Today we are going to be reviewing the dodo elephant, ray rc stunt car series, which is the amphibious remote control car. If youd like to purchase this product theres a link in the description and you can get 15 off with the code provided without further ado lets, go ahead and unbox this thing: Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, all right and inside we have the car in the controller and a Little bag here lets see whats inside Music Music. It looks like we have the battery here, the charging cord and the extra screws Music and a screwdriver all right. Looking at the controller lets see how this is okay, this feels really cheap. This feels like it could break very easily Music im, not too impressed with the controller, but i mean as long as it works right all right and now. Konačno, automobil, the car is really cool. Looking it moves fairly smoothly, a very secure battery hatch here and heres the wheels specialty wheels designed for treading water Music. All right now lets take this thing outside and test it out. Alrighty guys were now outside with the car and the controller, which requires two double a batteries which are also not included, and first of all, were going to see how fast this thing goes and how it deals with grass Music. Tako, kao što možete vidjeti ovdje, i am putting it at full throttle right now, its not going anywhere. This car does not do good at all in grass.

All right now lets test this thing on the sidewalk Music, so Music Music do Music all right now. I have my car ready to go in this little pool here that were originally going to use for a dog, but this will work for the test, as you can see its not very deep at all um kind of want to test it before i take it Out like a lake or anything like that, ali da, it says that it can drive on water, so lets see how it does Music do Music, Glazba. All right now lets look inside the battery compartment and see if anything, got wet Music a little wet, but not that much pretty nice. All right for the pros and cons of this first pro is that it has a very long battery life. The second one is, it works well in ground and in water, and the third is its turns and flips work fairly well for the cons. We have a terrible traction, doesnt work well in grass and other surfaces like that. Drugi, one is the battery compartment isnt completely water resistant. The third is its hard to control, and the fourth is that the controller is cheaply made for just a little under fifty dollars. You too can get this great product. I definitely recommend it theres, a link in the description to take you directly to the page to purchase this theres, also a 15 off code that should be popping up on the screen right now that you can use when purchasing to get 15 isključeno.

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