If i can get a discount code somewhere, i’ll put it here, maybe so this toy is remote controlled that comes in two modes. It has automatic movements and replaceable accessories. It has an led light, it’s carpet approved and it has a usb charging. Cable let’s. Try it out, i think um, louise and robbie will really like it sven. He doesn’t really play much so we’ll see if he joins in this toy comes with different attachments. It comes with this wiggly worm, this feather with also ribbons and a bell, and it comes with just one strictly with feathers and a bell. So it has this attachment holder which screws onto the toy robbie and basically in this hole and this little notch, you can slide onto your attachment, which let’s see. I think what you do just pull it in and boom that’s pretty easy. And then you just pull it out and that’s it. Ok, so that’s pretty easy wow. What is this and it’s like a self groomer? So this is the base and the wheels are pretty smooth um, so you screw on the attachment on the top and then in the back it’s a usb charging port so for the remote there’s, an on and off button, there’s forward, reverse left right and then there’s. These two buttons that’s m and g, so i’m gon na screw this on. Oh look at that robbie’s already going Music, crazy whoa, it turns 360.. I did not know that.

I thought it just goes forward and backwards, but it actually does do a spinning motion. Robbie. You have to let go. I can’t move it. Oh, so it does go on carpet Music. It seems to adjust really well between hard flooring and carpet i’m spinning in between the two Music. Oh so sorry, Glazba, candy Music, so we’ve played with this toy for about an hour and a half now and um it’s really fun, not just for the cats, but for myself. It’S really entertaining the attachments are really great uh. You see robbie really likes the little bell and this wiggly worm and the ribbons. He also really like the feathers we haven’t played with those yet, but he kept trying to dig it out of the box. All three of my cats love it sven who doesn’t play with toys, love it uh robbie, obviously really likes it and louise um. I said it on automatic for a little bit and they really like just hunting it down um. So the only thing i would say is the remote is really sensitive. I don’t know if that’s the right term it’s just really fast moving, and sometimes i can’t stop it in time before it slams into a wall or my cat. The other thing is, i would definitely supervise um when they play with this toy, because if your cats are like mine, they really like to bite like the plastic part here and this part, but other than that.

I think this toy is really really fun. So aside from the two things that i mentioned, i think this toy is really well made. To je., really durable. It slammed into my walls and my table legs. My chair legs it’s them to a lot of things and it’s still fine and it’s pretty smart. It went under one of my bookcases and it was able to get out with some time, but i wouldn’t worry about it, getting stuck anywhere it rolled on the carpet. Dobro, there was no issue, so i definitely recommend this toy. If you’re looking for like an automatic interactive toy that you can participate into uh, it’s really entertaining for me, um and my cats highly recommend. Alright guys hope you guys like this review.