Getting all of yours done at my service. Please can’t pay for some disturbance, but this is what you get for your purchase. I got ta say that, after experiencing this set, this lego tactic model is much better than i expected. I enjoy taking the set outdoors and really experiencing its off road capabilities in its default configuration the 4×4 extreme off roader is geared for speed rather than torque. This makes the off roader stall at even the most insignificant inclines. Now let’s do the single pair gear swap modification. Kao što možete vidjeti, the off roader became instantly more powerful and it’s so much more to play with now, as opposed to the previous configuration. I definitely think that the default configuration of this set should have been this. As opposed to having it be fast but weak, my favorite part about this 4×4 extreme off roader is that the front pair of wheels is actually articulated over here, and it is because the set does include two large turntables and the articulation motion is really what makes Its offer capabilities so awesome. I also appreciate the level of care put into the suspension on top of the front pair of wheels being articulated. The 4×4 extreme off roader has completely independent suspension on all four wheels, so that makes it really awesome for off roading. One thing i don’t like about the set is that it only uses stickers for the decoration of the panels themselves. Perhaps the 250 dollar price tag would have been a little bit more justified.

Had the pieces been printed and the ground clearance of this 4×4 off road was actually kind of low, so i have a very easy modification that you can do in just one minute. So all you need are these pieces and then just follow this step by step. Guide feel free to pause the video at any time. Dakle, na taj način, you can also modify your 4×4 off roader to have higher ground clearance in the front. The main control plus interface is really well designed. You do get the horizontal slider on the left responsible for the steering and you get a vertical slider on the right responsible for the throttle of the motors. As someone who used a lot of lego power functions, remotes with the main throttle stick being on the left and the steering stick always being on the right. I would appreciate it if you could flip these two sliders to have the throttle be on the left and the steering beyond the right. I will definitely be using a custom controller i make in the powered up app because i like having the throttle on the left and the steering on the right, but one thing i really appreciate about this set is that it actually does have one touch control. The first thing you do: is you orient this orientation based on how the car actually is in real life, and all you do is just tap on the direction in which you want the car to go.

I do wish that we got one touch: control in the newer lego control plus sets like the off road buggy or the volvo articulated hauler after modifying the 4×4 extreme off roader in terms of the gear ratios, as well as the ground clearance that this off roader Has i can say that it is now a much better set, and the main message i want to give you about the set is that the 4×4 extreme off roader is a much better set than what most people think at 250 Dolara. It is a hundred percent overpriced. I completely agree, Međutim, if you’re able to find a good deal on bricklink for under 200, like i did, then this set becomes the perfect choice for you. In total, with the tax, shipping and paypal fees, i had to pay only a hundred ninety dollars for this set. So essentially, i saved more than sixty dollars by purchasing the set on bricklink, as opposed to purchasing this set in an official lego store. This set by the way was completely sealed, 100 sealed. So that is an incredible deal, but what about the pros and the cons of the car? Well for the pros it’s got this incredible articulation of the front pair of wheels over here. I do really enjoy suspension. It’S clearly designed for off roading and another pro i have about the set is that it looks much bigger than a set that has less than a thousand pieces.

So uh. They did a really good job sort of conveying the actual size of a 4×4 Robot. And i really appreciate that um another pro i have about this ad is that it uses the new control plus system at the time you know at the time. You know i didn’t really like it, but now that we got the custom controller update. I can confidently say that, especially for controlling sets like this outdoors, you know where it’s super sunny and the range with infrared control would be limited. Bluetooth control is just absolutely awesome and it sort of gives you an extra level of playability uh with this set. But what about the cons of the car? Pa, first of all, it is incredibly overpriced at 250 retail. I would much rather get the 6×6 volvo articulated hauler. Thus it provides a much better value. It has a fully motorized speed transmission, gearbox it’s, a much better set. To je., a much bigger set with a lot more pieces, Tako 250 dollars for this set is clearly overpriced and another big con i have about this car is that it is worse in many ways than the previous power functions off roaders, specifically the special edition 4×4 Robot. We got back in 2013., the previous power functions, crawlers had double steering, so that way, the front pair of wheels would be steering and the back pair of wheels together. This resulted in a really good turning radius and specifically the 2013 special edition crawler had actual working headlights and it had a motorized winch on the front.

So i do wish that, since the main control plus hub does have an extra port that’s not being used in any way, this set should have come with powered up headlights and from the app you could press a button to toggle the headlights on or off. But overall, this 4×4 crawler actually turned out to be much better than i expected and not to mention some of its new incredible pieces like the planetary wheel, hubs which have a gear ratio of one to about five and a half. If you would like to see my ranking for every single lego, technic control plus set this one, the off road buggy, as well as the six by six volvo articulated hauler and the rest, then click on the video right over here. This is your unbreaking here and i’ll.

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