I can't believe you found that. How long did it take me to drive up to this place an hour an hour, so I drove here this morning for an hour. This the throttle steer the throttle. Servo stopped work yet so then I had to drive an hour back home. Then we drive an hour back out here after I replace it and then the drive pin fell, even though I had locked tight in there really it locked. Eight, I did, and you have the right tool with me: it's, always that one bit you don't happy. I don't have any thread locks, so this might be a short run, but make it worth it we'll make it worth Music in its natural environment. You quadrille Music, Glazbeni pljesak. You rollin, oh that's. The interesting thing about these huge tires is that you guys I even even had this in non snow environment. These tires just spin right on top Music. I could give it to Music. Oh, Oh, I lost front drive. Look at that let's go find out what happened. I hit this square watch out. Don'T walk the track just want to make sure that if it does have any peace out can see it well all drive. Shaft is still intact, which is a good thing. I wonder why it wasn't driving front, ok, let's slip her around, give me a little room. That is a big yeah Music. You I'll bring it back here up the road it's pretty bumpy.

I cannot believe the power of that engine. Čovjek, Glazba, Lijepo. These are full size, tire tracks out here through the off road park. O da, Glazba, Glazba, nevjerojatan. This truck is just spinning. Those tires on top of the ice plus. I need to give this a better tune for the type of elevation and the coldness today. We'Re running about minus 10 Celsius, Pljesak, she's, a rapper Applause, Glazba, hey camera girl powder, Da, Pa, let's, see if we can get it up and down this hill first, Oh, moj Bože, alright geek retest. I thought your fish you sought out with those gears in their stock years Music. What are you gon na catch, the ice, PR, the tire so funny? The wheel? Oh, Ne! Ok, here always the farthest away from your vehicle is our seat. This is not gon na, be good, a wheel, orah, see kids Where's Waldo the great book. I am the tire keeper you got the tire on no and we're. At the farthest point from the truck, you need earplugs, if not quite live we're in the middle of nowhere. We get charged here. Pljesak, Applause Laughter, your power. Dakle, ovdje idemo. This is the primal RC Ram inator. You guys have always wanted me to take it out onto the trails I have to drive far out of the city to do that. Nadajmo se, you've enjoyed it today. These tires were spinning like crazy on the ice. I could barely get any traction I'm, almost considering putting some some screws in here, but I don't want screws flying out of my face when I'm in the backcountry that's for sure right or at my space, okay Jam.

Kao i uvijek, thanks for filling me in the background, you guys drop a light.