This is the dodge charger 1970 supercharged made by kyosho brushless rtr the works available to you for 330 Dolara. Is it worth the money hang in there find out more okay? Here it is ive been holding out on my phaser purchases. They have like 20 of these cars bodies are beautiful, but finally, i couldnt hold out anymore, because this came out and whats special about. It. Is its 330 bucks for brushless, so its 90 more than their normal vehicles, but also the body is stunning. It is like a next level above what they have in the past. They also have a camaro that has this supercharger as well, but that ones like 380. To je, 50 bucks more so thats. I dont want to go for that, but this one i think it spoke to me and im gon na. Let you know if it might be. The right purchase for you, Ok, what makes it good uh! I have this uh mad van, so i know i know kyojo and the phaser platform very good, very fast, durable, but you do need brushless. I think you know those phasers are awesome, but theyre basically upgrade upgrade ready because its such a good chassis, but you can only get so much out of a brushed motor. So this one is a 2 cell system and it goes about 40 milja na sat. What they say, 3 cell a little risky, the esc is ready and you really got ta watch the motor temps, so we ran it uh two cell today and really the body is the highlight of this event right.

So there you go and tinted windows mirrors gas cap, whats really cool about this. Is it has these lights? These lights have a a lid to them. Just like the scale and right now its fixed, you can leave them open or you can leave them fixed or you can put a servo in so you can go. This is a three channel radio and you can switch it with that. Uh also, obviously put some lights and you have some six led slots in here, so you can have that nice uh beam uh kind of bar of taillights. So here it is not too bad huh. Pa, its really cool too. I said wow did they? Did they go for um, no body posts uh, but it turns out it has body pose, but its for in this model, its so stealth, because its right at the indentations of the body, you can even shorten these if you wanted to but theyre pretty theyre theyre, Not calling attention themselves, the supercharger is so cool. It also has a little flapper here, trying to figure out. If i can put a servo in there has that radio, the best rtr radio in the market, its kind of big, but everythingis smooth. Nice angled turn it on nice radio, četiri kotača, drive system uh were operating on a two cell, a small two cell battery. So you really want to run this as lipo. The motor is 4000 Kv, so that is interesting.

4000 kv means, s ovim 2 ćelija 8.4 volts is going to spin 8.4 puta 4 000 um (1998. Šta je to? 32, 300k are 33 000 Rpm, so it is going to be fast um, but the wheels are kind of small, so the smaller your wheels compared to this uh mad van right here, the slower its gon na, be its like youre youre under geared so here it Is heres the body stunning something interesting, so the lights go here and here and if you wanted to do the servo, they give you the kit to actuate your your light covers, but heres a twist crazy twist. They couldnt put it here its not solid enough, so they put the servo here right under the engine. Tako, every time you through the bot take the body off and on you got to hook it in so looks kind of scary, but uh ive seen ive seen a video of it done so heres the the chassis itself, its a small chassis, i dont know uh Under 11, inches, Mislim, is the wheelbase so its their standard, Jedan. I think its the same as the mad van, tako da da, the phaser two uh look at the battery im using uh its very efficient. I did a lot of donuts a little bit of wear on the wheels, so suspension is awesome. Uh the tires are a little small. I probably want a bigger tire make it a vin diesel.

Look on this um, but there you go its got a fan on the esc, thats rated for 3s. The motor is not rated for 3s. So what im going to do is im going to give you some running video and give and hang on to the end ill, give you my impressions of how it drives and the upgrades that i have in store for it. Dobro, Applause Applause, one Applause, foreign Applause; oh Applause; 34., Pljesak, Uh, Pljesak, my Applause, Pljesak, Glazba, Pljesak, oh Applause! So what do you guys think of the video, its cool huh, its fast, so what i think its its kind of low, which was a little higher on the rear, give it that that nice uh quarter miler look, but it certainly drove well for how fast it Was suspension was good, the the rear is very tail happy meaning. It swings swings out a lot im, not sure why maybe its heavy here, maybe you need a little bit of heavier dip fluid my conditions were fair, but anytime it got loose. That thing would just spin out, and so luckily what this has is a uh. What do you call that a steering rate, so you could decrease your steering rate, otherwise, when it was full steering it was almost. It was very, very hard to to to drive aggressively and not spin out all the time, but youll see when i decrease it. It was fine. Ideally you would want a.

What do you call that a a dual rate where, as you go full power it it gives you less radius that way when youre less power, you could have your tight turns as well, and really you need a gyro um if youre gon na do a lot Of fast runs on this not really need it, but it would be it would. It would make rallying a lot simpler, Ok, so what else handling um? Znaš. In my first day i got to control it. I was able to drift it um. If i had a little more clearance, maybe ill do a little bit of dirt on this. Oh can i not dirt, but maybe a little loose surface, but then it would probably spin out a lot huh. So the but definitely i did i didnt crash it. Quite the looker very controllable, you know on upgrade city. What am i going to do im going to put a that? Definitely im going to put that that servo uh it uses that, like an actual x24 servo, you mount it under the this this engine, so they think the eyelids can go off and on be nice to activate this flapper too. Im definitely going to add lights and whats. Something i really want to do is add a sound unit right. I have these great sound units very loud v8 powered supercharged so well see what happens. Maybe ill upgrade the motor huh uh huh, really supercharged.

This thing huh wheels, chrome out the wheels, kao što sam rekao, a little bigger tire on the rear, but there it is what about? What about the stunner from kyosho, huh im, so pumped im.

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