The biblical fable of DAVID vs GOLIATH involves thoughts after I see this matchupsolely this time, it might go very, very flawed. We’re within the enterprise of leisure, and we plan on having an epic present for you at this time. These two drivers are expert, however are below strain of the Digicam, i gledatelji – to not point out a time-consuming PENALTY. Sada, with that statedbacking up a semi truck is all the time a problem.. and loading it with a 1/14th sized forklift can also be not simple. These drivers have their work reduce out for them on this quick handed, excessive penalty area! WHO WILL BE THE BEST DRIVER?

Listed here are a number of the Foundational Guidelines of LOADING KINGS: (Obtain the FULL FREE RULE BOOK .pdf: )

1) DO NOT have ANY a part of your Truck or Trailer Cross over ANY LINE, apart from the Begin/End. IF the CAMERA see's you cross over.. the choose will name a PENALTY

2) DO NOT Load a pallet or cargo onto the flawed car. For those who do its a PENALTY. Any Cargo that off of ANY pallet, or pallet Racksis an instantaneous PENALTY. This consists of Earlier than and After the pallets are on the Semi Vans/Trailers. For those who Do, it's a PENALTY.

3) No Bystander can "COACH" or give useful ideas or tips to the rivals. In the event that they do, the competitor that the assistance was provided toWILL GET A PENALTY. Normal Encouragement is allowed. COACHING IS ALLOWED IN THE PENALTY AREA!

4) If the driving force is in a penalty, and hits the Border Line.. they Should Restart!

5) All pallets and cargo MUST be loaded on to the trailer correctly. This implies the pallet or cargo needs to be previous the coping (edge) fo the trailer, BEFORE they go away the yard with the trailer.

6) If a Participant in a Penalty makes an attempt the Penalty Three Totally different occasions and Failsthen they’ll "Go Again To Work". These should be deemed reputable efforts by the Penalty Choose

7) If a Participant in a Penalty, causes ANOTHER penalty, then they are going to be reset at the beginning of the Penalty.

8) IF YOU Hit the DOCK Supervisor, and KNOCK HIM OVERYou might be FIRED – Aka – Disqualified!

9) You ARE ALLOWED to MESS together with your Opponent and benefit from LOOP HOLES within the RULES. You might be NOT allowed to mess with a Participant if they’ve a Pallet Loaded on their Forklift. If Each Forklifts are empty its FAIR GAME. If BOTH Forklifts have a PALLET loadedFAIR GAME, and an assault can happen.

10) You might be ALLOWED to REMOVE Pallets from a Rivals Trailer, if the Trailer is Docked. You may NOT USE THEM in the direction of YOUR Trailer Pallet rely.

11) First One to Depart the Yard with SEMI and TRAILEREfficiently .. WINS! You Should have your Forklift PARKED on the ORANGE X, with FORKS DOWN earlier than you Depart the DOCK, or it's a PENALTY.

*There could also be supplemental guidelines added EACH EPISODE, relying on what we’re doing.*


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