youre gon na use the left piece here, not the right piece. This will not fit into this eye, socket its the one with some lines at the side, so you sort in at the center push the other side in clip it in yeah for rear lens, although they come with pack of lenses that are the same, were gon Na use the one on the left for the d22 mini slightly the side with the longer tab and then push in the shorter one. This design will be for the t32 install these tiny lenses. This is uh. I, like the side indicator very small, clear indicator at the middle of the red color, if you like, također. If youre, an old man on the mat, be patient, get yourself a tweezer, the hell yourself installing this very tiny parts. It comes with these lenses, but looks like it has already been installed on both of this model here at the back another pack, careful not to cut the wire of the usb charger, installing the b pillar trim Music side mirror for the right side, Jedan.

This is on the wrong side number plate Music. This is actually the antenna Music wow. This looks way better man, just like the actual car, with the correct thickness. You can also feel it great attention to detail by Music all right, its damn cool man, thats a realistic logo on an rc car, and we are done just repeat the same thing on the d32 mini and i really really enjoy it just now. On the d32 mini install the clear lens first before installing the red color tail light lens Music, the remote is a tiny one and you require two double a to power: to je. You need to unscrew the screw here. So this is the throttle forward, brake and backward steering control, standing stream here to trim your left right alignment button here is the throttle rate. Just press one to toggle between low red and high rate to start playing on the remote red led will be blinking turn on the switch at the bottom of the car. Headlight will be blinking and go solid later because this has been bound before otherwise just rotate. The steering to left or right and that will be bound and, na primjer, it has lost signal. Npr, switching off the radio, the headlight will be blinking and, kao što možete vidjeti ovdje, its the proportional steering the throttle is also proportional. Music im on a low rate setting now press this button once to go into a high throttle rate slightly faster Music and first push of the throttle trigger, is brake and then the next push will be reversed.

So lets say i throttle now push once break. Then i push again just reverse the headlight at the front and the taillight for both d22 mini and d32 mini as you trigger the brake. It does go brighter as well Music. I think it does have enough power to do that kind of donut, because the face is slippery enough compared to the other surface, and this is on a low rate, not quite able to do a donut Music. If lets say, this is the radio that will be playing with the white color one once you have the remote turned on. If you want to turn on, both of them youll be bound to the one that is turned on first. Tako, in this case lets say i turn on the yellow, color first and then the white color. Then it will be bound to the yellow color, because this is turned on first, it will not interfere with the other one. This one has no response at all and i just turn on the second one. Then the white color, the second car, will be found, so we can definitely play this together independently Music. So should you get one its up to you because everyone has different tastes? Different needs, different goals with the rcv purchase; some bought it because its realistic its important because for its high performance, top speed capability or because its a good pressure, but this isnt one. This is a cute little rc made for indoor with lyson granted from the manufacturer ruling and cxd had done a good job replicating the 1 16th scale version of it with working suspension, proportional controls and even attention to details to those details on logo.

So this would be something you could enjoy chilling driving with your friends and kids and its not fast enough to cause any injury, but youll definitely add some laughter. Ako, na primjer, you play like how t xyz did here, it does not go off roading, even the rear car does not. This is a cheap nippy mini ev that goes around a short distance around town around city, with a very short battery range, its not designed to cross or scale a tall obstacle on a skate park. Npr, only a newbie or carving talbot wannabe would use that as a bench part, whether its good or not. If someone did thats a tragic while shooting a video, i got a stranger to help driving a second car, and this is some of the things he said. Theres. Some good points here, i think like thishas size. You know not not much its a design, different design, its more relevant to our day to day thats. What car yeah good point good point i think for before, for women also potentially love it. You know its cute to other markets.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bwNu_15UVk