Now as I've mentioned in the last video, Jesam, I unbox the pro boat, the impulse 31, which was a V hull. Nwo, when I was on the horizon hobby website, I was under the Pro boat category and I saw the blackjack 29 sada. Ovo je 29 inch brushless RTR catamaran, which is different than a V hull boat, which is the one I just talked about now. I'Ll taya, when I have an open lake and I've, wanted my friends to come and do some boating with me. I want to make sure to have a variety of boats. I also wanted to see how a V hull will compare to a catamaran type of boat speed boat. To je, Naravno, now for those that weren't familiar with the video I just released before this with the impulse 31. This is basically the same kind of power setup, which I think will make it pretty close in performance, but this is why I got the catamaran and why I got the V Hall. This one still has a brushless motor. I think in this one it's an 1800 kV as well. This goes up to 50 miles an hour just like the other one and depending on how you tweak it and the type of C rating on your battery and what not into type prop and andand you know you might get a little bit of plus out Of it, this does come with the same radio that the impulse 31 came with a marine based radio, which is actually fairly simple, to use very straightforward, easy for for beginners andor, the senior guys that are out there, you know simple, is better, sometimes and powered by Dynamite, electronics on the side, let's just read right off the box: I'll not give any bad information uh the beam 11 inches.

The hull length is 29 inches construction. Fiberglass, Da, ESC is 80 Pojačala, so six cell lipo compatible like dual 3s lipo's. It is brushless and water cooled, the motor is an 1800 Kv. Also water cooled does come with the radio. Like I mentioned this says the way it's stock right. The way everything is stock, regular batteries you're going to get it up to about 35 miles, an hour which you know from my other friends out there 56 kilometres an hour and top speed. They say 50 plus miles an hour which is 80 kilometres and hours with the optional accessories, such as what we talked about now: I'm fairly new to pro boat. These are my first two pro boats, actually the impulse 31 I, Naravno, my new blackjack here so I'm, really looking forward to kind of testing it out. Here you can see the catamaran is very flat when it runs see it's, not a V. Hull it's like twin hull, boop boop. There we go so instead of blathering on. I say I open it: the ultimate catamaran when it comes to the blackjack 29 power system we built in everything, but the bluff powered by an 1800 KB water cooled blah blah blahs. I have not built to slice through the water, giving you unparalleled speed. I just want to see you so nice right away. Ok, so here's. What you're gon na see when you unbox it bright red easy to see here is the come on come out of the box here here is the stand? Swana be careful, Znaš, since this is my first catamaran as well.

I want to ensure that I read my instruction manual, even though I have had many many many many RCS every time I get a new one. I try to read the instruction book just to ensure that we're doing everything safely, Ok, this one's a little bit different, obviously because the shape of the boat is different. This is for the stand. Take these fellows out. I also see it's coming with some velcro. Ok, nice instruction bookand this one also comes with itlooks like a little bit different, yet program module for the marine brushless esc. Can you focus on that? Da, they can look at that. Okay and the binds so same one as the impulse 31. I think just looks the same right off the bat, so learning one I'll know how to use two that's good owner's manual. Naravno, like I mentioned, read it for safety, and so you know how to use your boat and so you'll probably be able to get it back if you go out onto the water with it. Ok, bumble like Christmas time in the summer, I love ordering stuff. Ok, here is the radio a bomb same radio for the impulse, 31 DX 2 e DSM our radio system, simple, Gasa, uredan, steering, trim and the steering rate and, Naravno, York, Marine based radio system. All in your hand, let's see Oh drop apiece, oh it's, Ok, it's, Ok! Now I should be more careful because unboxing it fella.

I want to make sure not to damage it. Ok, this one has the rudder on which, in the last one with the impulse it had it taken off for shipping but I'm starting to see why they have this one on a bomb comes in a waterproof bag, bitch just kidding ah wow. This one is much much wider, a different make all together. Look at this beautiful boat, the black jack 29 from pro boat, Wow, Ok, Wow, this first time, I've seen it myself I'm, just going to flip it upside down, because I feel that the shaft is a bit different yep here. Pogledaj ovo! This is where the prop shaft comes down right out to the propeller. The propeller is aluminum, I think I'm, assuming it is so it's made out of the rudder as well here's the hole for the water cooling as you're moving forward water gets forced up here into the rudder and, Naravno, as it goes in I'm, assuming it's going To the ESC or to the motor pump, ah, this is something I really like. This is the second time I've noticed it in pro boat stuff. They have an inside splash guard. So not only do you get the outside, which has a lip on the inside to prevent water from going in. You also get the second splash guard. I don't have any experience with it yet, but I can say over other boat models. I'Ve had water gets in the other ones, really easy.

Hopefully this second layer does help there. We go all balsa and fiberglass. I believe that's balsa wood check that out and try to get the light on it for you get in there right. There we go sexy. Sexy sexy, Ok, so the dynamite, 3830 1800 Kv 6 pole and the dynamite water cooled ESC right there. I think it's going to basically be the same receiver as well. žalostan, I just moved the light, so I can actually use my hand yep so the mr 200 receiver and, Naravno, the dynamite that is a Dyn '00 servo, which basically controls the rudder. Pa, just be careful with it here yeah, I don't want to burn out the motor or anything like that by moving it too quick right that's, where the steering happens so it's really simple. How light is it pretty darn light? It feels like it's made for speed? Ah, the need for speed. Is there anything like it? Dobro, so I'm, a happy camper I've got my two new boats that have arrived, which means you guys are going to have some pretty sick running videos coming up. You know just kind of pitting them against themselves. You know racing them against each other mm. Hmm, of course these ones are made for nice, calm Lakes. You get a little bit of chop going on, but these really are for hydroplaning right, that's, basically going to lift itself right up out of the water just leaving the rudder in there and uh well getting ready for pure speed.

I'M excited. I want to get this out enough talking.