There are a lot of really really beneficial features. I’M gon na show you how it can help you let’s go so helping me today with my video, our mage ft, Moj 2018 Camry XLE and my smartphone. So I’m gon na go to my smartphone push remote connect, that’s a downloaded, app type in the password G, and you thought I was going to show you that so here’s what you can do on it. You can start your engine. You can stop your engine, you can lock your doors unlock it. You can find your vehicle, Hajde, say you’re out shopping all day and you just don’t remember where in the heck you parked that car it can find it for you, it’s awesome vehicle status. I’Ll show you what that means, and then you can even set it up for guest drivers, family friends, valet. So the first thing I want to test out is starting the engine and stopping the engine. Let’S say it’s 95 degrees in humid outside, and you want to cool the car down before you get into it. Ie a remote engine start on your car and let’s, say: To je 20 degrees it’s Michigan in December, it’s freezing cold. So you want to warm it up before you get into that car. So what we’re gon na do is I’m remote connect, start engine put in our password and I’m going to show this in real time here, so you can see exactly how long it takes to perform a function boom.

It started that was awesome and then it says you have ten minutes to have your car started: it’ll go off after ten minutes. So if you let’s say you’re leaving work and then you get distracted by yet something again, it’ll actually shut it off after ten minutes or so now, let’s say I want to stop the engine. Just push engine stop put in your code again in real time. It says it’s processing, but if you look at the car it’s already stopped at there, you go now. The next thing I’m going to do is lock and unlock the doors and why that would be important. Let’S say you’re not by your car and somebody in the family or a friend or whatever left homework or their keys or clothes or business stuff in that car and they got ta unlock it. So what we do we can do that remotely. I was in Vegas two weeks ago and I could have unlocked my car doors from there to help somebody out so we’re gon na go up here. Push unlock put in my code, I’m sure my codes, one two, three four right and if you heard that it’s already I’m, not and and now and now I can do the same process. If I want to lock it, it takes the same amount of time, but you’d use it in the same capacity boom. The next thing I’m going to do is check vehicle status.

That is right down here in the middle and what it does is. It shows if any doors are unlocked. You left any windows open if you left the trunk door open how you’re doing with gasoline that’s a really good thing, let’s say you’re at work and you’re like do. I have to fill up or not it’ll tell you so let’s check it out here vehicle status, Dobro, so it says I have four alerts on my car. It also says that I have 33 miles until I run out of gasoline, so we can tell that it’s getting close to time to fill up very beneficial now for the alerts it says, doors are unlocked, windows, the trunk and so now we’ll just go down the List here, driver door, unlock passenger door, rear driver door, we are passenger door, unlocked, unlocked, unlocked and now what it’s going to show us is even more information. I hope you guys can all see this. It tells me what my trip odometer says. How many miles are on my car, which doors are closed or open? It even says hazard lights and things like that. It tells me like almost like a vehicle maintenance report. The next thing I’ll show you is guest driver function that sets you up so that you can follow and monitor five different other people than you. You could set up valet to make sure how they’re driving your car, family, members or friends let’s, say: you’ve got a young driver 17 year old, who’s learning to drive and you’re trusting them with your car to make sure they don’t speed or maybe drive too far Away that kind of stuff I’m sure you trust your kids right so here’s.

What we’re gon na do. First thing I’m gon na do is set up my phone okay, so I’m gon na go to guest driver here and what it does is that sets up for five guest drivers, so what it can do is set up for speed limits. So if the person driving it goes, let’s say over 70 miles an hour and you told them do not go above 65 let’s say they passed 70 it’s gon na alert you and then you can talk to them about what happened. I’M sure it was a goose chase in their car and they had to speed up, but it can also set up things like. Are you driving past curfew, total miles the area limit and did you drive past the total time and what about the ignition, Itd, Itd? So that might be a really important function for you to monitor or make sure their safety going on with your car. How much is remote connect Anacostia and the nitty gritty what’s it gon na put a dent in your wallet it’s 8, a month after the free trial. The free trial is great, because that way you can decide just like, with a Netflix 30 day account or something like that. Do I even like it well, I use it even so once you decide that let’s say: To je 8, a month 8 a month times, 12 Mjeseci, 8 times 12, 96, so it’s 96 dollars a year for that service.

Remote engine start. If you get that put on your car it’s going to be probably between 4.99 6.99 7.99 – something like that so 96 dollars a month for this service, plus all the other value that it has in it. You could use that for a good five six, seven years and you’ll still get your money back. I think it’s a great value. Obviously the choice is up to you. The last feature I’ll show, you is vehicle, finder, Hajde, say you’ve been shopping all day long and you have no clue where you park your silver Camry XLE. I got no clue, man no clue. So what you do is go to vehicle finder put in your password and it’s gon na start finding it. It shows where the car is where you are and let’s just see how this works. I have the advantage because I actually know where my vehicle is, while we’re waiting let’s tell a Toyota joke what is a Jedi’s favorite car, a toy Yoda haha funny that is, and you can see, my blue dot is getting closer to the actual car, and this Is really cool there we go we’re just about there. I am parked right next to Toyota, Tacoma offroad awesome. Looking and there’s my car. I found it successfully holla. Thank you so much for watching and please subscribe to Toyota. Jeff YouTube channel and I’ll.