Konačno, i got this rc car guys. I have been wanting to get the low c. 5T. 2.0. For a very long time, it’s been on my radar, and i said you know what i’ve just got to pull the trigger. I got to get this thing because i cannot stand staring at it on a computer screen any longer. I have to own it and boom here it is. This is huge. I have never even seen one of these in person. Oh there. She is boys, Oh to je, so beautiful and large and perfect and let’s get it out of the box. O da! Da, i never get this excited. Usually it is so legit guys. This right here is a big truck and look at this here’s. Another comparison guys here is a traxxas slash and here is the low c5t look at the size difference guys. This thing is absolutely monstrous. You know after getting this and actually seeing it in person and looking it over and so nicely made the quality of build on this thing everything i haven’t got the body off i’m gon na take the body off next. Have a look under the hood and see what we’re dealing with here Music? What am i doing wrong? What am i doing nothing there we go. Would you look at it? Oh that looks expensive, so we’re going to be careful with that and i’m probably going to do the shoe goo with drywall tape.

Kevin was telling me this thing’s like 300, so that is something you don’t want to have to replace too often whoa. Look at this thing: it guys it has a high price tag, but when you look at the quality of this thing, i’ve never seen one of these things in person i mean the quality and the detail on the entire vehicle is just i’m gon na have to Learn all this right here i mean the whole servo thing and the play and the trim something i have to learn right. There you’re looking at the disc brake how to get it stopped and remind you of the monster truck actually because we run our brakes on the driveline on a monster truck, so kind of makes me feel at home right there. Oh, the shocks, look at the shocks right here’s, where your petrol goes in, put your petrol in there make sure it’s to the right oil gas mixture 25 to one. So there you go so off camera. Last night i studied how to do this. I learned all about it. I actually watched kevin talbot’s video when he got his low c5t. Pretty much learned off of him got all my trim and uh travel set. I didn’t even know about travel and everything when the servo over extends or over works. I didn’t know any of that: it’s got a battery pack set up for it. Two tubes of sugar we’re gon na take this apart and get this all done up because i do not wan na have to replace this body and so yeah it’s, something that we do not wan na run Music Music.

Konačno, i got all the body pieces shoe good and meshed up everything, so it took me three whole tubes of this shoe you guys it took so much so while we’re letting that set and drying up we’re gon na go. Take this out and we’re just gon na do a little bit of a break in period right now, and so let’s get up there and do this because we are losing sunlight, it’s huge! This is a whole another animal i’m excited finally, gon na start her up. Probably about 20 degrees right now, i’d say that’s enough see. If we can do this, prime it a little bit system check systems check all is go alls go! O da! I love this thing. Glazba, Dobro, Dečki, Ja sam gon na. Let it sit here and idle for about five minutes or so let’s get up the running temperatures um auto was a little high, tako da sam, just adjusting the idle down sounds a lot better. Nwo, all right there we go Music Applause, Glazba, oh yes, so the engine is broken in. She is ready to go next. Video guys we’re gon na get dave to have a look at this thing, i’m sure he’s, gon na be excited to see it. This thing is absolutely massive: next video i’m gon na soak it down on wd 40 before i go out in the snow, because i don’t want the bolt rusting up on this one. This rc is so cool got the body modified, so it’s extra, durable link in the description below where you can get the trail cat guys so, like i said next video we’re going to run this thing, dave’s going to grab the camera we’re going to have some Fun notification bells on guys and i’ll catch you, the next video.

https (https)://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ehxEhJzIFA