Weve got this new release from rock hobby to check out and, like their other releases, this one has a lot of features. Lets take a closer look so here it is the cheyenne 6×6 118 scale ready to run really cool looking model and lets lets actually just start off on the outside here with the details, so the bumpers actually come separate. You have to install this yourself and its just to get it into their packaging, but you do have to go and install this bumper, and actually you have to install the rear roll bar as well, and you have to assemble it now. The thing with this is youre going to need kind of specialty screwdrivers. They dont include the screwdrivers. You need a double zero and a zero phillips screwdriver to get these on. Tako, if you dont have one of those, the easiest thing to do is to go. Get an eyeglass repair kit and those probably have the small phillips in there that you could use to install it now. I went and installed the front bumper, its a rhino style front. Bumper, Tako, theyve got a little led lens in there, not functional, but you could probably go put leds in there later uh and then for that went on pretty easily the rear. Though um i had a really tough time getting the rear roll bar in one of putting the two screws in to hold the rear bars. That was cool.

But when i went to install the screws that hold it in from the bottom, i pulled the wheels off and when i went to put the screws in, they fell into this inside the like area, where this is a multiple piece and theres still a screw kind Of straggling around in there, what i wound up doing was cutting some small two sided tape, shoving it in the holes and placing the bar in what that allows me to do is at one its really secure number two, if i ever do need to remove it. I can just really pull on this and it will come out. I found that a much easier way to install the the bars than to use those screws. It was really tough, just wound up tossing those uh into the spare parts bin, but anyway back to the car. I love the cab on here very wrangler like obviously this is not a licensed model, a custom hood on the front. We do have the angry eyes front grille set up on here, which is a little played out in my opinion, but thats how they get around the licensing led lights under the lenses here. So that looks really cool once its lit up and again you could operate it through the radio system. Full interior in here i like the side mirrors, are separate uh very model like its very scale model like if you were to go, assemble a hard body model, which is what this is its.

You know a hard body, uh weve got a snorkel on the side. Over here, just a great looking truck like the fenders, clear or sorry tinted red lenses out back uh, there are indicators. So when you turn the steering wheel, it will light up if youre, turning right or left and the tail lights actually only light up. When you go in reverse again kind of odd but thats what they have on a couple of their vehiclesand i really havent dug too deep into that yet to see if you can move wires around on the board, but it does light up pretty cool, looking Rear bumper now lets just talk about some of the features. Let me pop the hood, so you can see the electronics board there. It is right back there. The on off switch is right in front of the the battery uh ive already got it plugged in, and there is your steering servo. You can see the wires for the led lights and this one snaps nice and firmly into place there. We go, and let me show you guys the frame now, so this is a i believe, its a cast metal frame from what i could tell it looks like theres some casting marks over here, where this boss is it doesnt, look like its a machine thats too Much a right angle there so im going to say that these are cast, but it is nice that it is a c channel style of cast.

So it is rigid here. Weve got their heavy duty axle set up and it kind of looks like theres, a bronze bushing sticking out of here. I thought this is a full ball bearing truck theres at least ball bearings up in the front axle. Ovdje. You can see these large knuckles with the uh cb style. Universal drive, shaft, dakle, to je, nice and robust here is the four link suspension and the front center and rear. Actually i like the drops dropouts in the uh. The frame here looks really solid for the rear intermediate axle is sprung by you know their usual friction dampers, so its just basically springs for the rebound. No actual damping to this, which is what weve seen on these kits before drive shafts, are the slider style, looks like we just got a new short rear. Stub drive shaft for the rear of this. There is your transmission mounted right up here in the center. What weve seen on rock hobby vehicles before 55 turn motor to power that and i like that, they went and just covered all the wires with some extra tubing. So you dont really see the colors of the wires really nicely routed, really well detailed rig. I mean these are really well built for such a small scale model and they really are a lot of fun for indoors and outdoors, whether youre just out on trail and you find a cool spot to go and run in a small area or maybe even in A rock garden outside in front of your house or whatever the tailgate does pop down.

I forgot to show you guys that before but uh, you know you just got ta pull out the body a little bit that drops down heres the radio system that it comes with. Has some digital trims. Under this panel here, you could go and operate the led lights as well through some of the buttons comes with a usb charger cross wrench, and there is a 7.4 volt lipo battery 380 milliamp for half hour run times already installed inside the truck. All you have to do is add some aaa batteries to the radio system, but really nice looking model and its actually different from the fms atlas. Fms is the parent company to rock hobby, and i thought you know. Maybe they would just reuse the platform, but they didnt. This is much like their newer models, so its got a really nice chassis on here. The heavy duty axles and now its time to just head outside, have some fun with it. So you can see how it drives: Glazba, Glazba, Glazba, Glazba. Znaš, ive been meaning to ask you guys. What do you think about the new t, shirts ive been wearing a couple new designs in the past few videos, and i keep forgetting to mention that theyre now available through our teespring account. So after this video is done, definitely check them out. Theyre in the bar below the video description, i believe all right now lets talk about the performance of the cheyenne 6×6 and lets start out with some of the good stuff.

Here definitely has a cool looking wrangler like body on here. I, like the hood. I, like the snorkel, the interior, the rhino front, bumper led lights, folding tailgate, but when it comes down to crawling theres, some things that you guys need to know, i actually took this rig up to rc madness, drove it on their 10 scale track, which is a Bit oversized, but i picked out some areas that would be fine for this size of vehicle and over the low rocks and stuff it did just fine. I noticed a little bit of a power loss going over some of the you know more twisty situations. It did do well over some of the lower inclines going up. Some of the passes there on their trail uh. But when i got to the steep inclines thats, where i really noticed that the power would drop out and it would start to crawl up an incline and the the power phase out and it would just kind of stop and to kind of get around it. I would blip the throttle a little bit and that gave would give it a little boost of power to get over the rocks that i needed it to. But you know the thing to keep in mind here is: i think they carried over the same 4×4 power system into this, and now that we have an additional axle, weve got additional wheels. Weve got additional weight that power system really cant, keep the momentum up, and so you kind of get this jittery crawling feel where you know: itll slow down, itll, stop youll punch the throttle you go up and over or something so thats something to be aware of, And i did go and try to reset the radio system thinking maybe it was in trainer mode, but no trainer mode is a lot slower uh.

I think the power system just isnt what this rig needs and, if youre just going over flat, dirt and stuff or around your living room over carpet and everything itll be just fine there, but that you know that real crawling that people want its its its got. An issue there, the other thing is its got a much wider, turning radius to it with the longer wheelbase uh that turning radius is diminished, and so you really have to plan out your lines, a lot better and so thats. The scoop on this new crawler from rock hobby, it does look really cool. It will be fine for some basic crawling uh, but any hardcore stuff. You might want to search out something else from their lineup. Let me know what you think about the cheyenne 6×6 in the comments section below i will have links in the video description for you hit that subscribe button and the notifications bell.

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