The curse, panther high performance electric scooter to be exact, but is the so called panther more like the black panther, powerful and regal, or is the cursed panther more like the bumbling and comedic pink panther let’s find out the way they’re redoing this whole stage, mi smo., not Getting a seat shot today, we are here at red, rocks amphitheater. Some of the greatest bands i’ve played here at red, rocks i’ve, been here personally to see weezer and piano guys. Danas, we wanted to check it out on this beautiful day in colorado and share with you an amazing scooter. I’Ve got andrew the scooter, guru and he’s going to share with us the curtis panther. Pa, yeah we’ve got the cursed panther here, whose claim to fame is going 50 milja na sat. Ima li 75 mile range and weighs only about 105 pounds it’s almost as if a weep head and dual tron had a baby, and this is what came out of it all right, a wee pet and a dual tron had a baby, and now we have the Cursed panther: what was the speed? You said, 50 milja na sat, which i have confirmed. It does go 50 milja na sat, pretty sweet ride, you’re flying man, how’d that feel felt great loved. It felt pretty smooth there all right, we’re gon na go test it ride. It around uh these beautiful red rocks formations. Dobro, we got the whole team. Do you want me to flip it over andrew and i are just two guys on our pevs who love to have fun.

So when we came across the dad and his kids racing rc cars, Naravno, we had to challenge them to a race on your mark. Get set, go you’re. The winner was that your car that won the winner, Dobro, that was ian and his kids, and then they were racing rc cars, the curse. Nažalost, it was left in the dust by the rc cars. Those cars, Iako, top out at 60 miles an hour and they’ve, been racing around there on that parking lot, so that’s kind of their home turf. If andrew had a little more practice, he’d be able to compete, but still a ton of fun. It’S got a 60 volt battery with the 35 amp hours equaling to 2100 watt hours, similar to the dual tron thunder, and also the wolf warrior. 11 plus it’s got really good range on it. It does state 75 miles range, which i really don’t think i’d ever get out of it. Just because of how i ride. If i wrote it in first gear and it was pretty flat that’s about the only time. I think i would actually get that type of range out of it. One thing i love about this thing is the bright light. It has extremely bright light. I very seldomly find a scooter that i love the light on it. The only one i actually think is worthy of nighttime riding is the wolf warrior: 11 um and now the wolf warrior king that’s, coming out here as well.

It’S also got a motorcycle grade. Horn it’s got hydraulic, braking and also has the option for abs anti lock. Braking system, but i turn off abs on almost all my scooters, because it gives that little jerkiness feeling it’s like a dual tron and a weave head had a baby and what i mean by that it has a dual tron chassis. It uses the mini motors controller. The i3 display, and also the the throttle, which is a lot smoother than the qss4 displays and then also has the mini motors controllers and mini motors motors as well, but then has a weep head body type of thing on there. So this is really inspired by the weep head design. The folding mechanism is really cool too, for a high performance scooter that folds as solid as this does it’s very impressive um. Why don’t we just fold it right here, dok smo ovdje, O da, we’ll hold it right here. It’S got this huge pin on here and it just folds into each other. So let me pull it out a little bit and then it has a locking mechanism right here too. So this is what’s really awesome is for a high powered machine that allows you to lock it into itself when folded, most scooters, we’re finding that are in the heavy range or the high powered scooter range they don’t allow you to lock it into itself when folded, Which makes it really hard to lift or get into a car yeah for the amount of power that they’ve put into this scooter and still allow you to fold it and lock it like.

It is makes it very portable for a high performance scooter and the other thing that i like about it is it’s. It looks like a beast, but it doesn’t weigh as much as you think. You know when i looked at this, i thought maybe it weighed 130 Funti 150 Funti, but how much does this weigh it weighs 105 pounds lift with your legs. Now with your back exactly 105 Funti, though most people should be able to do that. 105 pounds impressive for a high performance scooter the fact that it can fold and lock like this makes it easier for us to carry in and out of places like red, rock’s amphitheater. Let me actually pull this up, so it’s a little bit easier for you to see how the handlebars fold on this thing, ali da. If you see this, this is one thing cool to look at. Is this pin it’s a really big heavy duty? Pin a lot bigger than the kabu wolf, Jedan, which i think that they should actually improve on the cobble wolf pin. The folding mechanism is awesome on the copper wolf, but their their achilles heel. I think is that little tiny pin that is easily bent where this one’s not going to bend at all it’s gigantic. So then, you just shove that in there and of course that one is pretty foul proof there, so it’s got keyed entry and also a bolt reader, but the folding mechanism is kind of cool.

