This process should work for all Chevy Cruze keyless entry fobs from model years 2011 za 2016 you’ll see here that the car console is telling me that the key fob needs a new battery. First you’ll need a replacement battery. The fob takes a three bolt: cr2032 coin cell battery. I bought a five pack on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price to open the battery bay door press. The key release to extend the Keyblade once open grasp the inside of the groove on the back panel and pull the battery bay door out to open, remove the old battery and insert the new battery with the positive side or flat side up then close. The doorand it should snap back into place now the battery message should be gone and you’ll be good to go with your keyless entry. I hope you enjoyed this quick 6. You can ask me any questions in the comments. I’Ll put a link to the batteries.