We have the new hobbytown exclusive uh andromeda backbone. Now, when we first heard about this uh way back in the fall, we were like well that’s, pretty cool a uh four wheel. Drive kind of rock racer exclusive to hobbytown under the drama to banner and uh. Here it is so let’s open her up. They’Re gon na go for 199. We have seven of them in stock right now, two different colors, i think there’s a gray one, and then this really cool kind of uh brown, color let’s, take it out of there. Okay, so uh. First things: first uh you can see that the battery is included. This is an all inclusive package, so um the whole point of the dromeda line is uh entry level. Um don’t have to buy anything separate. You find that, with their smaller 118 scale, cars here’s the 110 scale, it’s kind of cool. You got that extra wheel and tire. You got your dudes in here in the interior and solid rear axle. I’Ll take the body off here. Maybe there we go so got the full cage plastic cage in there. That’S all included got the panels and then pretty simple layout now uh for those of you not in the know, hobby town used to have a long time ago, a truck called rock rider and then a little while after that there was another one, and that was Kind of the same thing, this is a revamped uh version of that truck, so very, very similar and the cool thing about this is now we carry the parts for those vehicles again.

So, if you’ve uh, if you’ve had one of those and you’ve been bummed out because you couldn’t get parts for it, well guess what now you can, because this is basically the same thing um you can see that we got ec3 plugs with it now um your Motor’S got the heatsink on it. One of the things on the older trucks on the previous versions of this was um. The motors used to get kind of hot, so it’s really cool that they’re, including the heat sink. It is a brushed 550 size motor it’s. A very, very simple but very basic brush, speed controller, no buttons to push no need to worry about setting anything. It does have your waterproof receiver box, which is really good. Really massive big bore shocks, they’re threaded, so you can adjust the the right height um with your thumbs, and you can see the front. Bumper is pretty tight right there. The servo is looks like just a regular, i believe, it’s, even a plastic geared servo, so it’s it’s again to keep the cost down nothing too crazy, um it does have metal chassis, plate uh, so that’s always good it’s got universals um. They are plastic um, but from previous models um the older versions of thisthat i remember that was never really a problem, so it should be fine. There ball bearings throughout, so you don’t worry about that uh. The trailing arms have all these unique uh uh different shock positions, so you can change that up, which is really nice and believe that it’s got kind of a rear, sway bar right here.

So there you go. Look at all these different shock positions on the top too that’s, pretty rad um. So again, this is a entry level kind of rock rider. I have seen people in the past uh take and lock the front diff and you have yourself kind of a minor rock crawler as well. Doesn’T have the crazy articulation, but still for 199 oil filled metal shocks, nice big 2.2 tires and wheels. Solid rear axle comes with an 1800 milliamp hour battery it’s it’s, waterproof nice, big 550 brush motor built in servo saver and, of course, the body is uh nicely detailed. It’S got the cage on it extra tire, all that stuff’s really good. It makes this a really good value, really good way to get your kids into maybe that side of it, but this can also it’s also a really good basher too don’t don’t get me wrong, they’re, pretty fun, and the fact that it’s four wheel drive means that You can take it anywhere, which is really good, so uh yeah pick this up while you’re at it pick yourself up a light bar put it on the front and uh and take it outside and get going so let’s let’s, very quick before we go away. I almost forgot let’s take a look at the radio, oh yeah, so here’s that uh that uh um controller. That comes with like the mini tees and stuff um. So to change the batteries.

You got that really cool slide out function and uh, where you kind of like, i think you load it like a magazine don’t, you isn’t that how that works. Oh yeah see right inside of there, then i drop stuff, whatever i’ll get it later uh and then instruction manual batteries for the controller and there’s your wall charger. So again, everything is included. Don’T buy anything separate. If you want to, of course, we always recommend getting a faster charger, we sell them as cheap as 24.99 um yeah, this one’s actually ours. So i think we’re gon na go, take it outside real quick.