Now before i give you the details, if you’re new to our channel uh, firstly, welcome. Thank you for watching help us out by hitting like and hit subscribe, so you can stay up to date with everything that golf magic has to offer. Now, today, i’m, here at farley and i’m testing, the brand new moto caddy m7 electric trolley it’s the brand’s new remote control trolley for 2020. It looks absolutely incredible. I’Ve also got the brand new hydroflex bag from mozart caddy as well extremely versatile bag 100 waterproof. It can be used as a stand bag with straps or thanks to motocaddy’s easy, lock system. It can fit onto any motocaddy trolley. So here at farley got remote control, we’re gon na. Take it out for a spin and tell you everything you need to know about the motorcadi m7 let’s go motocaddy’s compact m series: electric trolleys have been flying off the shelves and the new m7 remote is no different Music. It replaces the s7 remote model and is a massive upgrade in terms of design, size and technology. As with all m series models, the m7 remote can fit into small car boots. Thanks to the compact folding slim fold system, which also allows you to reverse the wheels to save even more room like all motor caddy trolleys, the new m7 is extremely easy to set up and store away something. The brand has perfected over the last few years. The latest hands free trolley from motorcaddy features, an anti glare lcd screen, that’s easy to read once the ultra lithium battery is plugged in the screen will show the speed setting which starts on 2 and can be turned up to 9.

. Motocaddy says that the ergonomic remote control is easy to use and they’re absolutely right. It couldn’t be more simple to get your trolley on the move. You simply press the plus button on the remote and the trolley will begin to travel forward at the lowest speed setting to make the trolley go faster. All you have to do is press the plus button again and every time you press it, the speed level will increase by 1.. If you want to slow the m7 down tap, the minus button and speed setting will start to go down with every press. When you want to bring the trolley to a halt, simply press the stop button in the middle of the remote and the m7 will instantly stop moving. If you’ve stopped your trolley a little bit late and gone past, your ball, you can hold down the minus button and the m7 will move backwards until you let go turning the m7 remote is also extremely easy, with an arrow facing right for right turns and an Arrow facing left for left turns if you tap one of the turning buttons. The trolley will stay at its current speed and make a slight turn and then continue straight. If you hold the button down in need of a sharper and harder turn, the trolley will slow itself down slightly and make a larger turn in the desired direction. The remote control also features a lock button to stop. You accidentally pushing any controls.

If you have the handset in your pocket or hitting a shot, there’s also a clip on the trolley where you can place the handset for easy access or it can easily fit into one of your pockets or clipped onto your belt. You can also control the trolley from its handle by pressing the button and turning the dial to change the speed setting to control the m7 using the remote again just press one of the buttons and carry on as normal. The m7 remote has a handset range of up to 50 meters, which is extremely useful if you’re helping one of your playing partners find their ball as you can still direct the trolley to where you need to be to save time. Unlike other m series trolleys, the m7 remote features an extra wheel that acts as a stabilizer. This is so that when the trolley is traveling uphill, when it tilts back the central wheel, stops it from tipping over something that you could visually see working very well. The m7 features automatic downhill control, which means when traveling downhill, the trolley speed will not change unless you tell it to Music. Personally, i found the m7 remote to be a fantastic electric trolley and a huge upgrade from the s7 model from a design perspective. The fact that motocaddy has been able to launch a hands free trolley and a compact design is fantastic, as the m series range, in my opinion, is the best electric trolley range on the market.

Today, the m7 remote was extremely responsive to the handset and is so easy to control that it takes no time at all. Getting used to Music not having to worry about steering the trolley by holding on to it actually felt like a much better perk than i thought it would, as you feel, completely relaxed, while on the course without having to worry about anything except your own game. With an rrp of 999 pounds and 99 pence, the m7 remote comes with a premium price tag.