Now i bought an electric scooter a while ago, and that was fun. That was all right, but i wanted to move on to something a bit more practical and for those who know me, i am a big big fan of remote control things. Over the years. I’Ve had boats i’ve had rockets, i’ve had gliders airplanes, i’ve had petrol cars, but never really a good electric car, because i always assume that petrol meant that they’re quicker, but not anymore, because the batteries that you can get in electric models are a thing of beauty. They’Re massively powerful, so i did a bit of research. I want you to look for a remote control car, which was very very fast, and it was under 100 pounds. Now it didn’t take long to find one. Zapravo, it took literally six minutes and the one that everybody has been talking about, saying that it’s really fast it’s, really good for the money. It’S great build quality. Is this one here now this was under 100 pounds to be exact. I bought it from a website and with discounts with new user discounts. It was about 71 pounds, including postage i’ll, put the links at the bottom of the video um, but i’m really excited for this. I need to charge it up and what i will do is i’ll. Do an opening, Video, Unboxing, video and you’ll be able to see me later on. Take it on the field now.

The first thing i have noticed is that nowhere does it say who it’s made by or the model number. So let me tell you that it’s, a w l toys one four, four zero zero one and it came actually very quickly this it came from china and it took only about five days. So the first thing we get is the instructions which nobody needs to read. We’Ve got the charger there, which will be very important that i presume is to take the wheels off to change them or to tighten them up now. A few people have been saying that make sure that you tighten up the wheels before you take it out because there’s some sort of quality control problem, which isn’t always a good sign of when you’re buying a new product. But i bought it anyway. Um and you need to tighten them up, because if you don’t, then they will potentially fly off so let’s see what we’ve got here. Bearing in mind, i have had one or two model cars before, but never an electric one i’ve only ever had a petrol one. So it’s not well it’s, not very well sort of put in the box. I’Ll be honest, nothing to tie it down, nothing to really sort of hold it in the box, but it’s very, very well made. Now people have been saying on the reviews i’ve been watching, because i was watching them for weeks that this is the only one in its price, where you’ve got a metal undercarriage and, as you can imagine, if you’ve got a plastic one and you’re currently going out On you know rough terrain, then that’s going to get bashed it’s going going to get damaged and you’ve got all the main servers and all the main brains of the operation.

I suppose going on to that. So if that was plastic and it broke basically, presumably you’d have to get rid of the whole car you’ve got the usual plastic clips that just come off very easily it’s, not easy doing this with one hand by the way and this ah there we go so Um i did order two batteries now. This is slightly worrying because i was going to look in here. Hopefully there’s going to be another battery or we’re going to be sending a strongly worded email. Let me get again it’s, quite with only that there we go. Presumably that’s the other battery that i sent off for good, no email will be sent there. We go so we’ve got two batteries and, depending on obviously the terrain, you’re on and the sort of way you’re driving it because there’s different settings, you can use an eco one. You can use a fast one or the middle of the road one. It should last around 15 minutes this and the power that this gets out. Everybody has been amazed by so what i’m going to do, i’ll get it charged up, Mislim. Pa, thankfully, i’ve actually got um a plug socket that i can plug that into so i won’t have to charge it from the computer because it would take forever having to charge your battery that size on your computer, but we’ll put some batteries in the remote as Well, because that will be needing them i’m, not sure how many that takes, so it takes four a batteries.

Are they double yeah there we go, it says it’s on it double a batteries there, so we need four of those. No problem. We’Ve got plenty of those and uh i’ll tighten up the wheels we’ll, get it charged and we’ll. Take it out on the field very soon, and it took to charge roughly about an hour which isn’t too bad. We were going to take it on a field, but i’ll be honest with you it’s far too cold and we aren’t entirely sure how it would handle the grass uh, because it’s not been cut so we’ll, see on this road here. I’M quite excited. Ok. So i need to just first not even a quarter of Music. I wasn’t even Music, it it’s quite quite difficult, because it’s so it’s so fast to get the steering kids come back glide! You back come on Laughter how fast that is for the size of it, because literally it it takes off like nothing i’ve, quite driven before um. I did say that we’ve done rockets, we’ve done planes, we’ve done gliders, we’ve done boats, they were a while ago and the incredible thing now the batteries on these things. Oh and there we go, we flipped it why’d. You come back, come back literally so fast there. We go we’ve broken it. We fixed it um an easy fix, really uh some sort of drive, shaft popped off. Who knows what that means? But now we decided to bring it on the field simply because we don’t know how to drive it yet and there’s more space here, because we don’t want to break it again, but uh very fast, fraser views pretty fast.

It really is because to say the price of it. I get this on the price of it, Da, so obviously it’s, not quite as fast on here, but still oh it’s, that mud it’s actually flicking off mud Music. It is very quick. The power of it is incredible and to say that it was basically 70 odd pounds isn’t that at all and the good thing about having it here on, the grass is it’s, Nevjerojatna, really the price of it and the kids can can chase it as well, which Is always Music and there we go so we have managed to fix it, which is great so having had the car a few days, we’ve taken it on as many different terrains as we possibly can and i’m pleased to say, it’s still in one piece, maybe a Little bit dirty, but you know we can clean that off easy and we’ve had no problems whatsoever. It’S been fun, we’ve had a laugh using it. The only one thing i would say is now bearing in mind this was 70 pounds, so we can’t complain too much about the build quality but the remote control. I can’t see that trigger lasting, very long on this, because obviously that’s one of the main things that you use time and time again and it’s very, very plasticky that so, if that was to break off, then apart from building or buying, i should say a whole New remote, maybe even building either that way inclined then there’s, not much that you’d be able to do with that really, but car wise i’m amazed about how fast it really is.

It’S too fast to take in a small car park. You’Ll end up hitting things you’ll end up breaking it, but it’s built really really well it’s metal all around here. So unless you were to really smash it up hard somewhere, you wouldn’t have a problem with this. For the money it’s an absolute bargain, you’ll have loads of fun.