Let me kind of face it towards you. You push this thing down, pulls up like this and then it pops out like that, tako da je, a really really strong folding mechanism. There’S no screwing up involved super strong clamp on there. Let’S see you put it back together, Da, so you just oh! So you lift this thing up, get that space and then shove that in now, it’s locked into place all right, solidan, yeah and then it’s also got this really cool button for the dual um for the dual motors right here, so it’s different than that little cheap. Little plastic thing that you see on things also has a really cool deck lighting as well too it’s, not as cool as a weep head lighting, but has some really cool deck lighting in the braking. Has this acrylic piece on here and also this thing changes colors when you turn it on initially, when i opened it up and started, tightening the bolts just to make sure they were all tightened, Oni su, really really strong, bolts, that’s one thing that drives me insane about A lot of these scooters we’re, seeing they’re made in china, so they’d use some really cool components on it, but what they’ll do is they’ll cheap out on the bolts that’s. One thing i wish kobi would change. I love this about the scooter is that when i tighten it up, it didn’t feel like i was going to strip the bolts at all so there’s a few things i think they could improve on the scooter.

One thing would be that they give you the option to choose what tire you want. It only comes in off road tires, which i don’t think is that big of a deal but a lot of people like street tires i’ll, always choose an off road tire anyways. The other things i’m, not the biggest fan of, is there’s this big cord down here that hangs from the front tire and essentially, ako ste, on low brush going through some off roading stuff. There is a chance for that to get snagged on some type of twig and cause some issues. The other thing is, it has tons of bolts. I love the strength of the bolts but there’s a lot of bolts to check. When i checked all the bolts, when i first received it, there was no issues at all but having to go through all these bolts. Every single time would be a little bit tedious, so i would definitely suggest using loctite, like most scooters, for being how rugged this body is of the scooter. The kickstand itself is pretty flimsy, so it doesn’t really match up with the whole thing. One thing that was mentioned on electric scooter guide was the suspension, causing issues with instability when you’re riding fast. I didn’t notice that at all, it definitely could use a steering damper but that’s all the high powered scooters, even the cobby wolf. The cobble wool feels great, but i think it needs a steering damper just for safety reasons.

I think you should really consider this scooter if you’re looking at a wee pet or a dual tron, essentially it’s, very similar to a dual tron thunder, except for it, has a really bigger stem on it. It doesn’t have that single stem. I, like this type of suspension better than a swing arm, suspension i’ve been able to get it up to 50 miles per hour and had no issues at all the option to be able to go on road off road. When i have this in dual motors and just geared up and ready to go, it feels like this thing is just unbridled power ready to take off. I love the big spacious deck and being able to put my foot back here. This is a fun fun. High powered electric scooter, what are some of the things that you love about? This scooter andrew great, isključeno, roading, it’s kind of a mix between what i like, better off roading this or the caboo wolf, so they’re kind of they’re. They both have their strengths and their cons. I like this suspension a little bit better. I love that it has off road tires. I know that some people would rather have the option to switch it, but i love the off road tires it’s a three and a half inch wide 11 inch tire. The folding mechanism is by far one of my favorite folding mechanisms for handlebars there’s, only one scooter that i actually love using at night time and that’s going to be the cobble wolf.

So i just added this to that list there as well. So do i think the curse is more like the marvel black panther or the cartoony pink panther, aside from the weak kickstand and the 101 bolts to check and tighten this powerful beast is all black panther to learn more about the curse, panther or any of the Other scooters that we’ve tested check out our full written review at our website. Gotscooter.

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