It has a ton of different tricks. You can master, which is explained in the instructions. It works on every hard service and rugs carpet. This car can be used outside, but it performs better inside the best thing about this stunt car is that you basically can’t crash because it just flips over overall. This car is perfect for the price Music. My boys, Dobi, 7, 10 I 14 have had a lot of fun driving this car. It has even gone down the stairs by accident and survived our batteries don’t last the 40 Minuta, možda 15 minutes each. The controls are all or nothing no slow, slash medium. Slash fast, speedy. It took me a few minutes on how to turn the car, but playing with the controls for a few days learning how to control it, which is hard to learn for kids. The car won me over. Controls for kids might be frustrating at first. You have to use the blue left and red right together to go one direction, but the goal is to be a stunt vehicle Music, making the car do flips and spin around makes my daughter smile so wide. It is super fun to do tricks now. The battery life on each battery that comes with that needs to be charged by usb, lasts about 20 minutes a piece of straight activity. I would suggest to have a bigger battery port to allow for longer playtime. I don’t know how that would work, but it’s nice.

It comes with two battery packs to charge to have another on hand. The only frustrating thing about the car is the ease of controls and the opening by screwdriver to battery it’s a little bit of a pain when you don’t carry a screwdriver with you, but it does stay closed without the screw. Srećom, Music also the lights on the car. While the lights look cool, i bet, if they weren’t on the car, the battery life could last a little longer overall factoring everything in i would give this car a four fits fun and great little stunt car. I highly recommend my three year old loves this car amazing quality car and very strong. I can tell it’s going to last him a really long time.