Just these tires alone are 10 inches in diameter, 10, inches Wow, ok! So now I got to take it out yesterday for its maiden run. I wish I could go outside and do another running video today, but unfortunately it's a little bit on the unpleasant windy side, so it makes for very bad videos, but I need to do maintenance with this and I'm kind of curious. What happened to this axle in the last video, we did I'll put a link in the video description box down below if you haven't seen the video this being an MOA which is a motor on axle it's, a giant machine quarter scale. This means this whole axle is independently powered by one motor that's mounted right on it. I get out. There is the motor without a little bit of orange rust on it from the cleaning yesterday, but that's. Not a big deal always keep your motors well oiled, especially if you're cleaning with water and, if you are cleaning with water, use an air compressor to try to get rid of all the excess water when you're done so what I'm going to do today is I'm, Going to unhook this motor I'm going to take off the tires and we're going to look inside what happened because look at this, this back tire and axle is functioning properly. You can hearand you can see both tiresare turning now on the front. Freez freewheelin check that out no good.

Now I can see the axle is actually moving, but let see right in there axle is moving, but it's freewheeling. I wonder if I snap to drive pin on the inside, I don't know this is the first time I've run this and you know I can't blame anybody, but myself I did put those oversized dEWALT's 820 brushed motors on there they're the biggest Dewalt motor. You can get to put on machine like this, so I can't really blame anybody. I had to mod it just to put that on there, and people are saying my tires are too firm, but these are brand new tires right being ten inches in diameter like this, they need a little bit of time in the heat and on the rocks just To Qaeda yet molded, but truly this isn't, a rock crawler. This is a trail crawler it's, a crawler over everything. Ovo je 30 Inčni, Oh 30 inches for this huge, huge truck. It truly is a monster truck now oversized motor on a crawler 6's lipo that I was running. It was never designed for that, so I kind of deserved it now I get to fix it so that's. A bonus here is the size of the extension I have to use with a 518 socket just to get it down into the wheel nut there. We go beauty, O da, that's, pretty free spinning. So next let's go ahead and remove this steering horn. Ah, there we go he's locked tight in that it feels like one and a collar.

Here we go inspection time, aw, look at that totally destroyed. You guys need a close up of that. I twisted the end brutal destroyed, but those are huge tires to be turning on an axle like this very interesting I'd like to see the I'd like to see the rest on the inside to see what it looks like well, that's, the kind of damage you get When you abuse a truck 6s lipo, hey was moving, though filthy that's, what you get when you run a crawler in the mud and the dirt though, but I know you guys are excited for me to get it outside, and I can appreciate that so was I Yeah, so it does look like have a look at this axle right here. If we can focus in on it, Ok, so here is the axle rod. I pulled out of the right hand. Side here is the one we pulled out of the damaged left hand side. You can see it's definitely snapped I'm, pretty sure, because the end don't really look the same. You know one's got a hole, one doesn't one looks like it's slightly longer, so I definitely snapped it and it's definitely still inside the differential. So we made the good choice about opening up and having to look. The only bummer is. I don't have another one of these standing by, but I will make correction to that mistake by ordering four of these, because I know I'll be doing this again.

Ok, so next I'm going to have to take off these link hangers right here, mmm about nine inches wide unplugged, dobar, Ok, the nice close look inside the C hub. Look at that that's how the C hubs are attached when they say it's attached, yeah six little screws here we go. The big reveal uh uh right. Looking on the inside. I do see the piece in there there's the piece that's stuck in there. I bet you. I got to do a bit of surgery just to get that out: yeah I'm going to have to remove it one bearing who had tight nice. That is broken right off. Ok, I wonder if I can tap that out. Don'T want to lose these small screws. O da, it falls out immediately nice, it looks like none of the teeth have been damaged, so that's good looks like I just need the axle, which should be a simple replacement. I can put all this stuff back together and just simply order the axle and then drop it in later. When I need it, it's moving ahead quickly here, getting it done, tada just a heck of a lot faster to do that off camera. So you guys can actually see what I want to do here just to wrap up the video. So we got the tires mounted. I put the old broken axle back in just so. I could have that mounting stub for the tire, but not a big deal.

It was a back axle, I'll, be able to undo it and quickly swap it out. When I get one back in the studio but I'm in no rush, it is the winter right now. So really this is more of a spring summertime kind of crawler, especially with these kind of tire treads right. Tako, but I guess I might as well ask the comment. Question of the day you guys saw the fire body. You saw the yellow, Chevy body and now I'm going to throw one more into the mix and say what do you think about the Bronco body? I think that looks nice. I, like the orange shocks I like the the fit, even though it still looks too small and everybody wants me to get a bigger body. The rotation of the axles really do prevent that, especially when the tires are turning and I'll show you what I mean if you're new, to the show, this big truck needs to have clearance right. So if I do that, you want to have clearance with the body right this one even rubs a little bit. But if you had a bigger body like yeah, I can switch it out, but for now I'm happy with body. It makes sense to me as a crawler: why do that but that's the beauty of the hobby? If you guys want to try it out, Možeš. I was thinking about putting the DB XL body on here or something like that, but I'm going to give it a try, but out of the three which one do you like: better, the yellow, the flame body or the Bronco body anyway, guys thanks a lot for Tuning in today, at least, we know what's wrong with the killer crawler now and I can order the part to fix it.

It'S a simple axle: I've broken it intense scale, trucks so many times anyway, Dečki.