I wish i had this car when i was eight, but even better. I have it when im 44., it doesnt matter. If you want to have fun in the backyard or in the park or in the dirt or on the street, this thing is amazing. I wish i had this when i was eight, but even better. I have this when im 40., so i got myself a little full suspension electric car from amazon, its amazing, what kind of a technology they could put in to these little things these days for a very reasonable price, so its full suspension right. You have traction on all four wheels with differential, so if you see you, you turn one wheel, the other one goes the other way and the same thing over here on this side, so you have a central motor unit with a gearbox, and this thing is fast. It comes with a little screwdriver, even a little wrench, to be able to take the wheels off there. It is so the tires are changeable, Vrlo, very squishy material, Vrlo, very good grip, its wireless 2.4. It has an on off button over here on the remote acceleration and throttle goes forward and backward twist adjuster for the actual speed and for the steering trim. So you can adjust it so it doesnt drag left and right man. This thing is so much fun in the park now. All i have to do is learn how to drive.

It also comes with this pouch batteries. Theres two batteries, one inside one hereand these are quick charge batteries, so you can plug it into a usb port. Get inside the car you have these little pins that you pull out. This is the inside of the car. It has a quick connect for the battery. It has a quick charge for the battery Music Music, Music m Music.

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